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Thread: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

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    This deserves a BIG :bump:
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    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    The WORLD EXCLUSIVE: OPRAH Talks to Michael Jackson's Mother Katherine and Visits with the Children
    November 8, 2010

    Full Interview Transcribed

    ANNOUNCER: Today, all new, the worldwide exclusive.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I was hoping you would be my mother-in-law. Did you know
    ANNOUNCER: Oprah at home with Michael Jackson's mother Katherine.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): When you hear, "Come to the hospital, it's Michael," in your
    heart, did you know? Who told the children? His father Joe. I'm really surprised to see you here,
    Mr. Jackson. Do you think he was afraid of you? And a visit with his children.
    ANNOUNCER: Next.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Thank you so much for inviting me to your home.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Oh, you're welcome. It's a pleasure. Thank you for coming.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You look so beautiful in blue. Oh, my goodness. So this is the
    famous Haven Hurst?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I guess so.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): This is it.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: We've been here 40 years.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Four-zero years.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: At this house.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): At this house.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST) : In 1949, Katherine, the daughter of a steel worker, married Joe
    Jackson in a small town just outside Gary, Indiana. Over the next 17 years, they raised nine
    children in this tiny four-room house with just one bathroom. Money was tight, but all of that
    changed when Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, and Michael became the Jackson Five.
    JACKSON FIVE: (singing) Oh, darling I was blind to let you go / let you go, baby...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): These princes of pop toured the world and sold over 250 million
    albums. In 1971, the Jacksons left their humble roots in Indiana and moved into this estate in
    Encino, California, known as Haven Hurst. So we're sitting in the home where 40 years ago you brought your family to create this entire new life in California. What was life like back then
    coming into this house? I can imagine having come from that little four-bedroom place in Gary
    that stepping into this place must have felt like a mansion.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What are your fondest memories of Michael growing up in this house?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He and his brother Randy grew up together, and so they would go
    out and rehearse and write, and we had a studio here, too. They wrote--what's that?--"Dancing
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): "Dancing Machine" here?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: They did here.
    JACKSON FIVE: (singing) Dancing, dancing, dancing / she's a dancing machine...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): But by the time you got to this house, you all were already pretty
    famous household names.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That was the time where I was hoping you would be my motherin-
    law. Did you know that? Because I loved Jackie Jackson. He was my favorite Jackson.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: You're going to make me laugh about it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And I thought, you know, I used to watch the Jackson cartoon,
    and every time I would see the Jackson Five, I would say, "I'm going to marry Jackie Jackson. I
    want to marry Jackie Jackson." Well, that didn't work out for me, but anyway, back then what
    were your dreams for your children and your family?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I just wanted them to be good citizens and grow up to be good
    fathers, which they are, all are.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. So you've written this book to him as a salute, paying
    homage to him. It's called "Never Can Say Goodbye." Why did you want to do this?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, I wanted to do it for his fans and for the people that
    misunderstood him, and I just told stories about him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think he was misunderstood?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. When I went through this book, this book is composed
    of so many personal family portraits that a lot of us haven't seen, but this one stuck out to me
    because this is how I remember...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Remember him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): ...remember him. How do you most remember him when you
    think of your son Michael Jackson? Is that the portrait that you see in your mind?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I think of my son all through the day, all the time, and I don't like to
    talk about him because I get all choked up. It's funny.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: From a baby in my arms, naming him with my mother. My mother
    named him. Until he got grown, and that comes to my mind every day.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, it does.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. I ask that question, not ever having children of my
    own, as you know, wondering whether or not a mother holds in her heart a certain vision of her
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah, you do.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. And is that that little boy's face, that sweet...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah, that's the picture that you hold. That's your son.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, and sometimes during the day I can hear his laughter in my
    mind, the way he used to--and he always teased, and he would always laugh and have fun with
    his brothers, you know, when they were rehearsing or getting ready to leave town or things like
    that. Always playing jokes. He was a...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): A prankster.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I remember when I interviewed him back in 1993, when I did the
    Michael Jackson live around the world, and I was so nervous. One of the--the only thing that he
    and I actually had some disagreements about is he didn't want me to put in pictures of himself as
    a teenager.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Because he had started changing.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): He had started changing, and he said he didn't like himself.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: As an adolescent.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): As an adolescent. He thought he was--he goes, "I don't want that
    in." I said, "Why? You have to have those pictures in." And he said, "Because I'm ugly." He
    thought of himself as ugly.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yes. Mm-hmm.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He did. I felt so bad for when he went through that change.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Did he share any of that with you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: All the time.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): All the time. What would he say?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He'd say, "I'm just so ugly. I don't want to go out there." I'd say,
    "You're not." To a mother, all her children are always beautiful.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And so one day he just decided. He got up. He said, "I'm going to get
    my nose done. It's too big." But one day he just made up his mind, and he just left, and when I inquired about where he was, he had gone down to get his nose done. He thought I might try to talk him out of it, I think, so he went down and got it done.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What did you think when he....
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, is that what he wanted? If that would make him happy.
    Because he was so unhappy. He thought he was so ugly. And he did it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That's got to be hard for you as a mother when you're looking at
    him and think...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Oh, yes. Very, very hard.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Because he was a beautiful boy.

    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So as he continued to have other operations and changed the way
    he looked, did you feel like you could say something to him about that?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: When you said he had other operations on his nose, but any other
    thing he didn't except--when he--his vitiligo that he had.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Vitiligo. Mm-hmm.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He didn't want to start looking like a spotted cow, he said, so he just
    had everything done. I don't know how he did that, but he had everything--but except under his
    clothes. They were still, you know, changing, his legs and things.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Were spotted?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. But he got it on this part of his body and his arms and things.
    He changed that. But what--I don't know what in the world he did to do that, to change it, but he
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. But as his look, you know, as a person in the public,
    we saw him transform himself, and what it looked like to us is that he was continuing to have
    surgeries, and I think when I interviewed him, he told me he'd only had two. I think he said...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He had more than two.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I know. I thought...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He was just embarrassed.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah, to say how many. Yeah.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): But as he continued to change his look and change his nose, and
    his nose got smaller and smaller and smaller...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Too small, like a toothpick at one time.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. I thought it was too small.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Did you feel like you could say anything to any of
    your children, and especially him? Did you feel like if something was going on with him, and in
    this case, him changing his face and changing his looks, you could say, "Michael, enough"?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, but once they get addicted to--I hear that people get addicted to
    that plastic surgery, and I think that's what happened to him because I had told him, "that's
    enough. Why do you keep going?" And I even talked to this plastic surgeon, said, "If he comes
    there and he wants you to work on his nose, just tell him you did it and, you know, do the same
    thing and don't change it and just tell him, okay, I'm finished." And that's it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So you had a talk with his plastic surgeon?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. But they didn't listen to you?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Coming up, June 25.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: The worst day of my life.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And later, do you think he was afraid of you?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You know, I spoke to Lisa Marie Presley recently, who I thought,
    you know--it was a beautiful interview because I felt for the first time that she really, really loved
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Really, really loved him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What did you think about--I said to her, "None of us in the world
    knew what to think of that marriage." What did you think when Michael told you he was
    marrying Lisa Marie Presley?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: It was a surprise to me. He called me after he had married her. He
    called me, and he said, "Well, I'm going to put her on the phone." And he put her on the phone. I
    said, "That's not her." "Oh, yes, it is. Honest to goodness it's her," he said. It didn't sound like
    her. She has a heavy voice, and I didn't know that. And she sounded like a black girl.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Sounded like a black girl. You can say that out loud.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): She sounded like a black girl.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yeah, when she was--but I said, "That's not Lisa Marie." He said,
    "Oh, yes, it is, Mother."
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Had you met her before?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: No, I hadn't met Lisa before. I had seen her when she was...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So he married her without bringing her home to mom?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, he did.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. One of the things that she shared with me is that his
    love for you was unconditional and that there was nothing that he wouldn't have done for you.
    Did you feel that, too?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, I did, and everybody I talked to that knew him would tell me
    the same thing. I felt it, too.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That he truly...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And I truly loved him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. That he's a boy who loved his mama. Yeah.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, I have to say so myself.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So was it a shock to you, June 25th?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Oh, gosh. Yes. Yes. The worst day of my life.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): On June 25, 2009, a call to 911 is placed from this Los Angeles
    CALLER: I need an ambulance as soon as possible.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Inside, Michael Jackson is unconscious.
    CALLER: We have a gentleman here that needs help, and he's stopped breathing. He's not
    breathing, and we need to--we're trying to pump him, but he's not...
    911 OPERATOR: Okay.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): According to a coroner's report, Michael's blood contained a
    deadly concentration of propofol, a powerful anesthetic generally administered only in hospitals.
    Dr. Conrad Murray, perhaps the last person to see Michael alive, attempts to perform CPR.
    911 OPERATOR: Did anybody see him?
    CALLER: Yes. We have a personal doctor here with him, sir.
    911 OPERATOR: But did anybody witness what happened?
    CALLER: Uh, no. Just the doctor, sir. The doctor's been the only one here.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Camera crews scramble to the scene.
    CBS NEWSCASTER: Michael Jackson. There are reports that he has been rushed to a hospital.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Where were you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I was--I had gone out for field service that morning, and Joe had
    called me.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Field service is?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I'm a Jehovah's witness.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I know. Field service means you go door to door.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, but that was earlier.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You still do that?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Oh, my goodness.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And then when I got home, I got a call to come to the hospital. But
    Joseph had called in between and told me that somebody left Michael's house in an ambulance
    and they had the whole body covered up. And I prayed all the way to the hospital. And you know
    how I must have felt. My heart just dropped.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Heart dropped.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And so they called me and said, "Come to the hospital. Michael's in
    the hospital." He was dead.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): He was dead.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He was dead then, but they didn't tell me. And I went down there,
    and my nephew kept telling me, "Pray, Aunt Kate. Just pray that everything's okay."
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Did you know? In your heart did you know?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I kind of felt it.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: But I was wishing that it wouldn't be.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And then when you hear, "Come to the hospital, it's Michael,"
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Was sick. They didn't tell me he was dead. They wanted me to come
    to the hospital.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): When you got to the hospital, who told you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: They made the doctor tell me. We stayed there a long time before he
    came in to tell us. Really, I guess, he didn't want to either, but the doctor had to tell us. Dr.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Dr. Murray told you.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Mm-hmm. And he came out, and he was talking. It took him so long,
    and I say, "Well, what happened?" He kept saying--and I said, "Well, how is he? How is he? Did
    he make it? Or how is he?" And he said, "No. He's gone." That's all I remember.

