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Wait a minute! How do know who all is "screwed up" and to generalized all the grand kids like that? I am sure you are from a 100% perfect family. Not. The Jacksons have problems like EVERYONE and I do not doubt some things happens as with ALL FAMILIES but again the judgemental of a whole family part of all this is what gets me. And I agree Janet did stand by MJ when he needed. I remember Chris Darden asked the question "I am surprise Janet is there with him at his trial"? Huh. I almost went through the tv and tell him "that is her brother. She does not care about what you think". But she was there and with all of them. If they would not have been there, you would have had some fans finding fault in that as well. I know at the end of the Jackson can careless what anyone think especially on a computer to people whom they do not know.
Okay, maybe I was too harsh. All families are dysfunctional to a degree, mine included. And I don't know what it's like inside the Jackson circle, since I've never met any of them, despite loving all of their work.

I just don't see any reason why Janet would be interested in Michael Jackson's wealth. She has done very well for herself, and she's still making lots of money at age 52. Now, the rest of her family might be interested in Michael's money, because none of them are as successful as Michael and Janet are.