Has there been a topic about this program..It is new...Probably will be full of wrong facts, but is anyone watching it?

Could be interesting never the less

Jacques Peretti, an expert chronicler of celebrity backwaters, doesn't think Michael Jackson was strange at all. Or at least, not by Hollywood's standards: in this film, Peretti reveals that Jackson's huge, sinister entourage of yes men, fixers, advisers and doctors were par for the course. Tinseltown is swarming with people who operate behind the scenes and, more often than not, out of sight of the law. With celebrities constantly hassled by gangsters, thieves and pornographers, a protective coterie is essential, notwithstanding that the people in it probably can't be relied on. Such is the trust-nobody chaos of Hollywood, Peretti argues, that even joining the Scientologists can be a sensible act of self-preservation. Superstars' need for someone to look after them doesn't stop when they die: we meet Mark Roestler, a man who makes an extraordinarily good living from helping to manage Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and other icons long since eaten up by the Hollywood machine.