I've once again decided to give the YouTube thing a try and make content based around the many artists that I'm a fan of. At the moment I've only made three videos for the channel but I am planning on so much more amazing stuff for the channel. I chose the name Danny Fandom in tribute to the Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom created by Butch Hartman,as well as the fact that it's a name that covers a broad spectrum of more than just one artist (i.e. making a specifically Michael or Janet related channel). My most recent video is a rant about Sony Music/The Michael Jackson Estate. I must warn that there is strong vulgarity throughout the video and if you can't handle that kind of content,I'd suggest you don't watch period. Hope you enjoy my videos and please subscribe if you wish to stay tuned for more of my future content,which will have many Michael/Janet related videos.