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  1. Joy in the Sorrow: What it means to Xscape Part 3

    Continuation from part 2 of this super long essay lol....


    So during those two weeks of playing the album on repeat every second of the day (lol), I quit my job, without a problem. Again, the decision wasn't really related at all to MJ - there were a lot of issues going on and I needed to leave, but in hindsight I think its a funny coincidence that I decided to do so while I truly rediscovered MJ's music. And as recently as some weeks ago (I think ...

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  2. Joy in the Sorrow: What it means to Xscape Part 2

    Continuation from Part 1 of this super long essay lol....


    I grew up. I did so not realizing it had anything to do with Michael at all. I just assumed...I was just facing reality.

    But really waaaaay in the back of my mind I was thinking 'whats the point in striving to be good and honest when someone like MJ can end up the way he did?" And it didn't matter what you believe, whether you think he was a hopped up on drugs for the majority ...
  3. Joy in the Sorrow: What it means to Xscape Part 1

    So just recently, I came to somewhat of an epiphany (a good one!). For context, I'd like to share my journey over the last 5 years, because I haven't been able to vent to anyone about it. Like, ever. I just need to get this out, so forgive me. This is just a brain dump of epic proportions.


    For those who don't know me, Michael Jackson was my idol ever since I was 9...which was like, late 90s. lol I didn't get to experience a lot of him at ...

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  4. My experience with PeterPanPYT

    Now my story may not be extravagent, and very serious, but I have an experience with "Peter Midani", I asked him some questions about whether he was who he was, and he said the lines are thin but the letters are bold, read in between them and let the story unfold. So all I ask is that you guys realize this man is full of $#!^. Please don't fall for his tricks he has tricked so many, and I almost believed him myself. THE TRUTH PREVAILS ALWAYS
  5. Barry Gibb mentions Michael in June 5, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alec View Post
    The following is an excerpt from the article:

    Dozens of photos cover his [Barry Gibb's] walls. Most of them are of family. But others are of departed friends, like Michael Jackson, who was godfather to one of Gibb's sons.

    "He would come to Miami and stay in our house," says Gibb. "He'd sit in the kitchen and watch the fans outside his hotel on TV, just giggling." He lived upstairs for a while, right before his child-molestation trial. "We never discussed the case,"
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