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Thread: New one episode special to premiere on Oxygen about the trial. [MERGED]

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    Default Re: New one episode special to premiere on Oxygen about the trial.

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel of Light View Post
    I'm relieved that this will not be another REELZ production. That channel should be renamed the Tabloid Channel with all the rubbish they have on there.

    Anyway, we can speculate all we want, but we won't know until it airs unfortunately. I'll wait until after it airs to watch it so I can read reviews. If it is negative, I can save myself the time and anger.

    I hope someday a movie, series, or documentary reenactment of the trial using the transcripts will be produced.

    Can anyone confirm that there was another show that aired on Sunday about Michael on the Reelz channel? I read that there was (by someone in here), but am having difficulty trying to locate it...


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    Default Re: New one episode special to premiere on Oxygen about the trial. [MERGED]

    I agree should have been more hours there was alot in this case and it could have gave the ppls more of a chance to see what really happen. This family was only after money and the only way to get it was to lie. Because as you can see the jury did not believe them. You know Chris i wish somebody would really come our and tell this story because the ppls today believe what the media have told then which is all lies they mind was made up from day one. As we can see the LAPD mess this case up too all lies no truth. It was plain to see why the jury came back with a not guilty verdict the evidence that the state brought was week.

    Maybe one day the world will see who the real Michael Jackson was and his compassion and love for this world and all he wanted was peace.

    Another Part Of Me Michael You Will Always Be In My Heart.

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    Default Re: New one episode special to premiere on Oxygen about the trial. [MERGED]

    Just watched it. All you need to know about Ray Hultman is the following quote at about 33.40 "I did'nt feel I got an opportunity to stress that we might still be able to GET HIM on these 4 misdemeanor charges". Very telling choice of words. Rather than coming from a standpoint of Innocent until proven guilty, Juror no.1 Ray, was and still is ignoring the evidence. The 4 misdemeanor charges were proven beyond doubt to be false in the courtroom just based on the timeline alone. Also by several witnesses evidence of the arviso's behavior when michael wasnt even present at neverland. The women jurors in the program are more secure and convincing in expressing their views. None of which felt the need to describe themselves as conservative (or liberal) as Ray did at the start. That alone suggests a certain mindset from the start. Hultman still has a problem with his views and its called a complete lack of evidence.
    Tom Mesereau also nails it when he explains that he asked Gavin why he was upset wit Micheal. Gavin goes on a long rant of reasons but fails to mention anything about molestation. Case closed right there!!

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