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  1. Official Statements from Raymone K. Bain
  2. Lee Thomas supports Michael!
  3. Do you wear MJ shirts in Public?
  4. It's A Bird. It's A Plane. It's Super Legacy Defender
  5. Jan. 1, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  6. Jan. 1, 2008: MJ News and Mentionings
  7. So I brought the Ebony Mag...
  8. Jan 2, 2008: Michael Jackson news and mentioning
  9. Michael Jackson's INFLUENCES
  10. Michael Jackson On "What A Year" (Aus)
  11. 3rd January News and Mentionings
  12. 3rd January News and Mentionings
  13. long-term survey - last chance for participation
  14. We should have seen this coming.. Mike and T-Pain
  15. "Objective" fans in action, again
  16. MJ covers; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
  17. January 4, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  18. January 4, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  19. Did you buy the MJ perfume?
  20. Paul Martin (Irish Daily Mirror) has more tour talk
  21. A book about Michael and his fans...guys I need all your support pleaseee
  22. You Rock My World /// Reloaded (VWtommy Remix) my 33rd VIDEO
  23. what if...a different kind of life 4 Michael
  24. January 5, 2008: News and Mentionings
  25. January 5, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  26. January 6, 2008: MJ News
  27. January 6, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  28. Some help info please
  29. Thriller Article In Australian Newspaper
  30. SIM Copenhagen The Best SIM Performance Ever!!
  31. Jan 7th, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings [MJ to tour?]
  32. MJ Fans please 'Put your hand out'
  33. Please Help Me Make A Decision ... Concerning T25
  34. New Album!? or Thriller re make?
  35. TV Alert: Lee Thomas on Larry King tonight
  36. "The girl is mine" Rip off
  37. My Paltalk King of Pop Michael Jackson room is open
  38. Jan 8th, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  39. Jan 8th, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  40. Should Michael support Barack Obama or someone other?
  41. Michael Jackson & Gisele Bundchen - Heartbreaker video
  42. the wiz 30 yrs edition
  43. Valitine's day messages for Michael
  44. 9th January News and Mentionings
  45. 9th January News and Mentionings
  46. Time again to remind people to unblock their pm's
  47. Sighting - From Las Vegas Journal...
  48. 10th January News and Mentionings
  49. 10th January News and Mentionings
  50. we need a change of attitude
  51. sony's michaeljackson.com site updated
  52. BET Honors Special....MJ to be honored!
  53. 11th January News and Mentionings [Carlos Santana to work with Michael?]
  54. Gone too Soon
  55. Imagin Michael in the Die Hard Films LMAO
  56. MORE today than yesterday!!!!
  57. Is this true?
  58. > MJ News Online will be closing January 18, 2008
  59. Airport Marshalls dance like MJ while planes taxi to gate lol
  60. Dirty Diana on www.michaeljackson.com
  61. Confirmed New Album Collaborations & Info/Quotes
  62. 2 new groups to be created: "Downloads' addicted" and "MJNO groupies" (looking for two mods/leaders)
  63. Michael Jackson: Thriller Phenomenon
  64. January 11, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  65. Pictures discs
  66. "You are beautiful to me" - The poem.
  67. Unreleased T. Rilley recording mixes from the Dangerous session [UPDATE: WYBT with Poetry]
  68. Unusual concerts
  69. "The Thriller Returns" BRAND NEW VIDEO, my 34th!, the Legend that is Michael Jackson!
  70. January 12, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings:
  71. January 12, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  72. Michael ab-libbing
  73. Michael Jackson Conspiracy Book Good/Bad? (merged)
  74. In 2006, Quincy said about Michael (videos)
  75. Want to join the news staff at MJJC?
  76. January 13, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  77. January 13, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  78. Attention All Members: Slow Downs Caused By Ddos Attack
  79. Judy Garland - Dangerous Performance
  80. One bad apple
  81. What Kind Of Songs Do You Want To Hear On The New Album?
  82. Please Note: Website Will Be Offline For Awhile (forum Works!)
  83. If 'One More Chance' was released...
  84. What's the weirdest MJ dream you've ever had?
  85. Quincy Jones isn't the only one who worked with then dissed MJ..
  86. Favourite line in an MJ song
  87. HIStory Review
  88. Which Stevie Wonder classic would MJ do justice to?
  89. I'd love it if Michael wrote an whole album all by himself
  90. January 14, 2008~Breaking News: Lawsuit accusing Michael Jackson of molestation is dismiss
  91. Nisha: " I was in Neverland!"
  92. which mj acheivement are you most proud of?