    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: It's all right.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Who was with you at the time?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Your nephew.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: That's who was with me. The children were there, his children, but
    they were in another room. I didn't know they were there. And they brought the children in, and
    that was the worst.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): His children.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: His children.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Prince and Paris.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Prince, Paris, and the baby, and they were crying. And Paris was--I
    didn't think--I thought she was going to pass out. She was just saying, "Daddy, I can't make it
    without you. I want to be with you. I want to go with you." And, you know, I felt so bad for
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Who told the children? Someone had told the children.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Somebody told the children when they were--when they came in,
    they were crying.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So somebody had told them.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Somebody had told them.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. And Paris was saying, "I want to be with you"?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: "I want to go with you. I don't want to live without you." She was
    saying all those things.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That's very, very, very, very hard.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: It was so sad.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. It's very, very hard. And so then you try to put the pieces
    together, and you find out that it is--at the time, we were hearing alleged drug overdose. Were
    you shocked by hearing that it was drugs?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I didn't hear that it was an overdose.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You didn't hear that?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I heard that it was propofol.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I guess it was overdose of propofol.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Overdose of propofol, yes.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: You know, it's for when you take operations and they put you to
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Anesthetic. It's an anesthetic.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: An anesthetic. Exactly what it is.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Were you surprised--was that the first time you had heard that he
    was taking that drug?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. Very first time.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So were you aware, Mrs. Jackson, that he had been taking
    prescription drugs to help him sleep or to help him feel more balanced or to get through the day?
    Were you aware of that at all?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: No, but remember when he got burnt in the head, and he had been
    taking those drugs, and it was a long time before I knew he was addicted to them. And I had
    heard that he had...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So he was addicted to--after the Pepsi burn, he was addicted to
    drugs, painkillers.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Painkillers. That's exactly what it was.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Addicted to painkillers. But it was a long time before you knew
    that he was addicted to painkillers.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, it was.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Now, when Janet was on, she said that there had been an attempt
    by the family to have an intervention with him. Were you aware of that? Were you a part of that?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yeah. They had told me about that. The children told me about it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That they were going to try to step in and...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Just take him and put him in a rehab or something until--and kind of
    clean him up.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Had you ever spoken to him about his addiction?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I spoke to him about them once when I had heard it, and he denied it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And he denied it to you.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Mm-hmm. I was telling him I didn't want to hear one day that he had
    overdosed, because it would break my heart. It would kill me, too. But he kept saying he wasn't.
    Wasn't on it. He'd say, "Mother, you don't believe me." He kept saying that "My own mother
    don't believe me." He kept saying that. But I had heard, too, they'd be in denial when they'd tell
    you that. But...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Was there a part of you that wanted to believe him but you knew?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, part of me that wanted to believe him but I didn't believe him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You didn't believe him.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: No, I didn't.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Next, what if anything do you want to say to Dr. Conrad Murray?
    And then, my backyard visit with Michael Jackson's children.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): In 2005, Michael Jackson stood trial, accused of molesting a 13-
    year-old boy. After five months, Michael was found not guilty on all counts. So, what I think
    was remarkable is that during the trial in 2005, you were in that courtroom every single day.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What was that like for you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, it wasn't hard for me because this was my baby that was going
    on trial, and I know he was innocent. The hardest thing was the jury. Would the jury believe it?
    Would they send him to jail? That was so hard. And I prayed for the truth. I said, "If they only
    knew the truth, he would walk out of that courthouse." And it happened. But I can't talk--isn't
    that awful how I can't talk about anything without crying, because it was a trying time.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): It was a trying time.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: For him in his life. That's how I felt. All his life, he had to go
    through stuff like this, and they were just lying on him.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. So did you ever for one instant ever think that there
    was a possibility that he could be guilty of molesting a child?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: No. I never thought. Because I knew he wouldn't. He loved children,
    and he was around children all the time, and that's the only way that these people, the ones out
    there that did it. They know who they are. I'm not calling any names. They know who they are.
    That's the only way they can make people believe that he did something, because he was around
    those children all the time. And Michael would always say, "Mother, why are they accusing me
    of something I love the most? I'd rather slit my own wrist than to hurt a child." He would always
    say that.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): How was he during that time? When we look back at tapes of that
    time, he does seem, you know, at some points coming into the courtroom kind of out of it, like
    maybe he was on drugs. Who knows whether he was on drugs? And you remember that day he
    came in what looked like his pajamas and all of that.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, he came in his pajamas because he went to the hospital. He
    fell. He had fell because we got up before daybreak, and he fell, and so he had to be rushed to the
    hospital. And so we were going to be a little late. The judge said, "If you don't get here within
    some time, that we're going to keep all the money that--" I think it was, like, $3 million was his
    bail. They were going to keep it all. Wasn't going to give it back to him. And so the lawyer called
    and told him, "You get down here." So he came in his pajamas the way he went to that hospital.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Did that trial change him?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, it did.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Tell me how.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Because he used to trust people. His problem was he trusted too
    much. And after that trial, he didn't trust anybody.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He would always tell me, "Mother, I don't trust anybody. The only
    person I trust is you."

    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Coming up, do you regret those strappings on your children?
    Michael's father Joe Jackson. And later, Michael's children. What do you miss the most?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What, if anything, do you want to say to Dr. Conrad Murray?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I've thought of it thousands of times. What would I say to him? Why
    didn't he take care of my child? Why did he leave the room, you know, and why did he give that
    to him? And it's very dangerous. "Why did you do it?"
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think he murdered your son?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I can't accuse him of murder. I don't know if it was accidentally done
    or it was intentionally done. I don't want to get into that, but I have my thoughts. But I just don't
    want to say it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Here's the latest on Dr. Conrad Murray. He's charged with
    involuntary manslaughter. He has pled not guilty. He'll be back in court in January. If convicted,
    he could face up to four years in prison. You know, we've all heard the saying that time heals all
    wounds. Has that been true for you in the case of the loss of your son?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: No. Not at all. I don't think it will. I don't think I will ever be healed.
    It will get better, but some days it's just like it just happened.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Is that how it's been for you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. Whenever I can't talk about Michael, I just tear up. It hurts. It
    really hurts.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So now you are raising his children.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): How often did you see the children? Did you know the children
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I knew them. I can't say that I know them real, real well, but I knew
    them well enough, and I would always go to visit them. Just like grandma visits.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Grandma visits.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What did you think of the way he was raising them? You know,
    all the world, all we knew of the way he was raising these children was the time Blanket was
    held out the window and the time we would see the children walking around with the veils on.
    What did you think of that?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I didn't approve of that, but I didn't say anything to him about it. But
    then I heard their mother, their biological mother, she told me it was her idea, not Michael's.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): To cover them.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. I'm assuming when you say that you didn't approve it-
    -approve of it is because you thought that having them walk around with their faces covered
    would not be good for them or not good for him or...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, it's what the people would think, you know. I know how
    people think and how they say ugly things about you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So tell me, if you can, what it was like, because the children were
    brought into this house immediately on the night of his death.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, they were.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yes. That had to be traumatic. Traumatic, because you're dealing
    with your grief and they're dealing with their grief, and this whole house was grieving.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What gave you the strength to get through that?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, you know what broke my heart more than anything else in this
    world? When people at the hospital told us, "You can leave now," and Paris said, "Grandma,
    where are we going?" That tore my heart. It tore me up. I said, "You're going home with
    grandma. Don't you want to do that?" She said, "Yes. That's where we want to go." When she
    said, "Grandma," oh, god, I couldn't take it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm. "Grandma, where are we going?"
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. So you brought them home. You already had some of
    Jermaine's children and some of Randy's children were living here in the house. And so how
    were you able to integrate them? Was that just something that just happened...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Just happened.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Just happened.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: They just bonded the minute they got here. The children bonded.
    They had a lot of fun, and they did a lot of things that the kids hadn't done before. They wanted
    to--they call it going camping, and so we went and bought tents for them, and they camped out
    on the yard. They did a lot of things together. And whatever they wanted to do at the time, I did
    for them because their father, their whole world was gone. They only knew Michael, and the
    whole world was jerked out from under them. It just tore my heart up.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. So, Mrs. Jackson, I think it's incredible that you have
    these children who have literally lived in their own Michael Jackson world. So was it you who
    decided that they should be integrated into regular school and not home school?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. Well, they talked to me about it. We talked about that, and we
    talked to the children about it. And Paris had said she didn't want to go. And Prince was the one
    that wanted to go. And then after Prince decided he wanted to go, then she went to see the
    school, and she fell in love and she wanted to go. So now the youngest, which is Blanket, he's
    never going. That's what he said. And now the kids come back and talk about what a good time
    they're having and all their friends, and the friends come over, and now he wants to go. So
    maybe next year he'll be going.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What grade will he be in next year?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Blanket? Blanket will be in fourth next year.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): In fourth grade.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think it's time for him to go? Would you want him to go?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I don't think it's time for him to go, because he's still shy, very shy.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think it's good for the children to be out in public and not
    veiled? Do you think that's good?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes, I do. I do, and I think they appreciate that, too. They never
    expressed it to me, but I think so.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): How would you say they are adjusting?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Very well. Very well. Very well.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Do they talk about missing their father? Are they able
    to share that with you, or do they think it would make you too sad?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, what they talk about is, Daddy would do this, and Daddy
    would do that, and they always say, "Well, that's how Daddy did it." Paris, she's very emotional,
    and she talks about him all the time, and she's a strong one. All the pictures on her walls in her
    bedroom are Michael. I don't see how she could sit, look at him like that without crying. I can't,
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So you title the book "Never Can Say Goodbye: the Katherine
    Jackson Story." Do you think about him every day?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Every day. A day doesn't pass, not once a day, and then sometimes I
    just say, I just hate myself for just keep thinking about it, but it's just something I can't help.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Do you always think about it with sadness, or are you
    able to think about it sometimes...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: I think about it with a smile sometimes.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think about it with a smile sometimes?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Mm-hmm, and think of the things he used to do and when he was a
    little boy, what he did, some of the jokes he used to tell, but he always stays in my mind.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. Do you feel that he's with you?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Well, his memory and all of that, and I have a lot of good memories,
    and so that's one thing they can't take away from you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Next, you know, the word in the world is that y'all are divorced.
    And Michael Jackson's children. What is your favorite memory of your father?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You know, I'm really surprised to see you here, Mr. Jackson,
    because the word in the world is that y'all are divorced.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: We're not divorced.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): There wasn't a filing for divorce?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Obviously, you seem very friendly.
    JOE JACKSON: Yeah, we don't fight.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. You don't fight.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What are you most proud of about Mrs. Jackson?
    JOE JACKSON: She's a wonderful person, you know? I think she's too easy with people, you
    know? She's just like Michael.

