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  1. TV Show themes
  2. Director Roman Polanski held in Zurich on 31 Year Old Arrest Warrant for Unlawful Sex
  3. Let's Talk About Books (V.2)
  4. David Letterman Victim of $2 Million Extortion Plot
  5. Twilight can kiss my ***! (sorry fans)
  6. Marge-Simpson-strips-naked-for-Playboy
  7. Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola “The cinema as we know it is falling apart”
  8. Video of the Day
  9. Avatar
  10. American Idol - Season 9
  11. The expendables
  12. Macalauy Culkin - where is he? *Threads Merged*
  13. Batman 3 Gets An Official Release Date
  14. Conan O’Brien’s 60 Minutes Inner Monologue (Coarse Language)
  15. Brooke Sheilds ON GRAHAM NORTON
  16. Funniest Parts In Books?
  17. 'Smallville' Will End Next Season *Update Post 11 Michael Rosenbaum to return*
  18. Carol Burnett. Fans only please
  19. Update: Gary Coleman passes away
  20. Dennis Hopper Dies at 74 After Cancer Battle
  21. Sean ****ing Connery
  22. Prince of Persia - Sands of Time - The Movie - Any Fans Here?
  23. How movies should have ended
  24. I Am Confused. Why Is Lindsay Lohan Under House Arrest For Doing Something Legal?
  25. CNN 30th Anniversary (Network debuted on June 1, 1980)
  26. A REAL Homer Simpson
  27. Actress Rue McClanahan Dead At 76
  28. TV Alert for UK Fans of Diff'rent Strokes (E! True Story)
  29. Any Doctor Who fans?
  30. For the Mortal Kombat fans around here... New movie looks EPIC!! M rated
  31. James Corden Vs Patrick Stewart
  32. new movie: takers with all star cast
  33. Glee
  34. any Jaws fans here?
  35. The Twilight Zone
  36. Kenny Ortega to recieve Star
  37. Gene Wilder vs Johnny Depp (Who is the best Willy Wonka?)
  38. Breaking News: Larry King leaving his primetime CNN show "Larry King Live"
  39. Funny videos
  40. Ain't She Just The Cutest?
  41. Lindsay Lohan gets 3 months jail for parole violation
  42. Scream 4
  43. Dumbest Book Characters?
  44. Mel Gibson’s Racist Rant (again)
  45. Earthlings ( WATCH this documentary)
  46. What are your favourite A&E shows?
  47. 'Don't Stop Believing' UK Show Choir Reality Show (TII dancer Chucky as judge)
  48. SAW 3D Thread
  49. Martin Bashir Leaves ABC for MSNBC .HUH ?
  50. Inception. [May contain spoilers]
  51. Best fight scenes ever
  52. Pirates of the Caribbean fans - CHECK THIS OUT!!!!
  53. True Blood appreciation (HBO)
  54. The Get Him To The Greek Appreciation Thread!
  55. My Daughter is trying out for American Idol.
  56. Good Action Movies ?
  57. Patricia Neal, One of the Great Hollywood Ladies died, she liked MJs music...
  58. Woman Says 'Sex And The City" Inspired Her To Sleep With 1000 Men!
  59. Will Smith Men in Black III (2012
  60. The Russell Brand Appreciation Thread!
  61. the x factor 2010
  62. how come most full movies, today don't match the entertainment value of this old mere movie trailer?
  63. 'Takers' ..the new Chris Brown movie
  64. ~*Best of Stephen King: Favorite Character, Book, Movie, Et All...*~
  65. Joaquin Phoenix’s Movie Trailer “I’m Still Here” Hits the Web
  66. I what to see The Buskers
  67. Married With Children appreciation (might contain explicit language)
  68. where can I find old classic footage of red carpet / emmy/ oscar??
  69. Who watches Heroes?
  70. When Did TV Shows Jump the Shark?
  71. Harry Potter Appreciation Thread!
  72. Movie, Mr. Mom Appreciation Thread~**~
  73. Jerry Lewis
  74. Andrew Garfield is the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  75. I Know Why Disney's Shows Have Gone Downhill!
