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Thread: Michael Jackson's artistic and humanitarian legacy 2012

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    Thumbs up Michael Jackson's artistic and humanitarian legacy 2012

    The editorial team of MJ Truth Now would like to extend holiday greetings to you and your families. MJ Truth Now's purpose is to promote awareness regarding the media's unethical and denigrating coverage of Michael Jackson. We also try to keep you informed about projects that promote Michael Jackson's artistic and humanitarian legacy. We have tried to stay true to that mission throughout the year.

    The year has brought media coverage of controversial Jackson family actions, a failed Howard Mann lawsuit against the Estate, and of Randall Sullivan's bloated and lackluster, tabloid sourced Michael Jackson biography. These things can sow dissent and emotional reaction in the Michael Jackson community which can divide us if we allow it.

    There have also been many terrific events celebrating Michael's achievements and influence as an artist and icon. 2012 brought episodes of "Glee" and "Dancing With The Stars" featuring the music of Michael Jackson with the "Glee" episode getting the highest ratings to date. The "Bad 25" Pepsi campaign had us all searching stores around the world for a can of Pepsi with Michael's image. Some of us may have even scored the life-sized cutout of Michael from the ad campaign or were tempted to chase a Pepsi truck. Early summer saw the release of the single "Don't Be Messin' Round" exclusively at Walmart.

    September, "Bad 25" was released in celebration of the 1987 release of the world's fifth highest selling album of all time. It was the first album to ever have five number one singles and has sold nearly 45 million copies. The collection included many new demos recorded during the "Bad" era, a DVD of the July 16, 1988 Wembley Stadium concert recorded live before Prince Charles and Princess Diana along with live audio of the concert. These

    new songs will become part of the catalog of songs that we love as they show the artist in his various stages of creativity.

    As part of the ongoing celebration of all things "Bad," the Spike Lee directed documentary chronicling the making of the "Bad" album, "Bad 25" was released in select theaters. It was shown on U.S. television on November 22nd and then in various countries around the world. Garnering nearly universal acclaim by critics, it received standing ovations at three different film festivals. It is an important piece of history that shows the true character, work ethic, humor and genius of Michael which the media has tried to suppress. It will be available on DVD in February of 2013.

    Michael Bush's book, "King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson" was released in November and tells the story of Michael as fashion icon.

    The academic world expanded their study of Michael Jackson as artist and businessman at several universities around the country this fall as well. This month, the Dance Heritage Coalition added Michael to its venerable list of dance treasures. The coalition chose the original 100 dance-world icons in 1999 and hasn't added anyone to the list since. This year they have chosen only twelve with Michael among them.

    Perhaps as important as these things are, it is Michael's continuing impact on his fans, both long-time and new, which is also important. It is in the words of current music star Bruno Mars, "I feel like he set the bar for artists. Any artist, I don't care what genre you do, you should always aspire to be like Michael Jackson.

    "Because the details, the attention to detail he did on everything he did, everything he was a part of, you can look at what made him so iconic, the glove, the hat, the dancing, the music videos, the way he sang when he sang, everything he did was Michael Jackson, and he just kind of stamped that on the world."

    Michael's music continues to be a unifier. The players in the Washington Redskins locker room couldn't agree on what music should be played in the locker room before and after practice. Pierre Garcon, Redskins player, came up with a compromise - play Michael Jackson's music.

    "I think the other kind of tunes that were in the locker room, the language was not the best," Garcon laughed, trying to find a delicate way to put it. "But Michael Jackson is good all around. Everybody likes it, from young guys to older guys and everybody can relate to it. It's feel-good music. You know, guys enjoy it and remember the days they heard those songs, and the dances and the videos. It's all-around good music."

    His influence lives in the lives of two young friends, Hannah and Candice, both 21. Hannah's best friend, Candice, experienced kidney failure and required dialysis twice weekly for the past few years. Hannah loves Michael Jackson and his music and passed on that love to Candice who is now a member of the MJ Community. This week Hannah donated a

    kidney to Candice. The first thing Hannah wanted was to have Michael's

    music in her hospital room when she woke up. Her sister made sure of it because she is also a Michael fan. Candice's body accepted Hannah's kidney and they are both home now and doing well and will be dancing to Michael's music very soon.

    The love of Michael and his music are in the words of another young friend, Leila, age 9. She loves all things Michael and really

    wanted the Michael Jackson theme basket featured in a local charitable organization's theme basket raffle. Her grandmother spent $50.00 on raffle tickets and Leila was lucky enough to win! She tells her grandmother that the next time they go to California, she wants to see Michael's resting place. She expressed the hope that the bad doctor was punished for not taking care of Michael. Leila said that if she would have been there with Michael she would have taken great care of Michael. Her grandmother assured her that Murray was currently in jail.

    Michael inspires countless acts of charity and charitable contributions around the world. One project is the Everland Children's Home opening on Christmas Day in Liberia. Donations were collected from fans around the world in the name of Michael Jackson for this wonderful project.

    There are many things to celebrate about Michael and his twin legacies of artistry and humanitarianism. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait has put together a very special video that is shared here. No matter how much we may disagree on some things in the Michael Jackson community, we must never forget that we were brought together by our love for Michael Jackson.

    In the words of the video's creator, this video was created "to bring a very special holiday message to our entire community; one of peace, love and harmony. We were all brought together by our love for one remarkable man, Michael Jackson. This message is meant to inspire us to be the strong fan-mily unit that he would have wanted us to be. Please share this video with your friends so the entire MJ Community can see it."

    Happy Holidays!


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    Default Re: Michael Jackson's artistic and humanitarian legacy 2012

    ^^Beautiful. It is like saying there is more keeping us together than pulling us apart. We really had some wonderful experiences this year!!!

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson's artistic and humanitarian legacy 2012

    So many wonderful MJ experiences we had this year! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

    Made by Starlight

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