    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What do you miss most about Michael not being here?
    JOE JACKSON: I think about him every night, you know, look like this, and I just keep
    picturing him gone, and then every time I go into some place, a restaurant or a casino or
    something, his music is playing.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): His music is everywhere.
    JOE JACKSON: It's playing.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You can't get away from it.
    JOE JACKSON: It brings back memories because I remember the songs. I was at every
    recording session he ever did, and it just brings back memories.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you think he was afraid of you?
    JOE JACKSON: I don't think he was afraid of me. What he was afraid of, he may do something
    wrong and I'd chastise him, but not beat him. I never beated Michael like the media tried to say.
    That never happened, but...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): He told me--you know, I did that interview with him in 1993, and
    he told me that you beat him.
    JOE JACKSON: Well, I'm glad that he was raised in such of a way he was liked all over the
    world. He could've been like some of the other kids from Gary, either dead or doing a lot of
    drugs and in jail or something.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So let's just establish this. I was raised--I was beaten as a kid
    because that was the culture. That was the way we were raised, and so was that the way you
    raised your children?
    JOE JACKSON: Beat or whipping?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Same thing.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): It's the same thing when you have welts on your back.
    JOE JACKSON: It don't sound right when you said "beat."
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I know. So you're taking issue with the word "beat," right?
    JOE JACKSON: I'm taking it with the word "whip."
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): With the word "whip."
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So what would you say that you used to discipline your children?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: You might as well admit it. That's the way black people raised their
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):Yes. I'm just asking you. You can answer that for me, can't you,
    whether or not he used...
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He used a strap. Yes.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): He used the strap. Yeah.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Yes. He did use a strap.

    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Let me just ask you this. Knowing what you know now, would
    you do it differently? Do you think you would be a different kind of father?
    JOE JACKSON: I would've punished them by whipping them with a strap or something when
    they did something wrong. It would've kept them out of trouble and out of jail. My kids never
    been in jail before. Nine kids never been to jail.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): That's a good--hello. Hello. That's good.
    JOE JACKSON: And that's great.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you regret those strappings on your children?
    JOE JACKSON: No, I don't.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You don't regret it.
    JOE JACKSON: No, because it kept them out of jail, and I raised them right, and they was good
    kids all the way.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. When did you first know that Michael had something
    KATHERINE JACKSON: When he was very small. We had an old rickety washing machine,
    you know, the kind with what you call the agitator in the middle.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm, one of those shoomp shoomp shoomp shoomp. Yeah.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: It was not so--anyway, it would make noises when it would wash,
    and also by it being rickety, along with the beat, it would make other noises.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Right. And the beat.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And just a baby with the bottle in his mouth--he can walk--about, I'd
    say, a little over a year, and he would be on the floor dancing to the beat of the washing machine.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: And we'd say, "This kid is something else."
    JOE JACKSON: Yes, he was.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Oh, the kids are coming. Hello. All right. Introduce yourselves.
    Hello, Prince. Prince, Prince Michael. Hi.
    PARIS JACKSON: Hi. I'm Paris.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You're Paris. Hi. I'm Oprah.
    RANDY JACKSON: Nice to meet you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Randy. Hi. What it is?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Jaffar. Okay. Nice to meet you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Jermajesty?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): How do you spell that?
    JERMAJESTY JACKSON: J-e-r-m-a-j-e-s-t-y.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And so are we supposed to bow in your presence? No?
    Jermajesty. I feel like it deserves a "Jermajesty." Okay. Hi.
    DONTE JACKSON: Donte. Nice to meet you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Donte, nice to meet you.
    GENEVIEVE JACKSON: I'm Genevieve.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Genevieve. Nice to meet you guys. We're missing Blanket. Hey,
    Blanket. Hi. Hi. I'm Oprah. Nice to meet you. Hi. So are you guys going to sit down and talk to
    RANDY JACKSON: Why not?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Why not? Come on. Let's pull up chairs. So all of you guys, does
    everybody live here?

    KIDS: Yeah.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So tell me about yourself. What is it you love to do?
    PRINCE JACKSON: Video games and sports.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Video games and sports.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: Tell her what you want to do when you grow up.
    PRINCE JACKSON: Produce movies and direct.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Oh, okay. You want to produce movies and direct. Yes.
    KATHERINE JACKSON: What do you want to be?
    PARIS JACKSON: I'd like to be an actress when I'm older.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Really? Good. Are you going to study it, take it seriously?
    PARIS JACKSON: Yeah. I sometimes do improvs.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Oh, do you? Where?
    PARIS JACKSON: Well, I used to do them with my dad.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. I bet you're good at charades, then, right? Yeah. Good
    at charades.
    JAFFAR JACKSON: Does it all the time.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Really? You guys do? Now, is everybody following the whole
    Jackson family tradition? Everybody is in show business?
    RANDY JACKSON: Mm-hmm. Yes.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yes, and you do...
    JAFFAR JACKSON: Sing. I sing.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You sing. Jermajesty, hello. What do you do?
    JERMAJESTY JACKSON: I sing ,too.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You sing, too.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So okay. Everybody is singing.
    JAFFAR JACKSON: Yeah, singing, acting.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Singing and acting.
    JAFFAR JACKSON: In college, first year in college.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): First year of college. Did you guys--I mean, obviously you have,
    but I would like to know, do you remember the first time you looked at tapes of your family as
    the Jackson Five, like you saw them on "The Ed Sullivan Show?"
    DONTE JACKSON: We grew up watching all of that.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): You grew up watching all of it?
    DONTE JACKSON: All the time.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Okay. And what were your impressions the first time?
    GIRL JACKSON: I guess my first recollection was, I think I was, like, three.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Whose child are you?
    GIRL JACKSON: Rebbie's.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Okay, so your first impression was?
    GIRL JACKSON: It was just a concert, going on tour. That was my first memory of what this
    family does. It's kind of interesting.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah, and then you realized, "Our family is not like other
    KIDS: Yeah.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): "Our family is a little different." Yeah. Do you grow up feeling
    normal, or is this normal to you?
    GENEVIEVE JACKSON: This is normal to us.
    JAFFAR JACKSON: This is normal.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So when you go to school, everybody, do they, you know...
    RANDY JACKSON: Of course, it changes everybody's perceptions of us.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So is this your first year entering regular school?
    PRINCE JACKSON: Regular school, yeah.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And what was that like?

    PARIS JACKSON: I guess I was just nervous.
    PARIS JACKSON: Everything.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What they would say?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Would you fit in. Did you show up in class, and then they'd say, "We have another student with us today"?
    PARIS JACKSON: No. They just said, "Who's new? Raise your hand." And they had a lot of kids raise their hands.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And then you feel better. Didn't you feel better?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. Do kids react to who you are?
    PARIS JACKSON: My friend, she didn't know. She didn't know who I was until we went on outdoor Ed.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): And then what happens? What happens when people discover who you are?
    PARIS JACKSON: She didn't care.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): She didn't care? Don't you like that, people treat you the same? So, Blanket, are you still home-schooled?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yes. Has it been hard for you guys? Because you all lived--from
    all that we all know, from what I can gather--a very sheltered kind of literally veiled life. There
    was a time when you were literally behind the veil. Do you remember that time?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Do you? Did you know at the time why you were putting on the
    PRINCE JACKSON: Because then when we did go out without our dad, then nobody would
    really recognize us.
    PARIS JACKSON: He tried to raise us without knowing who he was, but that didn't really go so
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): It didn't really go so well. Did you appreciate or like being behind
    the veil or mask at the time?
    PARIS JACKSON: I appreciated it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. Did you understand that it was to...
    PARIS JACKSON: It wasn't always comfortable, but yeah.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): It was to protect you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yeah. It was to protect you.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): We all heard you speaking at the funeral, and everybody was so moved by that.
    PARIS JACKSON: Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What is your favorite memory of your father?
    PARIS JACKSON: That's really hard.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): I'll let you think about it while I ask you the same question, your
    favorite memory.
    PRINCE JACKSON: When we were on Bahrain, we used to wake up early and walk the beach.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): When you were in Bahrain?
    PRINCE JACKSON: With a Coke.
    PRINCE JACKSON: Yeah, Coca-Cola and Skittles or Snickers.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Waking up and walking the beach.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. That's a good one.
    PARIS JACKSON: I just have to say spending some "quality time" away from the two, just me
    and him.
    PARIS JACKSON: The one time we went on the roof when we were in Las Vegas--of our
    house--and we just saw the Luxor lights. We just saw all the city of lights. We were eating
    Snickers, and we had some soda, and...
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What kind of dad was he? Was he a strict disciplinarian, or could
    you get away with anything with him?
    PARIS JACKSON: He was strict.
    BLANKET JACKSON: He could get away with anything.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): He could get away with things, huh?
    KATHERINE JACKSON: He could get away with it. You couldn't get away with it? No? And
    so when you would have quality time, what would you do besides eat Snickers?
    PARIS JACKSON: Sometimes he would take me to an art museum because we both loved art,
    and we would do a lot as a family. We would play tag outside, and he got us Kenya four years
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Kenya the dog, the lab?
    PARIS JACKSON: Come here, Kenya.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): It's your cue, Kenya.
    PARIS JACKSON: Here you go, baby.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): So when you were living with your father, did you think that the
    rest of the world doesn't know, but did you feel that that was sort of a normal--was that normal to
    PARIS JACKSON: Yeah. I kind of felt like no one understands what a good father he was. I'd
    say he was the best cook ever.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): A cook? Really?
    PARIS JACKSON: Yes. Everyone is all, "A cook?" Like they're surprised to hear it.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Yes, I am.
    PARIS JACKSON: He was just a normal dad, except for he was, like, the best dad ever.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Well, that's part of the reason why I wanted to do this, and really
    happy that you all would talk to me, because I think the world certainly doesn't anything about
    him as a father, and I think even just the few words that you spoke at his funeral allowed people
    to have just a little bit of insight into the kind of father he was. Like, I'm shocked to hear that he
    was a cook. What could he cook?
    PARIS JACKSON: He made the best French toast in the world.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Dipped in eggs, right?
    PARIS JACKSON: Yeah. He just made the best breakfasts in the world.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Mm-hmm. Would he cook for you guys a lot?
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): What do you miss the most?
    PARIS JACKSON: Everything.
    OPRAH WINFREY (HOST): Everything? Everything. Well, thanks for talking to me, really. I
    appreciate you sharing that. Really do.