  93. 15th Jan 2008, Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  94. Moves you haven't seen him doing before! (merged)
  95. Johnny Depp Wants to Play Michael Jackson in a Movie
  96. January 15, 2008: Michael Jackson News & Mentionings
  97. Things Michael would never say or do
  98. The beatboxing apprecation thread
  99. Smooth Criminal - The greatest video of all time
  100. Michael Jackson official Myspace Page Updated (now also on facebook and imeem!) (threads merged)
  101. Ok...this is awesome...
  102. MJ (and Janet) to be honored at New York City's Lincoln Center
  103. Janet hints at 'J5' reunion (threads merged)
  104. Michael Jackson -20 legendary videos
  105. 16th January News and Mentionings
  106. Your faveourite Michael concert?
  107. Merged: Indian Thriller
  108. MJ Signs To Legacy Records?
  109. Do you know this?? (Michael facts)
  110. I was *****'s UK bodyguard (The Sun article)
  111. Dissecting Fandom
  112. Michael 3rd Most Legendary
  113. Man in the mirror by Rhymefest
  114. 17th January News and Mentionings
  115. Janet samples Michael..
  116. Tom Mez. Interview
  117. Will.I.Am confirmed in that recent interview in Los Angeles that he is also working on NEW material!
  118. Which one do you think is the most well-known MJ song of his non-singles?
  119. 18th January News and Mentionings
  120. OMG: Dangerous Tour Diaries
  121. Moonwalker DVD in the USA
  122. About all these false accusations...
  123. MJJC Weekend NewsBytes 19.01.08 - 20.01.08 Raymone Steps Down [RUMOR DENIED PAGE 10]
  124. Michael Jackson On Rick Dees & Michael Beats Justin Timberlake On Toronto Radio Station
  125. Life on The Road With Mr. and Mrs. Brown
  126. U.S. National figure skating champion performs to the tunes of MJ & Chris Brown!
  127. Michael ,martin & Louis
  128. can you MoonWalk ?
  129. MJ forgets the words?! Never........ ;)
  130. The Truman Show Based On Michael Jackson
  131. Relationship with Diana Ross
  132. Double Standards for Michael and his music?
  133. The Brit Awards are coming...
  134. What would you consider "proof" that MJ's is over?
  135. P.Y.T. demo
  136. Michael Jackson's official sites
  137. 21st Jan, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  138. Michael Jackson's favourite album ever...
  139. >> Calling all MJJC's designers/talented members!! (Avatars/siggies/myspace page) Read here!!
  140. Was This allowed?(MJ related)
  141. >>MTV Italia contest for celebrate Thriller 25 (prizes: flights to LA for Grammys, Ipod with T25)!!!
  142. >>> MJJC is looking for you! (correspondents...memorabilia and charts addicted) ... Apply now!!
  143. DL LINK FIXED: Thriller 25 (Killer_Thriller_Vwtommy_Mix) CELEBRATION MEGAMIX OF THRILLER!
  144. Beat It Marathon!!!
  145. What do you think if Michael dueted with C. Aguilera
  146. MJ's car for sale?
  147. 22nd Jan, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings [wyclef jean awaiting payment?]
