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Thread: From Red To White: The Thriller Jacket (Short Story)

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    Default From Red To White: The Thriller Jacket (Short Story)

    From Red To White:
    The Thriller Jacket

    Michael Bush a fashion designer has just finish a red Thriller jacket that will illuminate for the upcoming Dangerous Tour.

    “Finally, it’s finished, I’ll go get Michael and show him the jacket.” Bush thought, the he left his room to go find Michael Jackson.

    A few hours later, someone entered the room through the window and floats mid-air, that person is Marceline, the Vampire Queen who travelled around from the Land of Ooo, then she notices the Thriller jacket that glows red,

    “Hmm...I never seen cool jacket before. And it glows red.” Marceline said to herself,

    “Well, bottoms up.”, the she extends her fangs and sucks up the colour red making the red Thriller jacket white glowing white light around the jacket.

    “Uh oh.”, Marceline gasp as she heard someone coming back to the room, she floats towards the window, closed it and left. Michael Bush returned with Michael Jackson.

    “I can’t wait to see it light up for the Dangerous Tour.” MJ said,

    “I would never disappoint you didn’t I? Bush asked as he opens the door,

    “What the?” MJ gasped, Seeing the Thriller jacket is white instead of red, then. Bush turned and saw the jacket,

    “Crap!”, Bush was shocked then he started to panic,

    “Michael, I’m so sorry, it was supposed to be red I swear, I don’t know how the jacket was white, but...” Bush tried to explain, but,

    “I love it!” MJ said glee with joy,


    “This is perfect for the tour, the fans will see me better in the dark this way. I don’t how it’s white, but this is...just...perfect.” MJ said, Bush then started to smile,

    “I don’t know how either, but I’m glad you love it.”

    And that’s how the Thriller jacket became white and used for Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour all thanks to Marceline.


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