Heal me

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Heal me

"Heal me"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Section: Stories

Michael aka the stubborn soul lives in heaven now.
His life isn’t Bliss though as he often ‘escapes’ to the ‘earth’ plane
trying to HEAL his ‘grieving’ fans left behind now… Why can’t he let go?
Then one day, the Boss in heaven sends him on ‘special mission’.

Important notice!

This is a again a FICTIONAL STORY! 
In the light of the recent BS of guys 'preying' on 'vulnerable' fans. 

My ONLY goal and wish here is to sooth you all, guys. 
I mean, wouldn't it be great if Michael could come back as an ANGEL? 

Michael lives in heaven, okay! 
Thanks, DAZ.

~ Copyright 2012 ~



December 14, 2011

Page Street, UK

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“I spend a lifetime looking for someone…” blared out of her speakers.

She loved to wake up with Michael’s voice. The only thing she got left now…

If she could listen to just one song then she could face the BAD and cruel world outta there… filled with people thinking she was crazy though, still crying over a ‘dead’ superstar but to her Michael was much more than that…

Michael was the BEST friend she ever had… The ONE who truly understood her and who would NEVER sell her out like a bro’ did or even the so called ‘friends’ at school…

She hated school… Oh, Hell, she hated her life… Nothing new… Just a nightmare that wouldn’t cease to exist…

Her dad however stomped into her room and killed the music.

“When are gonna stop this racket… He’s dead… get over it…”

He yelled frustrated at his 16 year old daughter now in tears.

“Ah, William. Don’t be so hard on her. You love music too, don’t you? “

“Yeah but not at 7 AM…” He protested. “Get ready for school.” He scolded her.

“Ah, Maddie” she tried to comfort her but the sobbing girl wriggled out of her grip and stomped to the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her.

It looked like only a few minutes later that she heard that impatient nock on the door and that bouldering voice… Never some peace in this house no more…

“Mad… Madeline, you’ll be late for school. Stop acting out.”

She cuddled herself in the shower while she shivered.

Could she ‘drown’ herself in the shower?

Please Michael… Help me, I’m so scared and I miss you so much.” She whispered in her hour of need as the door almost bulged being assaulted by her angry dad. How he changed overnight, gee…



Heaven or HOME

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Michael… Where are you? “

He didn’t answer… He had ‘floated’ down to earth again as he had heard or rather ‘felt’ the distress signal of a fan in need… But what could he do without a body? ARGH, He could not even SAVE her now…

Indeed, he was still a little pissed of WHY he had to be here… here of all places… while he still saw his beloved fans struggling through each day without his love, his touch… It hurt him so much…

Finally, the banging had stopped and it felt like a wave of peace rushed through the house… That gave her dad a ‘creepy’ feeling but to Madeline it brought her comfort and the strength to get up and get ready for that bloody school.

“Thank you, Michael” she whispered.

Michael couldn’t stay however, he felt like he was ‘sucked’ through a ‘vortex’…

“HEY” he protested as through time and space, he was back HOME… HUH, HOME… or some would say HEAVEN…

“There you are” the twinkling light reacted. “You’ve been to earth again, did you?”

Michael didn’t speak but the ‘energy’ he evaporated told books; eons of pain and turmoil…

“When are you gonna let go? They have to learn to live without you… They have their own missions… Didn’t you pay attention yet? You have to heal too.”

Michael’s mind ‘raced’ and though he wanted to give that other ‘star’ a piece of his mind… he only wondered out of the place leaving a trail of negative energy dust behind him…



Dec 16, 2011

Playground in Florida

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“NO, give it back” Amy protested as the kids on the playground were juggling with her MJ doll she brought along to show a friend.

“Yeah” her friend commented. “Don’t be a prick and give it to me.” She wiggled with her hand.

“Oh, you want Michael back? “ He joked. “Sure, wait” He threw it and it came crashing to the ground.

“MICHAEL” she screamed as she plunged down on the ground and scooped him up as a fallen angel…

The guys just chuckled at them but his glory was short as he walked into pole and embarrassed he rubbed his throbbing nose…

“That’ll teach you” Carol, her friend, reacted as she chuckled too.

