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Thread: Kanye West Appreciation Thread

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    Default Re: Kanye West Appreciation Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverTheKing View Post
    I love Kanye..and regardless of what people say...i think he's a good guy
    Hel...... yeah Kanye. I think he is one of the most talented artists out there. Ever since 2004 when i saw Through the wire became impressed by his honesty and the freshness of his lyrics. The man is fantastic and i can only give him props. It's quite true that BJ remix could have been better :P *ducks* but his own work is full of gems.

    I ain't sayin' she's a golddigger, but she ain't messin'......there are other lyrics in there which i love so much more than these, but i'll be a good gal, for once, behave and not post 'em Jamie Foxx makes the song even cooler, if that was possible

    awesome vid, quite the masterpiece

    One of my favorite songs of all time. I would blast this stuff so loud in my car, Loooord. When i landed in Chicago last year, other than thinkin' how close i was to Gary, i also kept thinkin' of this song and three men from Chi city - Kanye, Kels and President Obama I know the president has had some not very nice words about Kanye, but hey....we can't agree on everything.

    This used to be an ole' ringtone of mine from back in the day. Hilarious vid with Pam Anderson doin' a great cameo and a great introduction (at least for me) of the talent who is....Lupe Fiasco.

    Flawless logic and gorgeous video. Because of this kind of attitude folks have been duly warned not to come anywhere near wit me with such things cause diamonds are far from bein' this girl's best friend.

    Nothin ever promised tomorrow hurts, but it may be the only way. Isn't Adam Levine just wonderful?

    another old ringtone of mine, one of the best rap tunes of all time imho

    more than appropriate disclaimer

    Jay and Kanye makin' a great team, as always :cheeky:

    Just gotta show'em aliens some love, right? :P Mars and cars and stuff.....what's next? Alien....

    Quote Originally Posted by Thriller_MJ View Post
    I never thought i'd see the day where Kayne West and Appreciation are in the same sentence lol
    LOL I know how bad a rap he's got about his perceived lack of humbleness. Humility is very important indeed. Of course not at the same scale, but there are those who think my modesty is not my forte, so i suppose i'm a lil' female version of Kanye in that sense.

    What many don't realize is that when people try to put on the puffed up act they are actually being quite insecure and it is their self-defense mechanism tryin' to deflect the attacks of others. Of course it would be better to let other people find out how 'wonderful' we are, but at times we need to believe that ourselves more than anybody out there. Don't know if that's how it is for Kanye, but it sure is so for me.

    The Christian in me knows and regrets when i overstep those boundaries and although there is no justification for certain episodes of unkindness and disrespect, the imperfect human being in me seeks to rationalize episodes of anger and frustration because they are rooted in the most extreme possible circumstances often made of confusion and some times despair.

    And btw of this whole issue, Kanye's contribution to this1 from Bee is more than wonderful.

    He loooooves my big ego
    Cause I can back it up

    Well truth be told, there ain't that much to back up these day cause i ain't as ShaBUlycious as before, but i'll get back in shape soon enough lol

    Quote Originally Posted by MySerenity5 View Post
    Kanye's cool! I like him...

    At first, I thought he was being mean but now I realize he was only telling the truth.

    His music is probably the most innovative in hip hop right now. I respect that!

    Keep on doing your thing, Kanye! Let the haters hate...and watch your money pile up! :p
    Do ur thang man and don't let no1 get you down

    P.S. Oh, just in care any1 cares - dat ego love is mutual cause i also love....his big ego, and i don't mean Kanye's :ph34r:
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    Default Re: Kanye West Appreciation Thread

    I love K's Stronger.
    But his production of other artists' tracks may be better than his.
    will he be another Babyface?

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    Default Re: Kanye West Appreciation Thread

    I thought this thread will be a bit more active. I'm a bit surprised as he's (still) a big thing.

    Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo are fun albums. The rant a few days ago was unnecessary though. Wasting many people's time and money to see and hear him. LOL


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