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That not trivial details, but conclusions from judgements in France.

That wrong, there were no case to have won or not, there were no trial, just a settlement between two parties, also there are no percentage from sales, according Dibango himself, it was just 1 millions francs, more or less 200 000 dollars, so not lot of money.



Après plusieurs années de négociations avec les représentants de Michael Jackson, les deux parties vont trouver un terrain d’entente avec la signature en 1986, d’un accord d’indemnisation. Manu Dibango et son éditeur recevront chacun un montant de 1 million de francs. L’artiste camerounais renoncera par la même occasion à ses droits sur la chanson « wanna be startin’ something », mais gardera le contrôle sur les futures reprises ou adaptations de « soul makossa ».
I use the term ‘case’ broadly, meaning I refer to the whole Dibango/MJ conflict.

Dibango is not allowed to reveal what he fully got (from MJ) because that was part of their financial settlement.

Also, these several articles that you posted cannot have full access to the details of that settlement.

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So explain why he have chosen to not come to the final judgment and let this "win" to be lost ? Because maybe you don't know but he have lost the right to have this special credit, again see my links; and the credits don't mean there are a plagiarism or not (it was not the question during the trial), but more if MJ or should have warned Dibango about the futur use of the famous "mama say..." in new songs, and if that not breaks their deal; if you want the judgement have just cut the apple in two with the credits in France, but with no financial compensation, no money, no royalties; and that exactly the reason why Dibango have tried, and failed, to ask 500 000 euros and royalties in a new case.
Apparently, the Rihanna’s court case was linked to the first settlement for reasons we both do not know.

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That not mean that a direct copy, that just an inspiration, see the various interviews I have posted.
I will not reiterate what I have already said about that.

If you still like to believe that the bassline was simply an inspiration, I am fine with that.

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Lot of books give false informations, specially from France.
This does not necessarily mean that this particular information (of 25 million copies) is not correct.

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That not what the chronology of the events have said, see the various interviews, the problem was after, see Landis comment about Lugosi, and it was Michael idea to be a monster, and he has already been with excessive make-up during the Wiz.
What exactly is the chronology of the events according to you?

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the direct source is Guiness and Landis, again see my links; the numbers and the date you have given is just the ones from the ceremony...made by the Guiness.
Allen Davis, President of CBS Records International at the time, confirmed also the number of 25 million copies.

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His excuses say that he was not really himself, that should indicate you shouldn't take this interview seriously.
If what he said about the song was untrue, he would have taken it back explicitly later.