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    Part 1

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    Legendary Mary Hart Moment: Backstage with Michael Jackson..1988
    By Raphael Chestang..May 12, 2011

    In 1988, Mary Hart gained special access behind the scenes at a Michael Jackson performance in this look back at a legendary moment in Mary's career.

    Mary was the only reporter invited to join Michael's pre-concert prayer circle backstage and she even walked hand-in-hand with Michael as he made his way to the stage of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Watch the clip to see how fans reacted to "two hours of non-stop Michael Jackson" that Mary raved was "nothing short of spectacular."

    ET Interviwer:
    I know it's hard to pick, but do you have a favorite interview of all time?

    Mary Hart :
    It's so tough! I mean, it comes down to the same handful of interviews, but I have to say my time with Michael Jackson was so special, it was so unique, because nobody got that time. Yes, Oprah did that sit-down interview at Neverland Ranch with him, but you know what? Years before that, I had been in Pensacola, Florida with Michael, watching him rehearse for his Bad Tour. I was there with him on stage for two days, watching him be the masterful leader of every move, every note, every intonation of what he did, and it was remarkable. And then when I was with him in Kansas City and walked him out on the stage, he held my hand through the tunnel, right out to the edge of the stage, then let go and transformed himself from this shy person that he was into this magnificent genius performer. It was the most remarkable thing I'd ever seen. It really was mind-blowing.

    To View The Videos of this Event :

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    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    At Large With Geraldo Rivera - February 5, 2005

    On Fox News, Geraldo Rivera conducted an intimate and revealing interview with Michael Jackson. Here we see a glimpse of the real man, the father, the warrior and the tender heart behind the media's often very inaccurate portrayal.

    The Introduction - The Interview Part 1

    Geraldo Rivera: How you doing, man?

    Michael Jackson: How you doing?

    GR: Good to see you.

    GR: You get to smile anymore?

    MJ: Of course, I smile a lot.

    GR: You smile when youíre in a recording studio like this one, doing music?Ö

    MJ: Of course, I love music.

    GR: Is it nice to get back to the music? Ö

    MJ: Itís fantastic. Because ahhhÖ Itís my life. Thatís what I do.

    GR: Youíve been so distracted, you know, you want to talk about how youíre feeling?

    MJ: Iím doing fine Geraldo, how are you?

    GR: Despite whatever else goes on in the world, youíre doing ok?

    MJ: Iím doing very well, thank you.

    GR: You know, it was wonderful, seeing you with the children. That I think, is the real Michael Jackson that has not been seenÖ you with your own children, one in diapers the other two toddlersÖ I donít know how you manage without a nanny.

    MJ: Well, I enjoy taking care of my children myself itís... itís fun thatís why I had them so I could take care of them and itís just great relief for me you know itís a pleasure it keeps me happy and laughing and you know, theyíre wonderful sweet innocent children.

    GR: I saw you as kind of the arbitrator between the Nickelodeon and the Disney channel there. You got some really difficult problems to solve there. But you have such a- a kind of a normal life there. Itís sweet to see.

    MJ: Thank you. They bring me that.

    GR: Tell me, tell me what the children mean to you, your own children.

    MJ: They mean, itís hard to put it into words because they mean everything. The way you would explain how your children make you feel... Theyíre the world for me, I wake up and Iím ready for the day because of them. I get them breakfast, I change diapers, if they want to read, we do a lot of reading, we play hide and seek, we play blind fold and have a wonderful time with it.

    GR: And you can create a world that at least begins to seem normal? They donít know any other world obviously.

    MJ: I do my best for sure.

    GR: So, that is obviously a priority to you

    MJ: Yes of course. I want to be the best father in the world of course.

    GR: Do they know who you are? Or what you mean to people?

    MJ: Yes, they do. Theyíve been on tours with me and in limousines among a sea of fans.

    GR: Do they like it?

    MJ: They find it exciting. They want to get on stage. They bug me to go on stage with me. So, pretty sure I Ďm going to take them on with me and let the world see them for the first time.

    GR: They donít say, ĎDaddy I want to go home and watch Nickelodeon?í

    MJ: (Laughs) Probably, probably.

    GR: They do that too.

    MJ: Yes.

    GR: So how do you feel being here again, being in a recording studio again, focussing on the music again? Is it a relief, in a sense?

    MJ: Itís a great relief. It makes me feel like Iím totally at home. Iím into my own. Which is what Iím here for. Any of the artsÖ like that could be film, you know, music, any type of art, I love it.

    GR: So, when youíre being the quote on quote, King of Pop, thatís when youíre the most comfortable? Or is it the creative process?

    MJ: The creative process, yes. Iím obsessed with creatingÖ

    GR: I saw you and Randy, the way you guys react - itís very reminiscent of the way my brothers and I are together. Whoís top dog?

    MJ: Randy.

    GR: Thatís not what I saw

    GR: But, uh, you trust your family.

    MJ: Of course, you have to.

    GR: Is it a Ďblood thicker than waterí thing? What is it?

    MJ: Family is everything. Itís love. Itís what we were taught. Weíre friends at the end of the day, which is important. Other than what the public or press people say, weíre friends. We love each other very much.

    GR: So, is the family closely knit, despite all the tabloid stuff?

    MJ: Thatís sensationalism.

    GR: How do you deal with that?

    MJ: How do I deal with sensationalism?

    GR: Yeah. How do you deal with everything in your life being magnified, exaggerated, almost to a grotesque level.

    MJ: Itís like looking at a fictitious movie. Because its fiction. Itís like watching science fiction. Itís not true. And I know myself and itís sad when people have to read those things and they believe it.

    GR: Do you feel like holding a press conference every week and saying, this is the rumor du jour, itís not true

    MJ: I know eventually, the truth will prevail and Iím about truth.

    GR: Iíve researched it and I canít find anyone who has been more frivolously sued than you for the most outrageous reasons. One of your attorneys told me that a woman called Billie Jean Jackson called and said, ĎStop accepting any paychecks, Mr. Attorney, Iím the wife - Billie JeanÖí obviously from your hit song, I mean, how do youÖ First of all, how does it affect you?

    MJ: Does it affect me? Yes, but Iíve become immune in a way too, I have rhinoceros skin but at the same time Iím human. So, anything can hurt like that, but Iím very strong. And, I just donít like people hearing about such false information.

    GR: For instance, did you father quadruplets last year?

    MJ: That was a crazy rumor.

    GR: Then they became twins. I donít know what happened to the other two, maybe they were abducted by aliens.

    MJ: I heard about that story and I donít have any twins. They said Iím hiding them or something? Another made up rumor.

    GR: So itís completely false.

    MJ: The bigger the star, the bigger the target. Iím not trying to say Iím the super-duper star, Iím not saying that. Iím saying the fact that people come at celebrities, weíre targets. But truth always prevails. I believe in that. I believe in God, you know?

    GR: Does that faith sustain you?

    MJ: Of course, it does.

    GR: How about friendship?

    MJ: What about friendship?

    GR: Do you rely on friends? Have people stayed with you through thick and thin? Who are your best friends?

    MJ: My children, my family, my brothers and my sisters and yeah, most people have. Most people have.

    GR: Do you want to mention the names of the true blue?

    MJ: The faithful, you wouldnít know them so, itís uhÖ

    GR: Elizabeth Taylor?

    MJ: Oh, sheís very loyal, I see Elizabeth Taylor all the time. Sheís my dear friend, I was just at her house. We have wonderful talks on the phone at night, several times a week sometimesÖ

    GR: So how long have you two been friends?

    MJ: Iíve known Elizabeth closely since I was 16Ö

    GR: And youíve been making music since youíre five

    MJ: Yes

    GR: So youíre in your fifth decade of making music. Thatís forty-one years of making music.

    MJ: Yes.

    GR: You ever get sick of it?

    MJ: No, no, not at all I never get enough of it (music).

    GR: Really.

    GR: Do you ever get sick of Randy?


    GR: Heís here, ladies and gentlemen.

    MJ: Never, never, never Heís (Randy) wonderful. Heís been amazing, supportive, and amazingly brilliant.

    GR: So, theyíre all different. Your whole family is crazy, exocentricÖ like my family.

    MJ: Every brother, sister is completely different, like any family, you have all the different elementsÖ thatís what makes it a family.

    GR: When you have such intense scrutiny, how do you live any kind of a normal life? How do you have any kind of fun outside of your own property?

    MJ: I donít. I go off property sometimes, but not all the time. I create my world behind the gates you know because I canít go to the local movie theater down the street or the local park down the street or go pickup ice cream at the market, at the corner store. So, you want to create that world behind the gates and thatís what I try and do. And itís not just for me if I could share with my family, friends, or whoever I do.

    GR: And that necessity for some privacy, drives all these crazy rumors and speculations. A difficult balancing act that you have to endure.

    GR: But youíre not complaining are you? I donít. I try to rub it off. I donít know what Iím the king ofÖ the king of getting shot at maybe. Ha ha ha ha.

    MJ: ďThe king of journalism.Ē

    GR: So, what is it about children in distress? You mentioned the Tsunami relief effort. What is it? Is it your own fatherhood that motivates that?

    MJ: Caring. And reading the Bible, learning about God, Jesus, Love. He said, Ďbring on the childrení, Ďimitate the childrení, Ďbe like the childrení and Ďtake care of others.í Take care of old people. And we were raised with those values. Those are very important values and my family and I we were raised with those values and they continue strong in us today.

    GR: What about movies for yourself again? You had The Wiz and some of the others but we havenít seen you on the big screen in a while.

    MJ: Iíll be directing myself. I love directing. I love creativity and I think when an artist steps forward with a production of some type, if he can express himself the way he sees it should be done. I feel it and I see it. Iím a visionary. If I can give that, I do and thatís what I love to do with music and dance and the arts.

    GR: And do you think art has a role in real life? Specifically referring to this record and Tsunami relief?

    MJ: I saw it the day after Christmas and as the numbers kept escalating, it just became phenomenal and not even I could believe that it was true. I was amazed. I said, I thought I should do something. Thatís what God gave us talent for. To give and to help people and to give back. So, my brothers and I decided to put a song togetherÖ

    GR: What did you pick up the phone and say, ďhey bros?Ē What did you say?

    MJ: We just say, hey, we want to do something in the studio for the Tsunami victims. Letís get together and organize it. And they just said great.