That pole wasn’t there earlier, was it? “His mind freaked out. Dazed, he walked off with his gang holding their chuckle inside…

There was the ‘elder’ star’s voice again, always nagging and scolding him…

“You’re one stubborn Spirit” he began.

“Well, I won’t let them hurt my fans” he finally revealed his thoughts.

“I don’t care about my healing… they are hurting my fans all over the world… they miss me, I miss them too…”

“That’s NOT your task anymore… You failed… it’s about time to concentrate on your new task or do you wanna screw that one up too? ”

“NO…” a cloud of energy dust blew his way. “I love my fans… If they are hurt, then I’m hurt, period.”

“What am I gonna do with you hey? “

“Give me back my body? Send me back, PLEASE. My fans NEED me and I NEED them… PLEASE understand… ” his whole being vibrated.

“You know, that doesn’t work that way. You’re NOT helping them and you surely not helping yourself… and… STOP wondering off if I’m trying to talk to you.”


“Carol’s Magic fix”

High school somewhere in the Netherlands…

Dec 19…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Take this lonely feeling from my soul…” The soothing voice caressed her ears and soothed her while she leaned against the wall in the corner of the ‘playground’…

It was just a ‘mid morning’ break and instead of chatting or revising the next exam, she needed to hear Michael’s voice as everything seemed so ‘strange’ and everyone seemed so ‘hostile’ or ‘heartless’…

She did need to have good grades or all hell would break loose at home but she felt like her energy was cut short… Like an FB game with a ‘limited’ amount of energy you had to ‘steal’ or ‘borrow’ from someone else… She could NOT use her ‘reserve’ energy battery as this one only lasted 6 hours and the day was unfortunately longer than that…

“Carol, what ‘you doing here? “

She didn’t hear it as she was enjoying the next song, boosting her confidence…

The love for us was meant to be…

She popped out her earphones as she noticed a ‘friend’ there…

“Is the break over yet? “ She only asked.

“No… I was wondering if everything is okay? “

“I’m okay…” she only insisted and turned her back to her ‘friend’… Ah, the ‘magic’ fix was broken now as one of her fave songs was playing now though but then she heard that dreading bell…

Her exam went smooth and often she looked around…

Did she hear Michael whisper the answers?

Nah, she was going crazy… Anyway, she hoped it were the right ones as she penned them down though…

“Hey Carol… Wait up” she heard her ‘friend’ call out as she cycled out of the school but Michael was with her… Okay, she popped in her earphones again…

Don’t let go of my hand…”


“ Nathans quest”

Place: Bruges

Dec 20…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“NATE… HUN… PLEASE” she pleaded to her 16 year old son who was now standing on the ‘wrong’ side of the balcony… He just had about enough… exams, studying, bullying and missing Michael L

“I’m sorry…” she pleaded. “I’m sorry… Please, Michael wouldn’t want this… Don’t do it, Nate…”

“Give me back Michael then…” he sobbed barely hanging on the railing.

“Ah, sweetie… Be reasonable… He still lives in you…” she tried to convince him.

“You dance so wonderful… You outdo everyone… I didn’t know you had such a talent in you… Michael would be proud…”

Was he ‘overreacting’ now??? Split decision… Hang on or let go…which one is easier, hey???

Don’t be stupid… Go inside and show me the neat stuff… Go on…

His mum looked terrified at him as this was a make or break moment… He should have been glad his dad wasn’t home yet or he would have pushed him for sure calling him a ‘Wally’ killing yourself over a guy called MJ…

“What ‘you doing, Nate? “

He looked around… Did he hear Michael now? Would Michael save him from this turmoil…?

What ‘you waiting for? I wanna see the neat stuff…” he insisted.

Mum grabbed him as he climbed back the ‘right’ way and for a moment he had an ‘alighted’ moment where he ‘felt’ Michael’s love pouring through his veins… It made him sigh and like nothing had happened he walked indoors straight to his game console…

“Ah, Nate” Mum said sappy hugging him.

“Okay, mum” he said kind of annoyed. He hugged her and popped on the TV.

“What ‘you doing? “

“You needed to see the neat stuff?”

