View Poll Results: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

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  • "I'm in Love Again" by Minnie Riperton

    0 0%
  • "Say Say Say" by Paul McCartney

    0 0%
  • "The Man" by Paul McCartney

    0 0%
  • "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell

    1 16.67%
  • "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good to Be True)" by Jermaine Jackson

    2 33.33%
  • "Whatzupwitu" by Eddie Murphy

    0 0%
  • "To Satisfy You" by Bryan Loren

    1 16.67%
  • "Why" by 3T

    1 16.67%
  • "Fly Away" by Rebbie Jackson

    1 16.67%
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Thread: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

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    Default Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    Title says it all! What is the best song that Michael is featured on?

    Only songs where Michael is prominently listed as a featured artist count -- simple backing vocals or production credits don't!

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    Default Re: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    I must say I really love "To Satisfy You" since the first time I heard it. Rebbie's version of "Fly Away" is awesome as well. I was never the biggest "Say Say Say"-fan to be honest

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    Default Re: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    1) Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)- Michael and Jermaine had their issues, but they had incredible chemistry. Their voices just go together very well. This song is very good and I'm glad it was performed at the Victory Tour.

    2) To Satisfy You- Love the funk and MJ vocals are heavenly. A shame he never recorded the whole song.

    3) Watzupwithu- A really cute song and Michael's parts are so infectious and catchy. I even like the music video lol.

    4) The Man- Hands down the best Michael and Paul collaboration. Mike & Paul didn't have the best chemistry but this song is really good and I love the message of the song. A shame that it isn't as well known as their other collaborations.

    5) Why- I hate 3T's nasally vocals and Michael is obviously the highlight of the song. A shame he gave this song away to 3T as I wouldn't have mind seeing this song on HIStory.

    6) Someday Watching Me- Like above, I hate the vocals of Rockwell. He is such a bad singer. Michael's part though is heavenly. One of his best vocal performances imo. A shame he isn't credited on the song, as SME reached the top 10 and Michael doesn't get the credit for it, even though it only went to top 10 because of him.

    7) Say Say Say- An extremely overrated song. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Never heard I'm in Love Again or Rebbie's version of Fly Away, so can't rank them.

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    Default Re: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    Scream because it's iconic and it was Michael and Janet teaming up in Michael's darkest hour with Janet supporting her big brother. Plus Janet still slays the song on tour (although I wish they would have performed it together once before he died).

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    Default Re: Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    Great thread dude! I always wonder why people want Michael on their song because he will inevitably out shine you. I have 4 stand outs, if I were pushed to pick one I would say Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming

    Say Say Say, a cool song if not trapped in the 80's love hearing two of my hero's on the same song. I love the harmonies on the word baby. The video was cool

    Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming, great song Mike and Jermaine sound awesome together. I always feel bad for Jermaine though because Michael steals the show, his vocals are so rich and captivating on that song.
    I wish Mike and Stevie had done this for the Bad album instead of Just Good Friends, that would have been one of the greatest duet's in history

    Get It, two of the greatest artists in history battling it out for a woman's affection, does it get any better? Love it, the adlibs are a highlight, the rawness of Mike's vocals are cool (they sound very James Brown) the funky Stevie Production lends itself to Mike's vocals perfectly on this

    Why, a smooth RnB track, 3T harmonise well on this and it was a big hit, the video was nice as well. I do wish Michael would have done more soulful RnB in the 90's because he was so good at it and the tone of voice suits it so well. Probably Why, Tease Me and Anything are their best tracks
    I always hoped there would be a solo demo of this track but I doubt it, I'll just have to wait for his version of Joy to be released

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