it was released as the sixth single on July 11, 1988 for the singer's third studio album, Bad (1987). The song was originally featured in Jackson's 1986 3D film Captain EO. It is the sixth song on the album. The song also appeared as a dance attack and level song for the later revisions of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker video game (originally the first revision used excerpts of Thriller).

As with earlier songs in his career such as "Can You Feel It" and "We Are the World", the lyrics emphasize global unity, love and outreach.

The song was also featured in the trailer for Jackson's 1988 film Moonwalker.

Music video
An official video was released in 1988, directed by Patrick Kelly, featuring Jackson performing the song live during his Bad World Tour. The film footage was taken on July 16 at Wembley Stadium with soundtrack mixed from live multitrack recording taken on the same day, with additional footage from June 27–28 show at Parc des Princes in Paris. It is featured on the DVD Michael Jackson's Vision and the Target version DVD of Bad 25.

Live performance

"Another Part of Me" was performed on the second leg of the Bad World Tour with an extra instrumental section added at the end which was only briefly heard at the end of the single. In the USA portion of the second leg, it was played at the same speed as the original but with some instruments altered. In the Europe portion of the second leg, it was played much more quickly than the original single. A live version of the song is available on the DVD Live at Wembley July 16, 1988. A snippet of the song was used for the "This Is It" concerts during the song "Jam", but the shows were cancelled, due to his sudden death.