  76. John Landis
  77. free movie maker
  78. MSNBC has completely lost me as a viewer
  79. NBC's Chuck
  80. The Red Dwarf Appreciation Thread
  81. Glee
  82. did anyone see 'Hawaii Five-O?' on tv, this week?
  83. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movies
  84. Witch Hunt (Sean Penn movie)
  85. Favorite Simpsons quotes
  86. Cartoon Classics
  87. Glee: which artist do want to have a tribute espisode superbowl season
  88. Oprah Winfrey opens up about OWN network fears
  89. what is Hallmark Channel?
  90. The Lennons come together
  91. Must see movie about the banking cartell and WallStreet
  92. I Met Johnny Depp Today..
  93. Disney!<3
  94. Best actor to play James Bond
  95. Simpsons Intro (Bansky)
  96. Halloween Appreciation Thread ; Favorite Scary Movies ; Pictures....
  97. Mrs. Cleaver passes away at 94
  98. Sesame Street Celebrates African-American Hair
  99. Selwyn Ward first black leader of the Power Rangers (Funny video)
  100. Old/Classic movies lovers
  101. What British TV shows are shown is the US?
  102. Wow. Child Lesbianism Commercial?
  103. Saw 3D **Contains spoilers & description of gore**
  104. My daughter was with The FCGS Cast for ET Monday
  105. Why Don't People Believe Tisha Campbell About The Lawsuit? :O
  106. What are your opinion on South Park?
  107. britain got talent
  108. tonight's pretty sunset... (video)
  109. Dancing with the Stars, Cha Cha Cha to Michael Jackson Working Day and Night
  110. *~*Judge Judy Appreciation Thread~*~
  111. Any James Bond fans here?
  112. Oprah and Katherine Jackson
  113. Im a celebrity get me out of here 2010
  114. Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs"