  148. Footage of Michael in Dubai 2006
  149. Billy Joel Quote RE: We Are The World
  150. My Thriller Review
  151. Michael Jackson reference in a new Missy Elliott song
  152. 23rd January News and Mentionings
  153. Random though about Michaels Superbowl show
  154. someone was looking for vertias/mj case website
  155. Michael and his orchestra
  156. What is MJ Saying in this MTV performance..
  157. 24th January News and Mentionings
  158. For All Time - Thriller or Dangerous?
  159. A new MJ song on US radio earlier today?
  160. The HIStory Tour Experience?
  161. RUMOR or FAKE: MJ New Album 5/20/08
  162. Sales figures for Michael Jackson related products in the USA for the year 2007
  163. To all members: we need your help to pay for MJJC's server.
  164. Grammy's All-Star Tribute to T-25; MJ Reported to Attend/Not Perform
  165. Artists/Celebs/People positive comments on MJ
  166. Music idols drive guest stars (MJ Related...of course!)
  167. Weekend News Bytes for January 25-January 27
  168. Where was that? (Fred Astaire & Michael)
  169. Michael Jackson and his rhino skin
  170. Neverland Animals Ended Up In Page
  171. ****HEADS UP!!! Everyone with a Signature!*****
  172. Alleged Promusicae document provides provisory release date for new MJ Album (UNCONFIRMED)
  173. Fave Gospel Influenced MJ Song?
  174. Michael Jackson: Bad In Japan 28th JAN
  175. Artists now wait for MJ's call
  176. DJ in nightclub played Michael Jackson
  177. MJ and JT (music similarities)
  178. Michael Jackson is educator
  179. 28th Jan, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  180. Live! - Jackson 5 & Michael Jackson - New CD release on Amazon 01 Feb 08 (Is this new?)
  181. My Bad Review
  182. Visionary Remixes Single
  183. Ben - Live 2003 Edit - Origin?
  184. Celebrating "Thriller 25"
  185. Questions about the song "Bad"
  186. Unreleased songs?
  187. Did MJ get the moonwalk from here?
  188. A Semi-"recent" interview from an artist who is beginning(Nisha)discusses her Meeting with Michael
  189. Ne-yo radio interview
  190. When someone says something negative about Michael does it change how you feel about that person?
  191. 29th Jan, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  192. Thriller isn't his only album you know
  193. Number one again
  194. Brunei Concerts
  195. Thriller on the Tube!
  196. Do you think the bad tour could get released....
  197. Hey, btw who owns MJ's master recordings?
  198. Anyone have She Got it lyrics?
  199. What If? Dangerous/Bad/History/Invincible
  200. Michael Jackson at the Star Academy 8 ?
  201. "Rock with you" is "I want to eat you up" ?!
  202. Unreleased songs should stay unreleased?
  203. 30th January News and Mentionings (threads merged)
  204. Is MJ self conscious about performing on stage?
  205. Revolutionizing the industry again?
  206. Word to the Badd!
  207. MJ On ARIA Top 40 DVD Chart
  208. lil mama ft chris brown, t pain video like scream
  209. 31st January News and Mentionings
  210. Will Michael ever perform again?
  211. Michael featured on the cover of italian magazines BEAT, ROCKSTAR and MAX(scans on pg. 3)
  212. How would it look if MJ remade thiller short film?
  213. New Photo from Michael and his kids
  214. Grammys talk, Thrillercast
  215. Is this for real? "Space Dance"?
  216. Pepsi and Michael?
  217. The Thriller live tour 2008
  218. "The Girl is Mine 2008" Did anyone not get their pre-order?
  219. Win A Trip To Grammy Awards On Yahoo!
  220. Did michael ever meet with
  221. old interview with Bruce Swedien
  222. New Footage of MJ in the Studio w/ Will.I.Am
  223. i have problem about chapters
  224. Speculation: timbaland to anounce to work with a mystery artist on the grammys
  225. Weekend News Bytes: February 1-3, 2008 (Updated for Feb 3, 2008)
  226. Messereau & Jones talk about the media and Michael
  227. Terrell Owens speaks about MJ on Jay Leno
  228. Millennium concerts?
  229. Need some help for my project
  230. Sheikh Abdullah: "Michael Is A Dear Friend"
  231. > MJJCommunity CHAT officially launched!! Check it out!
  232. Michael's "CTE" shirt
  233. Ebony Mags SOLD OUT???
  234. New YouTube Competition!
  235. IJCSLY live & record
  236. they were playin the girl is mine 2008 in a club i was in last night
  237. Ola Ray Speaks To Sunday Mirror (UK)
  238. Thriller25 has been leaked
  239. Beat It (video) - what does it say on his t-shirt?
  240. Story about MJ on front page of Billboard.com
  241. WBSS demo question
  242. ATTN Members! VOTING IS NOW OPEN for the SoBe Thriller AD!
  243. bad businessman
  244. Top 10: Super Bowl Halftime Shows
  245. MTV TRL - Michael Jackson Thriller Contest Part 1
  246. 4th Feb, 2008: Michael Jackson News and Mentionings
  247. Mj Song On Bbc Show 'the Choir'
  248. Motown Records x adidas "Sounds of the City" Collection (MJ mentioned)
  249. Michael Jackson - Live In Bucharest - New Release?!
  250. Do you think Michael will someday co-work with Leezardo?