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Title Hits
Who is Michael Jackson? 748
Where was Michael Jackson born? 711
What was the PBS program (US) where they examined how the media dealt with the '93 allegations? 616
What was Michael Jackson?s first performance? 762
What is Michael Jackson's full name and Birth date? 797
What are the names of Michael Jackson's siblings? 956
What are the names of Michael Jackson's parents? 732
I heard that Michael has produced a play called "Sisterella"? 613
How tall is Michael? 918
Did MJ ever do a guest spot on "The Simpsons"? 658
Has Disney removed "Captain Eo" from its theme parks? 810
What is the name of the old Fred Astaire movie that inspired parts of Michael's videos and lyrics? 647
What is the videotape "Michael Jackson: Unauthorized"? 896
Is there a video for "Human Nature"? 732
Why do some versions of the Panther Sequence in the "Black or White" video show racist graffiti? 708
What is the meaning of the groaning and screaming noises in '"Smooth Criminal" video? 1872
How does Michael do the 45-degree lean in Smooth Criminal? 716
What classical music has MJ used in his tours and recordings? 793
How does Michael compose his songs? 700
Does Michael play any instruments? 900
How long was HIStory at the top of the Billboard pop and R&B charts (US)? 622
Was Michael sued for copyright infringement over the song "Dangerous"? 795
Does the RIAA certification for number of albums shipped in the US go by CDs or boxed sets? 706
When did Michael sing "You Were There"? 702
I noticed that MJ has dedicated "Childhood" to Craig Fleming and Michael Fleming. Who are they? 981
In the song, "Gone Too Soon," was this song written for Ryan White? 642
Is there an MJ single called "My Love 4 Kids Is True"? 714
When did Michael record "When You Wish Upon a Star"? 712
Why was the spoken intro by MJ taken out of the track "IJCSLY" on the Bad albuum and HIStory Disc 1? 754
What does "mama se mama sa ma ma coo sa" from "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" mean? 1162
Where can I find "We Are Here to Change the World", from "Captain Eo"? 640
What is the text of the greeting to fans on Disc 1 of the limited edition of HIStory? 624
What is the theme song that Michael wrote for Siegfried and Roy? 887
Is there an MJ single called "Someone Put Your Hand Out" that was never released on any album? 581
What is the story behind the Steeltown recording "Big Boy"? 656
How many songs has Michael written, including the ones that have not been released? 722
Who is the "Mystery Girl" who sings on "In the Closet"? 1371

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