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Thread: Paris Jackson Thread--"I'm constantly learning from my journeys."

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    Default Re: Paris Jackson Thread--"I'm constantly learning from my journeys."

    I personally don't blame people for wondering about the biology of PPB but there is a way to explore curiosity without being disrespectful..
    **He lives forever within us**

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    Default Re: Paris Jackson Thread--"I'm constantly learning from my journeys."

    Quote Originally Posted by redfrog View Post
    You really don't understand the difference? Asexual men are not scared of women or unable to have sex with them they simply have little to no interest in having sex with anyone, not just women, anyone. What do you think they want to achieve with headlines like this?

    Former child star claims he's Paris Jackson's biological father, says Michael Jackson was "scared" of women
    The full context of that quote:

    He also claims Jackson had been scared off women for many reasons, one of which is said to be the trauma he experienced after being propositioned by Madonna in her hotel bedroom.

    Lester explains: ‘When he entered the room, she was in bed, threw the covers off and was completely naked. He took one look at her and screamed and ran away — not something I’d have done!’
    Not that I believe any of Lester's nonsense, but it takes a huge quantum leap from this to jump to the conclusion that MJ was a "boylover" pedophile. Some might (but then those people probably have other reasons to jump to that conclusion - like believing 20 years of media propaganda). Others might jump to the conclusion that he was gay (again, as a result of certain prejudice re. MJ, how he looked etc). Others might jump to the same conclusion that you have about MJ, that he was asexual. And others might simply jump to the conclusion that he just wasn't attracted to certain women (Madonna, Rowe). And those with a little sense will just see through Lester's nonsense and won't take anything they read in a rag seriously.

    This has been going on since MJ died and has got plenty of attention even on mainstream US and UK TV. Talking about overreaction let's put things in perspective: Paris picked a totally unnecessary fight with his ex boyfriend over "child porn, another unnecessary fight with a photographer, posted "protest photos" over armpit hair uses the F word left and right but somehow she cannot tell this pathological liar to put up or shut up and stop slandering her father. You don't know whether it would change anything if she at least tried. But she doesn't even try. You don't find that strange? If Lester was saying these things about your father for 8 years would you just ignore it?
    Paris already said plenty of times that MJ was her bio dad. I didn't see that change anyone's opinion who thought otherwise. In fact, it resulted in a backlash at and mocking of Paris. So past experience does not tell me that her telling Lester to shut up 1) will really shut him up, 2) will make people believe that MJ is her bio dad if they are sceptical about that. It never worked, what makes you think it would work this time?

    I spend way more time talking to people who are not fans than posting here, no need for more websites there's plenty of online material about this issue. It's not just the allegations, Lester's lies fuel other hateful narratives about MJ: that he wanted to be white, he didn't want black kids, he was just plain nuts, he lied effortlessly even to his kids. You spent a lot of time and effort here and LSA bashing Shana for her innuendos and cynical jabs even though she only got tabloid attention for a short period but let's not talk about another leech spreading bullshit for 8 years including on ABC and ITV? How do you choose which liar do you "overreact" to?
    LOL @ your making up things about me. I haven't commented on Shana here for months. On LSA I very sporadically comment about Shana. Last I commented on her on LSA was on May 13 in a short three-line comment. Before that on May 10 in a two-line comment. Before that on April 24 in a three line comment posting her latest upload about MJ (Ghosts). I usually comment on her and usually briefly when she uploads a new video. Then I quickly lose interest in her again and move on to other topics. I am not ranting about her 24/7, I am not obsessing about her, I do not focus 99% of my activity on MJ boards around her. So let's not act like my relationship with the Shana topic is the same as yours with the allegations because that's just ridiculous.

    And BTW the problem is not your interest in the allegations, I have my interest in defending MJ as well. It's good if fans learn about the allegations and know what they talk about when they talk about them. But the constantly ranting, blaming, demanding, argumentative style you display is a turn off. You are always bashing someone whether for not defending MJ or not defending him effectively or not doing this or that, but don't you see how your style isn't the best way to defend MJ either? That to someone from the general public angry rants like in this thread would just rainforce the "crazy, unhinged MJ fanatics" idea? Just like the fact that you derail so many threads in this direction by constantly bringing up the allegations and going on about them even in threads that have nothing to do with the allegations. Frankly, that just makes you look overly obsessed with the topic.

    If you want to do something about the allegations then do something productive (these rants aren't) - and make sure you don't sound like a crazy fanatic at that. Because that's an immediate turn off for people even if you would have good arguments.
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    Default Re: Paris Jackson Thread--"I'm constantly learning from my journeys."

    My reaction to the last few pages of this thread TBH:

    The media (and people in general) needs to leave Prince, Paris, Bigi (that's what he calls himself now right?), and their daddy alone because despite what some think it's obvious that Michael is and will always be dad TO THEM, and that's all that matters.
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    Default Re: Paris Jackson Thread--"I'm constantly learning from my journeys."

    Paris Jackson, Nicole Kidman Among Presenters for CFDA Awards [Pret-a-Reporter Inbox]
    This year's list of presenters for the 2017 Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards is stacked with A-listers. Among those headed to The Manhattan Center's Hammerstein Ballroom on June 5 are Nicole Kidman (presenting womenswear designer of the year), Armie Hammer (presenting menswear designer of the year), Paris Jackson (presenting accessories designer of the year) and Kerry Washington (presenting the Swarovski award for emerging talent). Anna Wintour will also present a fashion icon award to the late Franca Sozzani, a former colleague of Wintour's and longtime editor in chief of Vogue Italia until her death in December.


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