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Thread: New Michael Jackson documentary/film - Mirroring Michael Jackson (2019)

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    Lightbulb New Michael Jackson documentary/film - Mirroring Michael Jackson (2019)

    I guess this is a completely different project thant Tajs work, correct?

    I discovered this when @Simonna started following me on twitter, so I checked her activity and found that she was going to record a song and music video for the soundtrack of the movie.

    More info:

    "The discussion about the project started when an amazing producer I’m working with, Kira Madallo Sesay, discover that I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson when she saw a tweet where I defended him.

    The tweet went viral and I’ve since received hundreds of messages from Michael Jackson fans thanking me for the support and for defending their idol. I also received a message from Michael’s nephew, Taj Jackson, who thanked me for supporting his uncle.

    "The point is that I couldn’t stay quiet. I had to say something to defend him. Michael Jackson was and always will be one of my biggest inspirations. I’ve been looking up to him my entire life, ever since the very first day I stood up on a stage and sang at age 6. I admire his hard work, his discipline, his passion for music, his love of all mankind, his kind heart and selfless generosity. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of “most charities supported by a pop star.” He donated $400 million to charities. He’s is an example for every artist on how their fame can be used to help make the world a better place.

    His words have helped me to stay strong and believe in myself too. Like, “Always believe in yourself. No matter who’s around you being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” And as a devoted Christian, Michael is a role model to me because he always forgave people even when they attacked him or spread lies about him. He said, “…I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to.”

    Michael’s wise words have helped me to stay motivated when I was going through hard times and made me believe in myself even when I wanted to give up. He’s one of the reasons I became a performer so young and why I am still on the stage right now. As a singer and pop artist, I see it as my responsibility to stand up and defend his honor."

    Mirroring Michael Jackson (2019) Documentary, Music

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