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Thread: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

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    Default Re: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

    Quote Originally Posted by 8701girl View Post
    Thanks hun! good to see u around and yes youre right the visual side of love is special
    You're most welcome. Good to be around ^_^ There is indeed something very special about love imagery.

    Today I'm in a bit of a pensive mood and I was thinking a lot about Michael's unique circumstances - his 'royalty' status, let's call it and the impact it may have had on this most elusive love affair, speculated about in this little thread right here.

    Do you think that there ever was a time when this scene reflected their situation? Perhaps in real life or maybe in their special ways of communicating with one another? Who knows? In any case, it is comforting to think that they may been there for one another to dry each other's eyes.

    Surely, she must have shed her fair share of tears away from him and we know from Michael himself about the many sleepless nights he spent crying by himself. We can only imagine the depth of his sorrow shown not only in songs, but in his need to surround himself with wax figures, having to disguise himself to get any chance at normality in public and on top of all that, the horrendous tribulations which tormented him starting with 1993.

    I think the perfect soundtrack for that image is Don't cry alone - the masterpiece by Robin Gibb, God rest his soul.

    It is a most emotional tune, in and by itself, even more so when considering the timing of its release. Its ethereal sound and vision truly touch the heart. To cry alone is indeed one of the greatest sufferings on earth - orphaned children aching for the embrace of caring parents, folks in the sunset of their life missing their spouses and people full of vigor without anyone around to share life's highs and lows. They all know how dreadful it is to cry alone; they all have my sympathies. May they all find either in this realm or in the one beyond, the comfort they so desperately seek and need.

    After all, He died for the tears in our eyes, for our tears of sorrow, as Prince sang so long ago. And one day He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away. (Revelation 21:4-5)

    As hauntingly beautiful as the tune is, in the future, I'll try to refrain from posting such emotionally charged songs. Life is difficult enough already. We don't reminding of it, right? This thread is supposed to be about escapism,,,,,,I'll also try not to insert in every single post references to Christianity. I realize that not everyone reading and/or posting is a Christian, but if I am going to be as honest as possible, then my faith in Christ and my stubborn love of Michael are two of the most important dimensions of my life. Also, if I remember correctly, the issue of faith and God's possible involvement or lack thereof in this whole theoretical love has been discussed previously. I find that quite intriguing and I will have to come back to it at some point, but definitely not today.

    In the meantime, let us enjoy a truly glorious picture of that beautiful king of ours

    P.S. And taken from the completely random chapter, but 'related' to Michael's royalty - earlier today, while driving to church (yeah, there I went again), for a good portion of the trip I had the same route and followed a car with the license plate MJK. At one point, I had to turn left, while that particular driver carried on in front. I stopped a few blocks away, in front of the church behind a car with the license plate......MJA. As an ole' friend of mine would say, that's such a girly thing to notice ^_^
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    Default Re: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

    Where is that painting of mj from?

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