  115. The Walking Dead (TV Series)
  116. Harry Potter - Deathly Hallow Premiere Tonight!
  117. My novel "The Banishing" is being published
  118. Leslie Nielsen died :(
  119. Anyone see November Christmas on cbs?
  120. Trustworthy (My First Novel)
  121. Oprah Winfrey is easily the most charitable celeb once again
  122. Video- Roof Collapse At Metrodome
  123. "Dexter" Fans
  124. Dancing with the Stars: 2 Bad video remix made for bros Maks and Val
  125. Movie entitled "I'm gonna git you sucka"
  126. Muhammad in the Bible
  127. Paul Newman's Philantrophic Efforts Hit $300 Million Milestone
  128. Step up 3d dvd. who likes it?
  129. Legendary Actor, Christian Slater died??!?!?`
  130. Can you spot who during movies, TV shows and commercials?
  131. Non Cliches In Tv Shows And Movies? :) Spoilers.
  132. Is This TRUE - GOT AN MAIL ..!! VIDEO-BB
  133. Was Bad Tour captured on FILM?
  134. Elizabeth Taylor being treated for heart failure
  135. Will the simpsons ever get better ?
  136. Tv Host Makes MJ References
  137. The bashir thing is back on T.V.
  138. Charlie Sheen - The Downfall
  139. New Line Cinema Reduces Film Slate
  140. Charlie Sheen giving advice on drugs (MJ related)
  141. Press release: "True Crime With Aphrodite Jones" Returns to Investigation Discovery on March 31
  142. Please check out & vote for my friends' films for the Palm Beach International Film Festival!
  143. Comic Relief
  144. 'Secret Millionaire' James Malinchak in Gary, IN
  145. The Simpsons makes fun of the media
  146. Chuck Norris facts
  147. MTV's Teen Mom thread
  148. Inbetweeners and Rebecca Black, AMAZING
  149. Who's your favorite cartoon character
  150. 11 Year-Old Reveals Jesus Throughout the Entire Bible
  151. The Ultimate Fighter Season 13: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos
  152. Good English-speaking radio stations ?
  153. Cartoon/Movie Themes
  154. Audience Reactions In Movie Theaters? :) Spoilers.
  155. Soap Opera Fans I have bad news for you about AMC and OLTL..
  156. Britain's got talent 2010
  157. Scream 4
  158. NBC's The Voice
  159. The Arthur 2011 Remake Movie Appreciation Thread! :D
  160. Will Smith shares his secrets of success
  161. Rio beats Madea at the box office
  162. Any fan of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings here?
  163. Books you love or books you are reading now.
  164. Misfits Discussion Thread
  165. Britain's Got Talent 2011
  166. New Information on Marilyn Monroe's Death ; very interesting ; Her Body Had Been Moved (??)
  167. 3D tv
  168. Movies you like that everyone else seems to hate
  169. United State of America TV Rules! HUH?!???????
  170. Favourite James Bond.....
  171. Final Destination 5 Thread (International Trailer is up)
  172. Was Dangerous tour captured on film?
  173. Unlawful Killing - New documentary film about Lady Di's death
  174. New Line Cinema Logo Compilation Video
  175. Glee movie to be one big tribute to mystery act
  176. The Simpsons Vote for next season (re. Ned & Edna)
  177. 'Grease' & 'Taxi' star Jeff Conaway died Pnuemonia
  178. This video is better than Avatar
  179. The Simpsons - Favorite quotes
  180. Exposure Marilyn Monroe > "Happy Birthday Marilyn"
  181. Who do you think is the most epic and evil villain in history of cinema?
  182. Movie cliches that p**s you off
  183. America's Got Talent 2011
  184. Who is your favourite actor?
  185. Movies you watched over and over and over...
  186. Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time airing on YTV (Canada)
  187. Movie cliches you love
  188. The Twilight Zone
  189. Your Favourite Underatted Film
  190. Met Shawnee Smith today!
  191. The Dark Knight Rises
  192. The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)
  193. Hugh Jackman - Wolverine
  194. The Harry Potter Ask Game!
  195. Favourite Film Soundtrack
  196. Robot Chicken Appreciation Thread
  197. Best actor to play Batman
  198. Australias Got Talent 2011- Timomatic
  199. Your Favourite Tv Shows From When You Where A Kid
  200. Batman has a drinking problem
  201. Top 10 War Films
  202. ThunderCats
  203. Movies and Series Myths.
  204. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
  205. The last film/tv show you watched?
  206. Tower Heist - Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck [Release: Nov. 4th]
  207. Winnie The Pooh Thread
  208. Robotech / Macross
  209. The Help movie based on a novel by Kathryn Stockett
  210. ANIME Thread
  211. Die Hard Appreciation thread
  212. The Rocky Movies
  213. Jim Carrey Records Creepy Video Love Letter to Emma Stone
  214. Nancy Grace on Dancing With The Stars
  215. Canadian TV goes Digital
  216. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Anyone else as excited
  217. Movies that should never be remade
  218. Marvel's The Avengers
  219. What is/are your favorite sports movie(s)?
  220. Jackie Chan Appreciation Thread - For fans and martial arts buffs!
  221. Does anyone have the book: Michael Jackson: American Master ???
  222. Kermit in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Jimmy Kimmel Live - YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present
  224. The Hobbit
  225. Hollywood Celeb Star Kim Kardashian loves Dubai & Dubai loves her,too
  226. Star Wars movies are coming in 3D
  227. I Want To See JOYFUL NOISE
  228. The Grey
  229. Movies that are better than the books they are based on
  230. Braxton Family Values
  231. Chick Lit
  232. Penguins Of Madagascar Thread
  233. Happy 80th birthday Elizabeth Taylor!
  234. Julien's Hollywood Legends catalogue 2012
  235. movies for education
  236. Sony pictures in talks about new Peter Pan film...possibly to be called 'Neverland'
  237. It's Been A Year Since We Lost Michael's' Dearest Friend Liz Taylor
  238. DWTS: Roshon Fegan's Michael Jackson Samba
  239. 10 minutes- Best short film in Europe
  240. A&E Cancels Dog The Bounty Hunter
  241. Forget Avengers & Spiderman! See the Film About European Sex Tourists and Kenyan Beachboy Gigolos!
  242. the plank
  243. Whats Your favourite scene from any film
  244. Which films have made you laugh the most? ;D
  245. Your favorite movies themes?
  246. Post pictures and videos of your fave movies here!
  247. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
  248. Batman the dark knight rises
  249. Jeffersons Actor Sherman Hemsley Passes Away Aged 74
  250. Adventure Time Thread