“I did?” She frowned her eyebrows.

He frowned them too and looked outside to the balcony era… He nodded his head and started up his fave dance game…

We’re taking over… We have the truth…


“Enough okay”


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Are you okay? “The ‘elder’ star vibrated his worry to Michael who was now just a ‘shimmer’…

“I NEED to go back… Please…” he begged.

“I know” he only answered. “We never realized you had such an effect on people though… Stupid people but none the less … Every soul needs that ‘idiocy’ stage to grow out from…”

“Do not call my fans idiots” his faint whisper lingered on.

“I’ll have to discuss it with the older elders and if… I say IF they agree… We can give you…  your ‘image’ back and you’ll be send down as an ‘angel’ but with ‘strict’ conditions and I mean ‘strict’…”

He felt his ‘fire’ coming back and the ‘elder’ who was his ‘guide’ in the spiritual world now; saw his being getting brighter by the moment.

“Promise me, you won’t do any more stupid things? You will ONLY get one chance… ONE if I can get you a ‘contract’ as ‘angel’… It’s my rep too… “

Michael was too busy getting his ‘glimmer’ back to answer that rather ‘stupid’ question… it’s like telling a kid to stay out of the ‘cookie jar’… impossible…


“The meeting”

Dec 21…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Thanks everyone present for listening to my plea… “ the ‘elder’ star, who had the tough task to let the ‘identity’ known as MJ ‘heal’ and move on to a different life but he was too ‘attached’ to his ‘former’ task that the ‘elder’ star took the chance to discuss a ‘detour’ in the ‘healing’ process.

“Let me show you, why I want to grant Michael a contract as “angel”… I of course all need your approval to grant this special wish…”

The other ‘elder’ stars answered with different sounds and glows…

“As you noticed, Michael is hardly here… His fans still need him… He was indeed ‘called’ back too soon here… You know why we don’t get any suicides here anymore as he ‘prevents’ them… Watch…”

…Earth plane…

“Michael” she cried as she sat there bundled up in her room…

Her posters were torn and pulled from the walls… Her collection? Gone with the wind… So unfair, she was trying so hard to fit into this life so why did they destroy and plunder what was left of her ‘childhood’ …

Why is it that a man you grew up with… You looked up to… who gave you so much joy and a reason to be someone… suddenly is snatched away and needs to be forgotten? Just cause he’s a Hollywood star that got murdered?

She glanced at the torn piccie on the ground and gently took it in her hand…

A tear fell on it and soaked into the paper…

Michael’s heart bled… Who could ever be so cruel?

Oh yeah…

“Stop crying and clean up your room… it’s like a ‘pig stall’… “Her dad demanded her.

Wait a minute, he had been here before! This was Madeline. OMG, why was her dad so ‘hostile’? All he ever did was make his daughter happy….

He neared her but she didn’t get up and only squinted knowing what his next move would be… He grabbed her and pulled her up…

“Dad… NO… You’re hurting me… Please STOP… MICHAEL” she screamed.

Then suddenly, the sphere in the room changed and the door shut with a bang… The left over torn posters of MJ ‘fluttered’ like the sea breeze was blowing through them but they didn’t even live near the sea…

“Stop calling for Michael… he can’t help you… its time you start getting your act together again…” He demanded strict.

Madeline, however felt strengthened by his being and wriggled out of his grip. She tried hard not to smile and so anger her dad even more but she ‘felt’ his presence though…

“… What is he gonna do? “One Elder commented at the scene. “… He’s not gonna hurt the human is he? Is that your healing plan?”

“No, wait… he’s protecting her… Look…”

“Okay, dad… I’ll clean my room… Don’t need all those posters anyway… I feel his presence and Michael… He lives in my heart…” she touched her heart with pride.

“Go on, dad… Cut out my heart too, okay…”

“HMMM… “He only reacted and stomped out of the room.

“Thank you Michael” she whispered at a poster.

Michael’s glow got brighter as he shone of L.O.V.E…

“See… They need to heal… If I can give him his image back then he can heal too… It’s a ‘two edged sword’ … Please, give him that chance to heal…”


“The contract”


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Michael” he called out. Man, he shined so bright today…

“You’re expected at the office… Be polite, okay.”

