My fic is a bit too long to post in forum style so I'm dropping the link instead.

Book 1:
"It's an adventure, it's a great adventure. There's nothing to be nervous about. They just want wonderful experiences. We want to take them places that they've never been before. We want to show them talent like they've never seen before. We're putting love back into the world. To remind the world that love is important... love is important. We love each other... We're all ONE."

Quinn is a young dreamer who manages to land a job working for Michael Jackson's Bad World Tour. Along the way she goes on a multitude of adventures and befriends the king of pop himself. Through him she learns to challenge limitations and see the world in a new way. Join her on this epic journey.

Book 2:
Four years after the Bad World Tour, Quinn finds herself back on the road with Michael once more. The Dangerous Tour is set into motion with lessons and adventures on every corner. Together they push through trials and tribulations never experienced before and witness wonders never seen before. Join her as she continues the adventure.