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I don't think I read before that they found the Wembley film footage, but if it's true it was too late to include with BAD25 unless they delayed it.

They chose Wembley because it was the concert that fans were crying out for. the MJ Estate listened but they had to compromise on the video quality because (according to them) they didn't have a good film source at the time, so they worked with what they had, but unfortunately the fans weren't happy with that either. If they had released another BAD concert in HD quality fans would have moaned that it wasn't Wembley.
It was mentioned in a different thread regarding the estate apparently finding more film footage. Yes, the fans did petition Wembley, that's why the expectation was high. several fans were disappointed due to the low video quality after waiting 25 years for a release. On top of that, we see HD Bad tour footage included in the documentary. Wembley july 16 was mainly chosen because of Lady Diana. July 15 could have been released just as easily (TWYMMF looked better than the rest of the show). If a different show was released in HD no one would care that it was Wembley or not. Some projects I agree with, others I don't.