    GR: However, youíre back, I think that people will appreciate the fact that youíre back. Wouldnít you kind of exalt in a world where you could concentrate on your art and your kids?

    MJ: I would love it. I mean thatís what drives me. The medium. The art. Thatís the world Iím most comfortable in.Ē

    GR: In Gary, Indiana, did you ever expect where your world would be as a 46 year old man?

    MJ: I never thought about it. I knew I wanted to do something wonderful all of my life and to help people and I never clearly really thought about it when I was really little. I just sang and danced and didnít understand whey people were applauding and clapping and screaming. You really donít. You donít know whyÖ

    GR: When you grow up like that on stage, when do you get it? When do you understand where you fit in to society?

    MJ: It takes longer when you get older. You get a more rounded personality and your brain starts to grow. You start reasoning and understanding more things, researching.
    GR: Isnít it nice to have a conversation on television where people can just hear you being ordinary, normal, reasonable.

    MJ: Iím like this all the time. Iím just being myself.

    GR: At a certain point, Michael Jackson and the brothers Jackson kind of separated artistically, is this a moment in your life where youíre coming back together? Obviously youíll continue your solo career, but whatís the big plan, whatís the big picture at this stage in your life? What has been left unachieved? What would you like to do?

    MJ: There are a lot of surprises. Film. I love film. Itís innovating, taking the medium to a new place. I used the music video medium as a short film medium to take me to the next level. Iím having a lot of fun.

    GR: Do you ever look back and contemplate, oh my goodness, Thriller is the biggest selling musical performance ever, do you ever get your arms around that?

    MJ: I try not to think about it too hard because I donít want my subconscious mind to think Iíve done it all, youíre done now. Thatís why I donít put awards or trophies in my house. You wonít find a gold record anywhere in my house. Because it makes you feel youíve accomplished. Look what Iíve done. But I always want to feel, no I havenít done it yet.

    The Interview Part 2

    GR: ĎThe King of Popí and now I look at some of these performers- thereís a new one - thereís 50 cent and another one- I forget his name, but theyíre well-known because they survived violent attacks where they almost died and they’re into hip hop kind of - itís a different era in popular music- do you think youíll be more like them- more urban kind of- or will the world come back to more pop and traditional rock?

    MJ: Great music & great melodies are immortal. Culture changes, fashion change, customs, great music is immortal. We still listen to Mozart today, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, any of them, any of the greats. Great music is like a great piece of sculpture, a great painting. Itís forever. Thatís a fact.

    GR: On the other hand, I interviewed Barbara Streisand at one pivotal point in her career, she was going to do duets with the BeeGees and other popular artists- she kind of changed the tempo to surprise people.

    MJ: Iíve done a lot of it alreadyÖ I donít really rap, but I couldÖ Iíve written songs with rap versus in them for very famous rappers, but theyíre much better at it than I am.

    GR: Donít you appreciate, despite your isolated life and despite the fact youíve been a star so long, you still have what appears to be a very passionate and profound relationship with the community. Does that support you? Does that sustain you? Do you agree with me?

    MJ: Yes, I do agree, because itís important to love your neighborsÖ

    GR: But were does it come fromÖ where does that almost instinctive love of you come from?

    MJ: I truly think it comes from my mother and God (instinctive love) The way we were raised. The values my father instilled in us in youth. She was always with the Bible teaching us - weíd go to service all the time. Four times a week and Iím so glad we did that because those are values that are very important. I donít know if I could have done as well without them.

    GR: Do you still spend time with mom and dad? Theyíre not far from here right now? And what is that relationship all about? Iím so close to my mom, obviously.

    MJ: Itís wonderful. At this stage, you tend to appreciate more who your parents are more and what theyíve done for you. You start to retrack where you are in your life and all the wonderful things theyíve instilled in you. You start to see them come forth. Iím starting to see a lot of things. Traits that my father influenced me on and my mother.

    GR: My friend Cheech, who you know, whose partner Tommy Chong helped discover you guys, ĎBobby Taylor and The Vancouversí, he says that as he gets older, he looks at his fatherís face in the mirror. Do you feel that? Are you becoming like your dad?

    MJ: Iím very much like my father in a lot of ways. Heís very strong. Heís a warrior. Heís always taught us to be courageous and to be confident and to believe in our ideals. And no matter what, no star is too far to reach and you never give up. And our mother taught us that as well.

    GR: So youíre a warrior also?

    MJ: Absolutely.

    GR: Thatís the way you see yourself?

    GR: Tell us more about the way you see yourself?

    MJ: I try to be kind and generous and to give to people and to do what I think God wants me to do. Sometimes I pray and say ďwhere do you want me to go next, God? What do you want me to do from here?Ē Iíve always been very spiritual in that way. Itís nothing new.

    GR: Did you ever see the movie ďFinding NeverlandĒ or read about J. M. Barrie, the man who wrote ďPeter Pan.Ē

    MJ: I know a lot about Mr. Barrie and Iíve been a fan for many, many, many years.

    GR: You know, he had a rocky road, similar to you, I donít want to get too far into it. Tell us what led to the creation of Neverland. I mean, specifically the place Ė There are 2 Neverlands, thereís 3. Thereís Peter Panís Neverland, thereís the Neverland in Michael Jacksonís mind and then thereís the physical place you created up there where I visited you when you brought up all the inner-city children. Why did you create that place?

    MJ: I created Neverland as a home for myself and my children and it was created simply, it was almost like it was done subconsciously, like I said earlier, where can I go? I mean, itís hard. Iíve tried to go out as myself and Iíve had policemen tell me, ďput on a disguise! And give me an autograph for my wife!Ē They tell me, ďwhy are you out here with no security?Ē I canít do it. I do it sometimes, but itís very difficult.

    GR: But you owned Neverland before you had the kids, was it for you? The exotic animals, were they for Michael Jackson?

    MJ: For me and sharing with others. It gave me a chance to do what I couldnít do when I was little. We couldnít go to movie theaters. We couldnít go to Disneyland. We couldnít do all those fun things. We were on tour. We were working hard. And we did enjoy it. But this allowed me to have a place behind the gates where the entire world I love is there.

    GR: You create, like Barrie, this imaginative world, do you ever outgrow something like that Michael? Do you ever think this is silly to have the llamas and the choo-choo trains and the rides?

    MJ: Itís calling God silly if you do that, because God made all things great and small. Other men have their Ferraris and their airplanes or helicopters or wherever they find their bliss. My bliss is in giving and sharing and having simple innocent fun.

    GR: Your homes. For all the grandeur of Neverland. Your home is quite modest. And your personal style. I donít see any bling for instance. How come you donít have the big diamond thing that says Michael?

    MJ: Iím modest in that way. If I had it on, I would probably give it away to the first kid to say, Ďwow, I like your necklace.í When I was growing up, stars like Sammy Davis, Fred Astaire, Gene KellyÖ if I admired something they were wearing, If I simply said, ĎI love that shirt youíre wearing,í they would give it to me. Itís a show business trait. Hand it over.

    GR: Despite the glare of the media attention and even the day that I was there and you invited the inner-city kids there, whatís it like to have the kids there? Why do you do that? I wanted to ask you that question that day but I pose it to you know.

    MJ: Iíve traveled the world over 8 times. I do as many hospitals and orphanages as I do concerts. But, of course, itís not covered (by the press). Thatís not why I do it, for coverage. I do it because itís from my heart. And there are so many children in the city who havenít seen the mountains, who havenít been on a carousel, who havenít pet a horse or a llama, never seen them, so if I can open my gates and see that bliss, an explosion of screaming laughter from the children and they run on the rides, I say ďThank you, God.Ē I feel Iíve won Godís smile of approval, because Iím doing something that brings joy and happiness to other people.

    GR: So, youíre close to your siblings? How does it affect you when they get involved - like Janetís superbowl flap? Just tell me how you responded as a brother and a viewer?

    MJ: Oh, I canít speak for my sister. With love. Actually, I was looking right at it and I didnít see it. I was at a friend of mineís house, Ron Burkle and in a movie theater, it was huge on the screen and I didnít even see it. I heard all this controversy the next day and I said, ďThatís not true.Ē I didnít even see it.

    GR: Do you think the controversy was overblown? Do you think itís a Jackson related phenomena or is it a testament to our times socially in this country?

    MJ: Thatís an interesting hypothesis too. Itís both. Itís hard to answer. Iíd rather not answer that one.

    GR: Did you call her and say Ďdonít sweat the small stuff?í

    MJ: Something like that. ĎBe strong. This too shall pass.í ĎDonít worry about it.í Iíve seen worse things. I said, ďJanet, youíre too young to remember but, I once watched the Oscars with David Niven on it and a naked man came running out, streaking. Now, he didnít get there on his own. That was organized and nobody - they didnít say much about that.Ē Iíll just say that much. That was live, around the world. The next day it was a joke.

    GR: I think there is a Jackson component. I think the thing was exaggerated. I think the Jackson thing was part of the reason.

    MJ: Thank you.

    GR: So as you go forward in this record, what are we going to expect? Are we going to hear this on the radio and then people are going to send in their money and itís going to go to these kids in the Indian Ocean region?

    MJ: I would like that very much.

    GR: Now tell me, how that act of largesse, that compassion, will make you feel? Sometimes, I think, I feel better giving than receiving in my life, explain the mechanics of that in your own life.

    MJ: Itís just the idea. I donít know if its the psychology of it or what. I just love working hard on something. Putting it together. Sweating over it and then sharing it with people and then having them love it and I always pray that they like it. Thatís what gives me great satisfaction as an artist.

    GR: Does it frustrate you professionally or personally when people say that this Jackson project flopped or that happened. Your ĎNumber Onesí compilation for instance, 7 and a half million copies sold. Now I think thatís quadruple platinum or whatever it is you label it. And yet the characterization by some in the music business at least is that youíre not- you know, that it wasnít a hit.

    MJ: I donít know which project youíre talking aboutÖ because of negative news. Sensationalism seems to sell more than wonderful, positive news. People would rather hear gossip. My last 8 albums have all entered the charts at number 1, so people like to sensationalize things and make up stories and rumors and sometimesÖ

    GR: Does it hurt your feelings? Do you want to scream out and say, ďHey wait a minute, check the numbers!Ē

    MJ: Itís a commonality in mankind that I donít like. That part of it, but then thereís a beautiful side to mankind too, isnít there?

    GR: But not to Eminem. Weíve spoken about it. I think that you should. Why not?

    MJ: And whatís your question?

    GR: Stevie Wonder said that he was piling on and how really rude it was for someone who made his money from the community to Ďdiss the community in a sense in a racist and, Iíve said it, very bold faced, bigoted presentation. Tell us how that hurt you and how youíre feeling about it now.

