This is a thread we are doing on another board ( What are your favourite albums from each decade since the 1950s (Do earlier decades if you want, as "Albums" made up of 4 to 10 x 78rpm records in leather jackets exist.

Just two small rules 1. No Michael Jackson, Jacksons, Jackson 5, any other solo music by another Jackson including Janet, Jermaine, Marlon etc or 3T albums, mainly as we know you love most of these and the idea is to see what other artists you love. Also this stops everyone choosing predictable stuff (Eg all the 1960s albums will be Diana Ross presents the Jackson 5 as it was released 4 seconds before 1970). This includes imitations like the Happy Chipmunks sing Michael Jacksons greatest hits.

2. Please no greatest hits type albums or greatest hits with 4 or less new songs included. Same goes for albums that have multiple artists like "20 Solid gold hits", "Super 80s mix", "Thats what I call Music", "99 Madrigal and Lute Favourites by the Gino Marinello Orchestra" type stuff. Also as many different countries had different types of these albums, and almost always these albums have songs faded out before they end to squeeze on more songs and have at least 3 or 4 filler tracks.

Also if we try and list albums by decade, to when they were known, so we don't get disputes over an album released in November of 1979, hitting in 1980 being labelled a 70s or 80s album.

Live albums are fine, same with movie soundtracks, as long as they are primarily one artist.
Also if the artist/group is fairly well known - Had some chart action and not some local act only known in a single town or region.

To start it off here are mine

1950s - Here's Little Richard, Little Richard 1957
1960s - Are you experienced, Jimi Hendrix Experience 1967
1970s - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John 1973
1980s - Sign o the Times, Prince 1987
1990s - Erotica, Madonna 1992
2000s - 3121, Prince 2006
2010s - Hit n Run Phase 2, Prince 2015

Have fun, I can not wait to see your choices, if it helps on, my choices were mostly Michael Jackson.