“Michael” the oldest ‘elder’ shimmered.

“James, your guide here has brought to our attention that you’re still needed on earth… Therefore, we will grant you your image back and give you the state of ‘Angel’…”

Michael danced of excitement.

“Wait…” he commanded.

“There are some strict rules to it… NO EGO tripping… NO scaring people… NO pranks… NO fame… Angels are God’s servants and ONLY help and guide the needed… Do you understand the rules? “

Michael only glowed at first but then of course acknowledged the rules…

He had to be GOOD now… Second chances are rare and needed to be taken quite serious…

“Are you ready? “

His whole being was more than ready for this exciting adventure…

“Okay, make us proud, Michael…”


“Make HIStory”

Dec 23…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Where was he now and what was happening to him?

He awoke… Was he back on earth???

He glanced around… It was like a HOTEL room he was in… He felt the soft bed…

OMG, FELT… “His mind freaked out.

He could FEEL now…” He lifted up his arm and Gosh that looked like a hand… His hand? Of course, it had long fingers, skin and nails…

He sat up and felt the soft bed… He carefully inspected his body… Everything was where it should be… He felt a shiver and looked around… He spotted a closet, hoping some clothes were sleeping in it as he felt cold and so abashed to lay here in full glory… What if someone spotted him like this?

He carefully got up… Like he didn’t trust his own body anymore.

“WOW” he expressed as he felt not one ache…

He opened the closet and yep, he found all he needed… It felt really weird to get into clothes again but he loved the feel of cotton rubbing against his skin…

He was still in awe over the ‘perfect’ body they had given him now…

Miracles do exist, do they? Was he dreaming this all?

AWESOME dream though he could not be dreaming about the nock on the door he heard.

“Michael, are you awake? “

“Michael?” He looked around…

Oh yeah, silly… That’s YOU…

“Yeah, hold on…”


“Welcome Michael”

Heartbreak Hotel

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Hello Michael… Welcome to heartbreak hotel.” The man in front of him said.

But Michael frowned his eyebrows...

You’re taking the mic out of it right?” His mind cursed.

The man only smiled as to understand what Michael thought.

“I know” he replied.

“How fitting hey… You’re Michael Jackson, living in Heartbreak Hotel…  Anyway, this is your new home… Let me give you a tour of the vicinity.”

Michael walked with him in silence…

“This is the kitchen… If you’re hungry… We don’t have any ‘room service’ though so it’s not like a normal Hotel… But everything is FREE…” He opened the HUGE fridge and WOW what an abundance in food and booze…

“Hungry now? “

Michael only nodded ‘no’.  The Boss of this ‘joint’ realized that Michael wasn’t used to ‘communicate’ in words anymore as at HOME… He didn’t have a ‘mouth’ anymore and ‘thoughts’ were the only way to ‘talk’…

“Are you okay? “

His soul only glimmered…

Ah, why was this NOT working here… Ah, Earth hey… So limited, so restricted…

“Yeah” he sighed kind of disappointed.

“I know… It’s quite a transition hey… Ready for your first meeting? “

Michael only nodded and walked in silence again with the man. He wished for a moment that the man in question should have worn a black suit instead of a white one as his eyes were aching now…



“Not easy”

New day, new life…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Today, we welcome one of our new recruits, Michael… “He announced.

Everyone in the room was casual dressed in what looked like their fave clothes. Oh yeah, he wore black Corduroy pants, white socks, loafers, white T-shirt and indeed his fave red shirt…

“Michael, step forward…”

But Michael took a step backward though. He hated being in the spotlight…

He felt even those ‘angels’ gawk at him…

Gee, why did he insist to return to the earth plane hey?

Oh, quick recap to save his fans…

“Come on, don’t be shy…” he insisted.

“Hey everyone” he only whispered in his soft voice and waved quite cute and that made the ‘females’ among the angels almost ‘swoon’ over his magical soothing voice or was it the ‘aura’ that strolled out so much L.O.V.E…

He quickly returned to his seat at the back of the aula…

“Okay, anyone wants to begin this meeting? “

Someone raised his hand and he was welcomed to speak…

“Good morning Angels of Heartbreak Hotel on this sunny morning… Today, I had my first breakthrough with Sarah… She’s doing much better now… I’m proud to been giving the chance to care for her… “The man in his two piece tweet suit rambled on.