    MJ: Iíve never met Mr. Eminem, and Iíve always admired him and to have him do something like that was pretty painful as an artist to another artist and itís sad because I think what Stevie Wonder said is true, I just donít want to say too much more than that. He (Eminem) should be ashamed of himself what heís doing. Stevie said heís bulls***. He used the word. Thatís what he said. Iím not saying it, Stevie said it. Stevieís amazing. Heís one of the sweetest men in the world.

    GR: Stevie did and he is bulls***. So, when Stevie said that, did you feel a tremendous sense of reassurance, of brotherly love, there?

    MJ: I love Stevie Wonder. To me, heís a musical prophet. Iíll always love him. A lot of people respect Stevie and heís a very strong entity in this medium, in this business and when he speaks, people listen and it was wrong of Eminem to do what he did. Iíve been an artist most of my life and Iíve never attacked a fellow artist. great artists donít do that. You donít have to do that.

    GR: I mentioned Janetís fiasco and the exaggerated response to it. Once again do you think he only did it because he knew he could get away with it because youíre Michael Jackson?

    MJ: Yeah, but it doesnít hurt. Itís silly. Itís kind of elementary. I hope heís having funÖ

    GR: Like a poo-poo joke. It still hurts your feelings and you donít want your kids to see it.

    MJ: Oh god, I would hate it if they saw it. I would hate thatĒ

    GR: Finally, weíve studiously avoided the case and not talked at all about the case thatís pending. Youíre under this gag order. I know that you have received permission from the judge to read a statement. I hate to end an interview that way, but if youíd like to read that statement now, I think itís important.






    GR: Michael is there anything else you would like to say?

    MJ: Yes. I would just like for the public to keep my family and myself in their prayers. That would be very nice. Thank you, Geraldo.

    Michael, Randy Jackson, Geraldo ~ recording studio ~ Beautiful Girl

    Geraldo Interviews Michael Jackson in Videos of this Event:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    Default Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    Michael Jackson Interviews Jennings Michael Burch -2005
    ( Author of "They Caged the Animals at Night")

    Michael Jackson talking about a film project that these guys were working on together. Now, according to Stoller, Jackson wanted to do a movie based on the book "They Caged the Animals at Night." This is a book about foster children, and is based on the real-life experiences of the author who was bounced around foster homes when he was a kid.

    Well, Stoller released this video of Michael Jackson meeting the author for the very first time.

    MICHAEL JACKSON, KING OF POP: Can I ask you a question?


    MICHAEL JACKSON: With all the pain and the stress and the pressure that you had to go through, did you ever, in your childhood, think about, "It`s not worth it." Did you ever try -

    BURCH: Suicide?


    BURCH: Definitely. Definitely. You know the feeling because I know you and Bryan are going to do a wonderful job. It`s going to be like -

    MICHAEL JACKSON: I can relate to it, totally.

    BURCH: It`s going to be like taken from the book right to the screen.

    MICHAEL JACKSON: That`s beautiful. That`s beautiful. That is so beautiful.

    BURCH: Will we always be friends? Will we always be friends?

    MICHAEL JACKSON: Promise. Promise.

    BURCH: Thank you so much.

    MICHAEL JACKSON: We`re the same. I understand you. I understand you.

    BURCH: Thank you so much.

    MICHAEL JACKSON: Thank you. Gosh, what a beautiful story.

    One rainy day in Brooklyn, Jennings Michael Burch’s mother, too sick to care for him, left him at an orphanage, saying only, “I’ll be right back.” She never returned. Shuttled through a series of bleak foster homes and institutions, he never remained in any of them long enough to make a friend. Instead, Jennings clung to a tattered stuffed animal, his sole source of warmth in a frightening world. This is the poignant story of his lost childhood. But it is also the triumphant tale of a little boy who finally gained the courage to reach out for love-and found it waiting for him.

    The Blog Article:
    A long journey into “night” - the Irish American author Jennings Michael Burch that still strikes a chord today
    Posted on Saturday, February 02, 2013 at 09:23 AM
    ~Exerpt~ "One thing is clear. Many of us worry if we leave a legacy on this planet. Jennings Michael Burch had no such worries."

    Jennings Michael Burch (April 27, 1941 - January 15, 2013) he was Aged 71 ~ Rest In Heavenly Peace with Michael forever ~

    The Source:
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    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    Lightbulb Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MJ TinkerBell View Post

    Michael Jackson Interviews Jennings Michael Burch -2005
    ( Author of "They Caged the Animals at Night")

    One rainy day in Brooklyn, Jennings Michael Burchís mother, too sick to care for him, left him at an orphanage, saying only, ďIíll be right back.Ē She never returned. Shuttled through a series of bleak foster homes and institutions, he never remained in any of them long enough to make a friend. Instead, Jennings clung to a tattered stuffed animal, his sole source of warmth in a frightening world. This is the poignant story of his lost childhood. But it is also the triumphant tale of a little boy who finally gained the courage to reach out for love-and found it waiting for him.

    The Blog Article:
    A long journey into ďnightĒ - the Irish American author Jennings Michael Burch that still strikes a chord today
    Posted on Saturday, February 02, 2013 at 09:23 AM
    ~Exerpt~ "One thing is clear. Many of us worry if we leave a legacy on this planet. Jennings Michael Burch had no such worries."

    Jennings Michael Burch (April 27, 1941 - January 15, 2013) he was Aged 71 ~ Rest In Heavenly Peace with Michael forever ~

    The Source:

    Thanks for sharing this book info... I'm currently trying to get hold of it...

    Ď Itís better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitationí

    _ Michael Jackson _

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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    The Billy Bush Interview in Ireland with Michael Jackson November 2006

    Billy Bush: Michael invited me to Ireland, to observe him, as he got back into the studio. Can lightning strike twice for the King of Pop?

    Michael insisted this was NOT a formal interview. He wanted us to be more like flies on the wall. So with that in mind, we agreed to just turn the cameras on.

    (Cuts to footage of Michael in the studio, and walking around around Irish estate with Billy Bush and Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, with a new track playing in the background. During an interview in Ireland with Billy Bush, Michael Jackson takes a moment to admire the crewís cameras, and then gets visibly excited when a crewmember shows him one of the latest high definition cameras on the market.)

    BB: So this is really a kind of an exploratory mission. You (pointing at Michael) deciding to get back into making music...

    Michael Jackson: (Smiling) I never stopped... I'm always writing a potpourri of music, you know, it's how it is.

    BB: (Voiceover) Relaxed, and ready to return.

    (Cuts to footage of Michael laughing)

    BB: (To Will.I.Am) Let's hear it.

    (Will.I.Am starts playing a track he has prepared for Michael)

    BB: (Voiceover) That, is the Michael Jackson we found when Access journeyed over 5000 miles to this classic old Irish estate (footage on screen) outside of Dublin. The stone manor is built to rock with a state of the art recording studio. But it's because of the beauty of the emerald landscape that Michael chose to be here.

    (Cuts to footage of BB in grounds of the estate)

    BB: What goes on on these grounds is a lot of exercise and walking and horse back riding. Michael wakes up in the morning, he makes porridge for his kids, which is oatmeal, and fruit. All the food is organically grown here. The amazing thing is, is that the man that is known as the P.T. Barnum of the recording industry (everything done big and extravagant) is really sort of dialling it back... to the roots.

    (Cuts to more footage of Michael in the studio)

    BB: (Voiceover) Michael is on the search for fresh sounds and Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am is the man with the beats.

    (Footage of Will.I.Am and Michael nodding away to a track that is being played)

    BB: Will, we were talking a little earlier, you got a phone call on the tour bus, right? Someone said, "Mike's on the phone..."

    Will: I was like, "no, come one, stop playing around." I didn't know it. I thought somebody was joking.

    BB: So this is like eh, this is baby steps? Of just checking out what may be a collaboration or some work together?

    Michael: Yeah, yes.

    BB: Why Will?

    Michael: Because I think he's doing wonderful, innovative, positive great music. Thought it'd be interesting to collaborate or just, you know, see how the chemistry works... be wonderful.

    Will: This is like, a dream come true for me, you know.

    BB: (To Michael) Does he take your advice well?

    Michael: (Nodding and smiling) Yeah, we uh, yeah we...

    (Will.I.Am interrupts, Michael laughs)

    Will: I have... you have to take advice from the King of Pop.

    (Billy Bush laughs)

    Michael: I like to take sounds and put them on a microscope and just talk about how we wanna manipulate the character of it.

    BB: (Voiceover) Will brought something new to the table, while keeping that classic Michael sound intact.

    Will: (To Michael about the music playing) Living 'Off the Wall' with them kind of strings... (smiles)

    Michael: Oh yeah, yeah, 'Off the Wall' yes.

    (Laughter all around)

    BB: (Voiceover) If Michael likes what he hears, he'll add his own musical touches. But for now, the two (Michael and Will) work the board, weaving out a sound and tapestry - layer by layer.

    Michael: Pretend we're technically inclined. (Laughter all round)

    BB: (Voiceover) Do NOT doubt his (Michael's) tech savvy, Michael knows his way around a recording studio AND our new digital camera.

    (Footage of Michael holding a camera from the Access Hollywood crew)

    Michael: That's a beauty. You can edit within the camera...

    BB: Film me.

    Michael: So s...

    BB: Can you operate it?

    Michael: Uh, I don't know, ok yeah... (points camera at Billy Bush)

    BB: Are you a technology...

    Michael: Yeah, I love cameras...

    BB: Love the action?

    Michael: Yeah. Love it. It's a beauty. (Starts to put camera down, turns to crew member) What's the price of this one on retail?

    Crew member: $6,000.

    Michael: Wow!

    BB: (Voiceover) But what really impressed Michael? Will's music.

    (Footage of Michael bopping his head to the music before it stops)

    BB: What you think there?

    Michael: They're very nice grooves...

    Will: Alright...

    Michael: I like the chords, I like what you did.

    Will: That's a... that's a club banger.

    BB: Yeah...

    Will: That's what they call that one.

    (Music starts playing again, Will and Michael move to the music)

    BB: (Voiceover) Will's beats are infectious, and an enthusiastic Michael could NOT contain himself.

    (Cuts to footage of Michael moving to other side of studio to dance a few steps)

    Michael: (To Billy Bush) Do you feel you have enough (footage)?

    BB: I could go forever Michael. (Laughter all round) You don't wanna ask me that Michael.

