Description: "Michael Jackson is without a shadow of a doubt the blueprint of modern pop music. Laying the groundwork of what it means to be a pop entertainer,from his iconic glove and moonwalk to Thriller,which still stands as the greatest selling album of all time with a 34x platinum certification and everything in between. It is undeniable and indisputable that Michael Jackson gave birth to what we know as modern entertainment as a whole. From music to short films to movies to merchandise,few set the standard as earth shattering as Michael did. With music,Michael not only set production trends,but the foundations of true showmanship. Michael Jackson still stands as the greatest male entertainer of all time.
With this edit,I used an already created musical piece from the YouTube user "mypancakeplaces" using the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack song Innocent Moon,along with other soundbites from various sources,including Michael's electrifying videography. This video is a tribute to the gravity Michael defied in music for five decades,from being a member of the Jackson 5 all the way up until his untimely death rehearsing for the This Is It concerts in 2009. My goal was to stray away from most of the clips used from the original editor,only re-using certain clips where it fit the best,updated in higher definition compared to the original 2006 clip. I plan on making a second part to this clip featuring Janet Jackson as she also plays a huge role in crafting modern pop as a whole along with her brother Michael."