 Michael’s mind wondered off to what he was doing here… He rather be with Carol, Amy, Maddie or even Nathan… Then ‘wasting’ his time here listening to a whiner that can’t let go of his wife…  

Why was he granted the title of ANGEL?

He had to miss his fans… Millions of fans… Oh, and his children… They still needed him too…

Ah, is he boring you too? “ The man next to him revealed his comment.

Michael snapped out of it…

Did he feel or even heard his comment?

“Hey” he whispered

“I won’t tell anyone but he’s indeed a whiner… I’m Charles by the way. Pleased to meet you…”

“Hello Charles” he whispered back and smiled. He never thought he would ‘meet’ old friends here though…


“Ready or NOT”

Laters that day…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Michael? Do you want to add anything here? “The Boss in his shining suit asked him.

“No Sir” he only squinted his eyes.

“Then go and SHINE but remember the ‘oath’ you took…”

Oath? “ His mind wondered.

“Oh, it’s in your night dresser. Go ahead and learn them by heart.”

He returned to his room who had the number 7… He opened the dresser and there it was… the oath… what a HUGE and thick book though…

Did he sign up for this?

He plunged in his bed again… flipped it open… it had all the rules and laws in it…

“Though shall NOT seek fame or you will be cast out and thrown in hell… Though shall NOT hunger for money or wealth or you will be sentenced to a ‘mortal’ life… Though shall not scare people…”

He was so ‘indulged’ into studying it that he hardly heard the nock on the door.

“Yeash” he finally answered and leaped from his bed.

“Ah, Charles…” he reacted as he saw that man standing in front of him.

“Aren’t you hungry? Won’t you join me for breakfast? I could show you the ropes here. I’m glad you came back here… You’ll be a FINE Angel…“

“Sure” Michael said excited and closed his door.


 “Don’t be scared”


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Quietly he followed his new friend to the kitchen area… Though it said HOTEL in up front it wasn’t really a HOTEL in the true sense of the word… More like a dorm of an University with corridors of rooms and several bathrooms and one kitchen huge enough to dance around in even you ‘burnt’ all the wood tables and chairs though…

Anyway, Michael sat down somewhere hidden in a corner and Charles walking to the fridge only smiled at his demeanor… He needed a friend… Someone who could guide him and support him… He looked so frail…

“What ‘you want to eat? “ He asked out of the blue and it startled his friend.

“Whatever you have…” he said in his soft and shy voice.

“You must have fave food? “ He pondered frowning his eyebrows.

Michael only smiled at first.

“I suppose they don’t have KFC chicken here, do they? “

“KFC?” The man yelled out.

“For Breakfast? “ He rubbed his chin.

“Are you serious? “

Michael blushed and swallowed his answer.

“We could always go into town and get you some? “

“Nah” he swatted his hand in the air.  

“Cereal is okay too…”

“Okay, cereal coming up…”

Michael just remained seated and seemed drowned in thoughts so Charles didn’t push him to get his own ‘bloody’ breakfast…

“I got you some juice too…” he presented as he set down his cereal.

“Thanks, Charles” he said kind and like a good boy spooned out his cereal.

He glanced at what his friend was eating… toast, bacon, eggs, bangers… They looked really yummy!

 What was he eating? Crummy cereal…

Could he ask where he got that?

Nah, don’t act stupid… He did glare at it… If you want a brekkie like this… Just ask Grace… She’s our cook…”

“Okay” he only said and did gulp his mouth full of cereal though.

“So…” he started the conversation while cutting up his bacon.

“How long have you been gone from the earth plane? “

Michael tortured his mind…

“What year are we now? “ He asked blushing.

“2011… Well almost 2012…”

“Oh, so almost 3… 3 years then” he sighed glancing at his cereal.

“You okay, Michael? “

He looked up at him ever so torn… It made him cough and he sipped from his juice…

“That’s long hey… You’re back, okay… “He tried to cheer him up.