    The below is a transcript of an interview between Michael Jackson and Access Hollwood's Billy Bush that aired on Friday, November 3rd.

    Billy Bush: Yesterday, in Part 1 of my exclusive in-studio visit, you saw a mixed Michael. But when super producer Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas turned on the beats, Michael came alive! There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson is coming back, but how? Amazingly, he hasn't really thought about it.

    (Cuts to footage of inside the studio)

    BB: There was nothing ever bigger than (Thriller) that. That is the biggest album ever.

    (Cuts to footage of Thriller video before returning to studio)

    BB: If you went back and took it to a second chapter...

    Michael Jackson: That's a great idea.

    (Cuts to footage of Billie Jean video)

    BB: (Voiceover) Imagine Michael Jackson re-visiting Thriller. Remix, DVD's, Web Saturation. The sky's gotta be the limit with the biggest selling album with nearly 100 million copies worldwide.

    (Returns to studio)

    BB: Is that the first time you've heard of it? I mean like, or or, have you thought that...

    Michael: No I haven't really thought about it in that way but I would give it more thought. We haven't really discussed it yet, on that level, but I'm sure at some point we will. But it's a great thought.

    BB: Feel like I'm a collaborator here.

    Michael: Yeah, yeah, you are...

    (Laughter all round)

    BB: I get a credit...

    Michael: You are.

    BB: I might get a credit.

    (Cuts to footage of Michael, Will.I.Am and Billy Bush walking around Irish estate with new track produced by Will.I.Am playing in the background)
    BB: (Voiceover) For right now Michael is focused on creating and not re-creating. And it is right here at this recording studio on the sprawling classic old Irish estate outside of Dublin where Michael has teamed up with Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am to take his music to the next level.

    (Cuts back to studio)

    BB: Do you see something big with the music that you make again, or getting that ground swell going? Doing clubs and intimate things and getting it bigger and bigger and bigger?

    Michael: Jee, you know I'm not sure, on that level.

    Will.I.Am: I can answer that direct (as) a fan...

    (Michael points at Will.I.Am)

    BB: Go ahead.

    Will.I.Am: Big!

    (Cuts to footage of Michael dancing away to the music before returning)

    Will.I.Am: Something needs to put a jolt back in the music industry. And the only thing that can do that is the jolt itself. The energy that sparked the imagination of the kids that are... me, you know, the Justin Timberlake's, we're all products of this. (Motions to Michael) So the only person that can put that jolt back in to that monstrosity of entertainment and music is the one who created that. (Motions to Michael again)

    (Cuts to footage of Don't Stop 'till You Get Enough video)

    BB: (Voiceover) But what about those people Michael inspired...

    (Cuts to footage of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body video)

    BB: (Voiceover) aspire?

    (Cuts back to the studio)

    BB: Michael, I would love to hear what you thought of Justin Timberlake or something like that, because he's the closest thing to Michael Jackson I think today. You know what I mean?

    Michael: I think Justin's doing a wonderful job, as well as Usher (Michael smiles) it's great to see. I'm inspired by what they do, and I'm sure I've inspired them. It's very nice.

    Thanks to MJNI for providing the transcript.

    The Source:

    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    On Location in Las Vegas, NV

    The Blog Article:

    Michael Jackson & The Jacksons on The Michael Douglas Show - April 3, 1974 12:30 PM

    The Mike Douglas Show is an American daytime television talk show hosted by Mike Douglas that originally aired only in the Cleveland area during much of its first two years on the air. It then went into syndication in 1963 and remained on television until 1982. It was distributed by Westinghouse Broadcasting and for much of its run, originated from studios of two of the company's TV stations in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

    Dom DeLuise co-hosts; guests include Frank Sinatra Jr., actor James Brolin, comedian Shecky Greene and The Jackson 5. Highlights: The Jackson 5 perform, "It's Too Late To Change The Time" & "Dancing Machine".

    Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Apr 03, 1974

    The Source:
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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    Michael Jackson's "Neverland Charity Event" Interview with Rick Dees
    Published on Mar 19, 2013

    Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 8:45 am, Michael Jackson has personally decided to do an exclusive interview with Rick Dees. Michael has called on the radio in Toronto, Canada, to discuss his "charity event" and its "after party" (after party), both held in his Neverland Ranch Sept. 13, 2003. And the after party 'was broadcast by Radio Kiss will follow the event from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am. Kiss fm awarded 12 lucky winners with free tickets to the party. The other participants paid a ticket for 4 people $ 2500 or $ 725 for a single ticket. A portion of the profits from this event went to the foundation "make a wish foundation", the remaining MJ has donated to other charitable organizations.

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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    The Article:
    "The Once And Future King" by Lisa Bernhard

    TV Guide Michael Jackson Interview - December 4, 1999

    We teamed up with MTV to choose The 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever and it's official: MICHAEL Rules!

    Michael Jackson opens up about his musical legacy, his controversial past and the future.

    "With 'Thriller', Michael smashed musical records and reigned over pop music for a decade. In an exclusice interview, he talks about his place in musical history, his embattled personal life and what’s ahead for him.

    The legend is almost too large to comprehend but never fails to fascinate. How to make sense ofMichael Jackson, a man whose immeasurable talent is often overshadowed by tabloid headlines? The former Jackson 5 lead vocalist rocketed to solo fame with his 1982 album, Thriller (the video of the same name has been declared the greatest ever by TV GUIDE and MTV - see [below]).

    Seated in a New York City hotel suite, the notoriously shy pop star is charismatic and bubbly - a regular guy, even - as he discusses future projects, including an as-yet-untitled CD he describes as "happy dance music, relationship stuff," and a reunion album with his brothers. And then there is "The Nightmare of Edgar Allan Poe", a movie in which he will star as the 19th-century writer. Scheduled to shoot next year, Jackson says he’s doing the film because Poe’s "life is very interesting," adding, without irony, "I love an artist who doesn’t play it safe."

    TV GUIDE: "Thriller" changed music videos forever. Where did you get the idea?

    Michael Jackson: My brother Jackie came to my house and said, "Are you watching this show that's on TV? All they do is play music. It’s MTV." I put it on and thought the concept was very interesting. What I didn’t like were the videos that were a collage of images; I thought that if I were to do one, I would do something with a little more entertainment value. My dream was to make something with a beginning, a middle and an ending, like a short film.

    TV GUIDE: Did you ever imagine that 'Thriller' and the videos from the album would catapult your career into the stratosphere?

    Michael Jackson: I didn’t really think about how the album would do; I just wanted to create what I would enjoy seeing. And my main goal for [the video] "Thriller" was to do something that would be scary, fun and exciting.

    TV GUIDE: How do you look back on that whole era now?

    Michael Jackson:I see it as a happy time and a sad time. And an exciting time. Because it made a lot of my dreams come true. The notoriety was wonderful.

    TV GUIDE: You also said it was a sad time.

    Michael Jackson: Yeah. If I don’t get exactly what I’m looking for, I get very depressed.

    TV GUIDE: You mean the album still didn’t live up to what you had envisioned?

    Michael Jackson: Not completely.

    TV GUIDE: Which songs disappointed you?

    Michael Jackson: "Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’." Songwriting is a very frustrating art form. You have to get on tape exactly what’s playing in your head. When I hear it up here ['points to his head'], it’s wonderful. I have to transcribe that onto tape. "The Girl Is Mine" ['his duet with Paul McCartney'] wasn’t completely what I wanted, but it’s very nice. But "Billie Jean" is there. I worked so hard on that. I worked for three weeks on the bass lick alone.

    TV GUIDE: The glove, the white socks, the red leather jacket - who came up with those things?

    Michael Jackson: The glove was just - I thought one was cooler than two. I love to accent movement. The eye goes to where the white is - you know, the glove. And the feet, if you’re dancing, you can put an exclamation point on your movement if it has a bit of light on it. So I wore the white socks. And for the design of the jacket, I would sit with the people who made the clothes and tell them where I wanted a button or a buckle or a design. But I don’t wear that look anymore. It’s sad to get caught up in the past. That’s why I don’t put awards in my house. No gold records, no Grammys. They’re in storage. I don’t like to be puffed up with pride, ‘cause I’d feel like I don’t have any more things to reach for. And that’s not true.

    TV GUIDE: Do you feel like your most creative period is yet to come?

    Michael Jackson: I think the best work is coming, but I’d like to go into other areas, not keep doing album after pop album.

    TV GUIDE: Are there artists that are doing interesting things musically?

    Michael Jackson: There are some wonderful creative ideas, but I don’t think anybody’s being innovative. They’re mostly grabbing the old and trying to integrate it with the new.

    TV GUIDE: Is there anyone you’d like to work with?

    Michael Jackson: There are a lot of artists I admire, but no.

    TV GUIDE: What is your favorite music?

    Michael Jackson: You’d be shocked. This morning I was singing Rodgers and Hammerstein. That’s the stuff I sing around the house - "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music," and "Absent Minded Me," that Streisand song. I’m also a fan of the great old MGM musicals. I love show tunes. I’m a big fan of melody.

    TV GUIDE: What’s your favorite song to perform?

    Michael Jackson: "Billie Jean," but only when I don’t have to do it the same way. The audience wants a certain thing. I have to do the moonwalk in that spot. ['Laughs'] I’d like to do a different version.

    TV GUIDE: Who’s your audience today?

    Michael Jackson: I don’t know. I just try to write wonderful music; and if they love it, they love it. I don’t think about any demographic. [The record company] tries to get me to think that way, but I just do what I would enjoy hearing.

    TV GUIDE: Is there a new Michael for the new millennium?

    Michael Jackson: Yeah, I have a couple of things planned. I think it’s going to be totally different from what I did before. There’s a song on the new album called "I Have This Dream." It’s a millennium song about the world and the environment that I cowrote with Carole Bayer Sager and David Foster.

    TV GUIDE: Do you think you will tour again?

    Michael Jackson: I don't think so. It takes a lot out of me.

    TV GUIDE: You rarely travel in public without a disguise. Why?

    Michael Jackson: I don’t see any other way. I’ve tried everything. ['Laughs'] Fat suits. Nuns. Clowns. Trick or treat is the best for me. And Mardi Gras.

    TV GUIDE: Do you think you’ll ever be able to walk around freely just as yourself?

