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  1. Best & Worst Moments of 2014


    NaruHina Officially Canon- When I found out that on Naruto finale chapter (700) that Naruto & Hinata got kids I was so happy because the couple I wanted to happen really came true and I was the happiest guy today. So I completely forgot about the Soramato (Digimon) behind which bothers me, but not anymore. NARUHINA 4 EVA BABY!!!

    Naruto The Last- The final Naruto film which is about L.O.V.E. which is when NaruHina was about to happen in the ...
  2. My Michael Jackson Fan Fiction - The Road To Neverland - PART FOUR - FINAL

    Final part of my Michael fan fiction. *WARNING: This part will have an emotional trigger for some people,so if you do not wish to read this last part,then please click off.*
    Chapter 10
    June 25th, 2009 was another day at my office. An extreme work load as usual, but not working at that point with any celebrities. I get a text on my phone from my husband saying, “Turn on the TV.” I followed his instructions and the first thing I saw was a headline: MICHAEL JACKSON HOSPITALIZED. I ...
  3. My Michael Jackson Fan Fiction - The Road To Neverland - PART THREE

    Part three of my Michael fan fiction.
    Chapter 7:
    I hadn’t realized I would be asleep for so long, because once I had fallen asleep, it was already 7 pm at night! Fortunately, the dancers staying in the room with me said that Michael hadn’t left his room all day. Dale and Derrick confirmed this, so I was completely relieved. Dale had actually told me, “To be perfectly honest, this is the best downtime in this chaos. Today and tomorrow will be a breeze, but the 25th will be psychotic.” ...
  4. My Michael Jackson Fan Fiction - The Road To Neverland - PART TWO

    Part two of my Michael fan fiction.
    Chapter 4:
    I dialed the number written on there and a man with a deep voice answered. "Hello?" the man asked. "O-oh. I'm sorry I must have the wrong number." "Whose this?" the man asked. "This is Jesse Fontana." "Oh, Jesse!" the man said in shock. "I'm so sorry, it's Michael. I sometimes have a deeper voice." "Oh okay. Wow you scared me for a second." I responded. Michael giggled ...
  5. My Michael Jackson Fan Fiction - The Road To Neverland - PART ONE

    This is my first Michael fan fiction I've written. I began it about eight months ago during school,then I went away and stopped writing. It's been an on-and-off process,but I finally finished it earlier. It was supposed to be a lot longer than ten chapters,but I decided that it'd be best to finally wrap it up quicker than I intended,because it turned into rambling quickly. Hope you all enjoy.

    It is July of 1992.I just graduated from UCLA with a major in business ...
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