“Yeah” he only sighed and finished his cereal.


“Don’t hide”

Out on the town…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Since he saw how vulnerable Michael was, Charles suggested to the Boss that he would like to take him under his wings… He needed a lot of healing too before he could start healing other souls… He had left Michael behind in the library and now came to fetch him…

“So ready for the first day out? “

“Oh, hi Charles” he looked up from a book.

“This is a cool place. I have found my fave book… ”

Charles looked at it and smiled.

The gift of Acabar, by Og Mandino. Wonderful choice!   

The library was cozy furnished with leather seats, a roaring fire place and tons of ancient books protected in gorgeous leather covers resting in huge bookcases with ladders to reach the top shelves. 

“Indeed, it is…” he nodded agreeing.

“Get your coat… I’m gonna show you around town.”

Michael frowned his eyebrows… This was Cali though… The earth plane Cali… He knew his way around town though…

“You’re not gonna hide here are you? This is NOT your mission… to read books…” he looked around.

“Let me show you how Angels walk around here… “

“Okay” he shrugged.

He should have been excited but why was he scared now?

No one could hurt him again, right?

He should have read all the ‘fine print’ before signing that damn “Angel” contract… Stupid stubborn boy…


“MJ is back”


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Safely hidden in his hood, he ventured out in the BIG BAD world… Charles smiled at him…

“You okay? “

“Yeah” he only nodded but his body language didn’t convince his friend though. He was like walking on eggshells, jerking his head from left to right ready to run and hide from any overexciting fan plunging into him… 

“Hey, chill… You’re dead remember… So, no one is gonna jump you…”

Offended, Michael eyed him…

“Well, you know what I mean, do you? “ He reacted at this deadly stare.

“Just enjoy your freedom… This day is a walk in the park. Tomorrow, your mission starts…”

Michael didn’t answer or protest and only tried to brave now…

This mission he should NOT fail…

“What’s your mission exactly, Charles? “ He asked boldly as they walked down the busy street. He had to talk as his mind was freaking out that he could just walk the street now… He wanted to rip off his hood and scream from the rooftops…

“MICHAEL JACKSON IS BACK” or something similar but he couldn’t do that…

NO FAME, said the almighty contract… in that moment, he felt ‘tricked’ or even ‘lured’ into it…

“It’s weird right…” he only commented feeling his ‘exploding’ vibe.

“Yeah” he whispered.

“Am I… Are we invisible? “He touched his jacket.

He felt REAL though and he touched his friend’s jacket… That felt REAL too…

“We are real, don’t you worry… People can see us… We just don’t have a reflection in the mirror… I know… little slip there from the Boss…” he winked at him.

“Oh, I’m exactly the Angel of death.”

Michael gawked at him…

“I thought I saw you before…” he first reacted.

“Is that a tough job? “

The man giggled at his innocent glare.

“Well, it’s like how you perceive it… When children ‘pass over’ again to heaven, I guide them so they don’t get lost…” He spoke with knowledge of the matter.

“WOW” Michael reacted.

He was so in awe he bumped into someone.

“Hey, look where you going, freak!” The man shouted and pushed him away.

“I’m sorry, Sir” Michael excused himself.

Charles couldn’t help but laugh.

“Its NOT funny” he pouted and looked hurt.


“Hit town”

First test…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

After been thoroughly briefed on what they expected from him and what his mission was, he was send lose to hit town and come back after sunset in one piece too… ARGH, what a task…

He was so damn nervous but excited. If he followed all the hints that Charles gave him yesterday, he would survive this day. Charles wished him good luck and he did the same.

He was casually dressed in black pants, red sweater with hood and black long coat. For now, he refused to ditched the hood as it made him save and the others chuckled at him for being so ‘scared’…

Well, he wasn’t used to the Generation O life was he?