    Michael Jackson: I do disguises for different reasons. I like to study people - be like the fly on the wall. Even if it’s two old ladies sitting on a bench or some kids on a swing. Because I don’t know what it’s like to fit in an everyday life situation. One time I was in a record store, completely disguised, and these girls were pulling out my album, talking all about me. I was literally next to them. It was wonderful. I loved it. But if I go out as myself, I can’t have fun. People always say, "Why don’t we just go to a party?" Soon as I step in, the party’s over - for me. It’s a party for them but they’re all putting their cards in my face, saying, " Remember me? I met you four years ago at ..." And I say, "I don’t remember." So I can’t enjoy the experience. They play all my songs. I didn’t come to hear my music. And everybody starts chanting, "Dance!" "Well, I want to see 'you' dance for a change."

    TV GUIDE: Do you think, given all the negative press that you’ve had, that people will judge you solely on your music?

    Michael Jackson: I don’t think so. ‘Cause [the press] has made me out to be this monster, this crazy person who’s bizarre and weird. I’m nothing like that.

    TV GUIDE: Is there anything you can do to change that impression?

    Michael Jackson: Well, all I can do is be myself and create from my soul. But they take that and manipulate it.

    TV GUIDE: But what will make you seem OK to people who think, He’s weird, he has exotic animals in his house or-

    Michael Jackson: God created animals. And they’re loving, they’re beautiful. I feel the way [anthropologist] Jane Goodall does, or any of those naturalists. I don’t find my interest in animals weird or strange at all.

    TV GUIDE: What about the plastic surgery?

    Michael Jackson: All of Hollywood has plastic surgery! I don’t know why they point me out. The press exaggerated it. It’s just to my nose, you know. They want it to be everything. Just the nose isn’t enough. Elvis had his nose done - Lisa Marie ['Presley, to whom Jackson was married from May 1994 to January 1996'] told me. They don’t talk about that. They single me out. It’s not fair.

    TV GUIDE: OK, well, now that you bring up Lisa Marie, I read that you said she regrets not having had your son and that she may still want to have a child with you. Is that true?

    Michael Jackson: Well, I remember that’s how she felt at the time. ['Laughs'] No matter what I say, I’m in trouble with this question- the next issue [of TV GUIDE] will probably say, "Well, Lisa said she doesn’t ever want to see him again!"

    TV GUIDE: Are you two friends now?

    Michael Jackson: Lisa’s sweet. I like her very much, and we are friends. And who knows what tomorrow brings? I have no idea how she feels today. I’ll just say that. She comes to my house and sees the children, and we talk on the phone, that sort of thing.

    TV GUIDE: Do you think you’ll marry again?

    Michael Jackson: That would be nice.

    TV GUIDE: What would make the third time the charm?

    Michael Jackson: It just has to hit me. You have to see that person and go, "This is it. This is the one."

    TV GUIDE: Did you feel that way with both of your marriages? [Jackson’s second wife, Debbie Rowe, whom he wed in November 1996, filed for divorce in October 1999.]

    Michael Jackson: Yeah. Of course.

    TV GUIDE: Do you wish you were still married?

    Michael Jackson: Yeah, I do. But you have to do what’s best. What happens happens. You have to respect that.

    TV GUIDE: Who are your closest friends?

    Michael Jackson: Elizabeth [Taylor], for sure. We go to the movies every Thursday.

    TV GUIDE: You go to a regular movie theater?

    Michael Jackson:: I want to go to the Warner Bros. studio, and she refuses. She says, "No, I’m getting you out." So we go right into this area- which I can’t say - and walk right in. And it’s usually empty, because [most] people are working at the time. [The theater employees] go, " Wow, come on in," and we never really pay. And we’re the ones that can afford it. ['Laughs']

    TV GUIDE: Let’s talk about your kids [Prince Michael, 2, and Paris Katherine, 1]. I have to ask about this business in the papers recently about you and Debbie not being the biological parents of your children - that she was implanted with another woman’s egg and then impregnated by artificial insemination.

    Michael Jackson: That’s total garbage. It’s just trash and not true.

    TV GUIDE: Do the kids live with you at Neverland?

    Michael Jackson: They were at Neverland two weeks ago. I think they realized for the first time that it’s their home. They used to always think it was some hotel resort. We stay in hotels everywhere. They didn’t realize that the train and the train station are for them, and those rides are for them. Now they go, " We want to go to Neverland!"

    TV GUIDE: What are their personalities like?

    Michael Jackson: Prince tells me all day that he has to make movies. So I bought him this video camera, I say, "What are we doing this time?" He goes, "Star Wars." So we put some figures on the table, make them move. And Paris is just now starting to talk and walk. She’s very sweet. And I’m surprised she loves dolls. My sister Janet didn’t like that sort of thing. She was a tomboy. I thought [Paris] was going to be like that, but she isn’t.

    TV GUIDE: And you’re changing their diapers and feeding them?

    Michael Jackson: Yeah, I love it. It’s a lot of work. I thought I was prepared ‘cause I read everything about child rearing, but it’s so much more exciting than I ever imagined it would be. The only regret I have is that I wish I had done it earlier.

    TV GUIDE: Do you sing and dance for them?

    Michael Jackson: That’s how I keep them quiet it they’re crying. If I just start dancing, they shut down.

    TV GUIDE: Do you want to have more kids?

    Michael Jackson: Definitely. I told my father [Joe] I’m going to match his record. He had 10.

    TV GUIDE: What is your relationship with your father like now? You were estranged from him for a while.

    Michael Jackson: I have the best relationship now that I’ve ever had with him. I think with age and time he’s really mellowed out to become a nice person. He’ll simply say to me, "How are you doing? Are you eating? That’s all I wanted to know." Not, "Did you sign that contract?" He just wants to know if I’m OK. I think that’s really nice ... And my mother [Katherine] is like the perfect angel.

    TV GUIDE: At 41, are you happy?

    Michael Jackson: Well, I usually am happy. I don’t let anything get me down, no matter what. I like to hear the sound of water and birds chirping and laughter, you know. I love all the real, natural, innocent things. I would never go to a party or a club. I did that when I was a kid, and I don’t care to do that anymore.

    TV GUIDE: I found it jarring to read a recent quote in which you said that if it weren’t for your desire to help the children of the world, you’d throw in the towel and kill yourself. Do you really feel that way?

    Michael Jackson: I always have. ‘Cause I would feel I have nothing to live for.

    TV GUIDE: Not even for yourself and your own creativity?

    Michael Jackson: I wouldn’t care. Everything I create is inspired by that kind of innocence. And nature, it’s everything. It has to be. I mean, that’s it.

    (We excerpt here the introduction and interview from the article.)

    The Article Source:
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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    Behind The Scenes Outakes with Michael Jackson and Oprah (Interview 1993)

    Some awesome raw footage filmed after the Oprah interview has been making the rounds. He's watching the interview in his bedroom with Oprah, Liz and Debbie (sitting on his bed).
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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    (Young Michael Jackson - Far left)

    The Euroweb Blog Article:
    "Smokey Robinson Gets Personal in Interview About Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson & Motown (Never Before Seen Interview)
    Jun 17, 13 by EurPublisher

    Smokey Robinson is a living legend that has been inducted into the Rock- N-Roll Hall of Fame … TWICE!
    He was instrumental in the success of Motown’s Hitsville USA as both an artist and a songwriter. Robinson produced some of the greatest hits of all time including: “Who’s Loving You“ by The Jackson 5 and “My Girl“ by The Temptations as well as his own hits: “Tracks of My Tears,” and “Cruisin.”

    EURweb associate Cherise “CNikky” Nicole sat down with Mr. Robinson for a very special Never Before Seen Interview!

    This weekend, Motown creator, Berry Gordy, appeared on “Oprah’s Master Class.”
    Gordy spoke about the moment he met Smokey Robinson and the first song Smokey wrote and recorded for Motown called ‘I Got A Job.’ CNikky spoke with Smokey Robinson last November and surprised him by singing a duet of his first hit!
    Robinson shared the story behind his first song, as well as how he feels about America’s current recession and President Obama. The charming Mr. Robinson also shared some of his fondest memories of his friends, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Dick Clark, Diana Ross, Don Cornelius and The Miracles.

    What was the history behind your first hit:

    “The history behind that is… that’s the first record that the Miracles and I ever made ever! And I wrote that song in answer to a song called ‘Get A Job,’ by a group named The Silhouettes and ‘Get A Job’ was the #1 record in the world at that time. So I was trying to find a song that we could record and so I wrote it and Berry Gordy recorded it on us. This is before he started Motown even. And so that was the first record The Miracles and I ever made called ‘I Got A Job.”

    Smokey Robinson Talks About Marvin Gaye:

    “Marvin Gaye was my brother brother. We hung out all the time, almost every day. We did a lot of things together. Marvin Gaye was one of the greatest singers to ever live as far as I’m concerned. Cause like I said, Marvin was like my brother. When I was recording a song with Marvin , it got to the point where, if my session was going to start at 8 o’clock, I’d tell Marvin it would start at 6:30 cause I knew he was going to be late. And when told him 8 he was still late! He’d come running in there ‘Oh Smoke man I’m sorry, I had to so and so.’ But anyway, I didn’t mind because, I would show Marvin my songs and I would either sing it or I had it on tape or something for him. And he would proceed to sing my song like he knew it before he got there. Like he had written it, like he wrote it before I did or something. I used to tell him all the time, ‘Hey Man You Marvinized my song.’ Cause that brother would do stuff with your song that you never dared to dream of vocally. He was awesome!”
    “Honestly, this was an interview I will always cherish.

    Thanks Smokey Robinson!” — CNikky

    Smokey talks Michael Jackson, Dick Clark, Diana Ross, Don Cornelius and The Miracles !

    Smokey Robinson & Miracles

    Watch BOTH interviews below:

    The Article Source:
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    Exclamation Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    Amy Winehouse's talks Michael Jackson Confessions (Interview Early 2011)

    There's a wonderful quote from Amy that I want to share, regarding Michael Jackson. I love that she was a real true fan.

    ďYou know how you either grow up in a Michael Jackson house or a Prince house?Ē says Winehouse, whose accent reveals her north London roots.

    ďFor me it was Michael Jackson. I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him. I donít care what people say about him now because heís a ****ing genius.

    Thatís it Ė the end! He was robbed of his childhood, which is why he surrounds himself with children.

    When youíre around kids you can be a little kid yourself and pretend that life is magic and you donít have to be one of those sweaty people going to work every day.

    I completely see what heís doing.Ē
    ~ Amy Winehouse

    ~ RIP, Amy ~ September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011 ~

    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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    Default Re: The Michael Jackson Interviews Thread

    The Blog Article:

    Soul Magazine Exclusive interview with Michael Jackson August 10th, 1970!

    The Photo Source:

    "My real goal is to fulfill Godís purpose." - Michael Jackson

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