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Thread: Signed MJ Shoes Stolen From Auction

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    Default Signed MJ Shoes Stolen From Auction

    (21-1-2013) On Sunday morning, a pair of shoes worn and signed by Michael Jackson and the certificate of authenticity that went with them were stolen from an auction at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia (USA). The shoes were set to be auctioned off for charity to help women and girls battling cancer at the 19th annual 'Hair O´ the Dog' gala with about 2,000 people in attendance on Saturday night. Shortly after 6 p.m. on Sunday, auction officials announced that the shoes were located after someone found them.

    According to city police, who responded to the hotel around 2 a.m., hotel security was watching the room with the shoes in it when security officers left to handle an unknown incident at the other end of the hallway. When the guards returned, the signed loafers were gone. Security scoured the hotel, but came up empty handed. At first organizers of the charity event thought they were dealing with a smooth criminal but not so much. Martino Cartier, a famous South Jersey hairstylist, salon owner and the founder of 'Friends are by Your Side', which provides wigs to cancer patients and grants wishes to young girls fighting the disease, explained:

    "Apparently someone picked the shoes up and they were drunk. They went outside, they went to find a ride to the after party, they hopped in a limo with a bunch of girls and they were so drunk they forgot them."

    "Hair O´ the Dog" organizer Dan Cronin says someone else found the shoes in the limo and contacted him after the story appeared in the news.

    "Thank you Action News! God bless America and I'm so grateful that more people now will know about Friends are by Your Side - all because this happened," said Cartier.

    Meanwhile Cartier blames the security of the hotel where the charity event took place but the hotel wouldn't comment. Police were looking into the theft but Cartier says he no longer wants to press charges.


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    Default Re: Signed MJ Shoes Stolen From Auction

    OK. A drunk person picked up the shoes & took it to a limo. Why I do not know. Well all's well that ends well.

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    Default Re: Signed MJ Shoes Stolen From Auction

    I'm glad to see God's watching over the charity of Michael.

    Now that everything's cool, it's kinda laughable...drunk guy..15 minutes..
    In Love of Money Land(Branca,sony,mainstream media), it's always a pride and snowy day.

    And, remember when the king of pop fired John Branca? It doesn't just... go away.

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    Default Re: Signed MJ Shoes Stolen From Auction

    security should definitely be held responsible for that ..what if they didn't find those shoes..there would of been alot of woman and girls that would of been very disappointed. I wouldn't trust them to watch a piece of lint after this..smdh
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