He had been protected by his family and guards since the age of 11 or even sooner so… venturing on his own now was a not seen as a piece of cake in his book but an exciting thrilling adventure…

He also got his ‘business’ card with him… if he was caught up or stopped by cops, he could show it and the unique card was known by them…

He didn’t get a car though, NOT cause he was a ‘killer driver’ but Angels didn’t need ‘transport’ … if someone called their name out loud, they could ‘teleport’…

He was a little anxious about that too though it was all he did before he was back on the earth plane though…  NOW, he was ‘granted’ back his body… Untarnished and not ravaged by any disease… He had to get used to that too…

So, he strolled the streets, noticing all the busy traffic and people getting on with their lives… Kids cycling to school. Adults sitting cramped up in their cars cursing about the traffic jam honking their horns and yelling out ‘foul’ language…

WHY had he been afraid?

This was COOL… A dream come true… as much as he loved his fans and the art… he just wanted to cruise town like any man… Then again, he wasn’t just a man anymore but an Angel… Immortal… of course, he could get hurt but the guide said he had a ‘regeneration’ system now…

Whatever that meant?

He plunged down on a seat on a terrace. He couldn’t just wonder the streets all day, could he? He would observe the peeps here and his ‘radar’ would pick up the ‘distress’ signals though… He admitted it… This was BLISS…


“Mission UK”

Chilling on a terrace…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

He was just sipping from his tea he got when he heard the distress call and WHOOSH… He was gone… No one remarked it though…

“Hey, watch out” he yelled and snatched her from the road.

He instantly assessed the situation though he was just whizzed to it… That was a NEW cunning ability he gained too…

 Angels are COOL, right?

“Thank you” she acted startled wondering where he all of sudden came from.

Oh, the girl had fallen with her bike as the driver cut her off.

Startled, she looked at the man in the hood. She tried to pry into his hood thinking she recognized his face but he kept his hood on.

“Are you okay? “He only asked softly.

“Yeah” she sighed.

“I guess, you saved me back there, phew… Thanks Mr.? ” She fished for an answer there.

“Oh, it’s Michael” he introduced himself keeping his hood on though and he even didn’t shake her hand too.

“Michael? “ She wondered, frowned her eyebrows and then a huge smile grew on her face.

“Well, thank you, Michael.”

“You’re welcome, Hun” he shrugged.

“I have to go now…” she hesitated to leave him there but he was after all a ‘stranger’ just with a pretty name.

“Okay, Maddie” he answered.

“Take care, babe! ”

Before she could reply to WHY he knew her name… He was WHOOSHED away again to the same seat on that terrace… It was NOT polite not to pay for his tea.

Oh, they got an allowance too… Just to blend in hey…

“Hey Michael… Where you got? “She shrugged but did go home with a smile on her face.

What if Michael had come back and saved her? “ Her heart wondered.

“Nah, quit day dreaming girl… “Her mind scolded.


“Not forgotten”

On a sunny day…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

He paid for his tea and decided to stroll around some more…

He couldn’t just sit around and wait for another assignment, right?

He was drawn to a 7/11 though. You know, one of those all round stores that sold everything from beverages to snacks to newspapers… He popped in and to his delight his music was blasting through the speakers. It made him feel at ease.

They haven’t forgotten about him… Even the cashier was tapping his fingers to the beat of the drum… That felt good… He hadn’t failed his mission as even now people were enjoying his music…

He browsed the aisles enjoying the song and noticed all his fave food but with a tight allowance, he couldn’t buy anything he wanted though he got bottle of his fave pop and the newspaper… always curious hey…

The man only typed in the numbers and said how much he owed. He paid the man and left the store… Yep, it was that easy… OMJ…

He found a sunny spot in the park and plunged down on a bench… Sipped from his pop and folded open the newspaper full of disasters, murders, etc…



First day on the job…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Hello Michael…” he heard a voice call out to him and looked up from his paper.

 “Hello Charles.”

“‘You hungry? “

He only nodded and folded up his paper.

“Okay, I thought I’d take you out to KFC.”

“Are you enjoying your first day? “

“Yeah…” he hesitated.

He still found it weird though nobody asked who he was or bothered him in any way… Was this the life he thought he was ‘deprived’ of? How boring…

 “Let’s go. Say, when are you gonna ditch the hood? You’ve been here all day? “

“Yeah… I saved Maddie and I just soaked up the city life” he shrugged.

“What do people do for pleasure and excitement? “ He frowned his eyebrows.

“How ‘you mean? “

“Well, I went to the store and bought stuff… That was exciting for me but the cashier wasn’t so pleased to stand behind the till all day… I drank tea and sat here on that bench reading the newspaper and just observing people…”

he sighed.

“WOW, you did all that today? “

“Yeah” he shrugged.

“I’m glad you found me though… How can people live such boring lives? Where is the thrill in creating and exploring? “

His face changed in disappointment.

“Indeed, I forgot you were the KING of POP hey… Workaholic right? ”

Michael frowned his eyebrows.

“Was I really? Is that BAD? Is that why I failed? Should I have wasted my time here? “ He fired all these questions.

“Who said you failed? “

“That prick back home… I got this mission here that I should not screw up again” he sighed.

“How can I NOT screw up again if I don’t know what I did wrong in the first place? “

Charles saw he was in turmoil when they walked into the KFC…

“What ‘you want? “

Michael looked around startled…

He just walked into a KFC? OMJ…

He cringed in, pulled his hood even more over his head and almost hid behind Charles for protection…

“It’s okay” Charles assured him.

“Just act cool and no one is gonna stare at you.”

“Act cool” he repeated.

“Yeah, chill… “


“Still loved”

At the KFC…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

He did try to chill but Charles saw how he ‘vibrated’ distress signals and advised him to take a seat over there and he would bring him something yummy.

He obeyed him and hid himself in a corner.

Being COOL wasn’t his style though…

“This is Michael’s favorite” he heard someone say a couple of seats away.

“Michael? “ He repeated silently and stretched out his neck. There were fans here enjoying his fave food.

“I agree” he heard another girl say.

“He definitely has good taste.” He noticed her biting full on in that delicious sandwich that Charles went to fetch for him.

Should he make his move? Could he make his move? Didn’t the contract say ‘NO FAME’ HUH…? Why did they send him back then? To suffer even more?

He just wanted to rip off his hood and scream for the whole KFC he was back…


“Wait and see, I’m gonna beat you when we get home. I got MJ the Experience on PS3. It’s a wicked game” she bragged.

His eyes almost popped out of their sockets and he almost fell from his protected seat as he didn’t want to miss one vowel she spoke… They were his beloved fans… NOT suffering now but enjoying themselves…

“Oh yeah” her friend replied.

“You never saw me dance Thriller did ye’? “ She did the Thriller moves on her seat and it brought such a smile on his face…

A game? Me in another game? “ His heart wondered. He needed to find out more… This was the MOST exciting news he heard today.

Even Charles saw his whole body beam in Bliss and then he noticed the girlies chatting and giggling…


“Act cool”

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“There are fans over there” he whispered in his ear once he sat down.

“Of course there are” he said and shrugged.

“Here, I got you this.”

“Thanks” he said not even looking at his plate.

“Michael” he scolded.

“Act cool, remember.”

“SHHHH… Keep your voice down. Fans are smart, you know.”

It made him chuckle though.

“Eat before it gets cold”

Then, he noticed the delicious sandwich staring at him. He took his first bite and then halfway he noticed the fans were gone… His eyes revealed disappointment but he did take that bite. He was hungry and his friend went through all that trouble to get him this far.

“Enjoy your meal” he only said and gobbled it down.

“Okay, you too… See, you’re still loved” he remarked.

“Yeah” he beamed of joy.

“I feature in a game” he said excited.

“Can we look for that game? “

“Sure” he answered.

“It’s nothing special though just some silly animation doing your moves…”

“Silly animation? “He repeated.

“I’m NOT silly, I’m Michael Jackson.”

There he said it and startled he looked around but since they were hidden in a corner and the fans were gone, he didn’t jinx it…

“I’m sorry, okay MJ” he reacted and sipped from his soda.


“Is it really you”

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

 Charles had uttered his apologies and Michael had accepted them…

With almost NO ONE in the KFC, he had let his guard down and pulled off his hood as the place felt HOT or was it Charles that made him comfortable with his jokes and ‘life’ stories. So, giggling and joking too, they left the ‘joint’…

Some girls hopped in the KFC carrying their backpack and of course one bumped into Michael…

“Excuse me, Sir” she excused herself.

He only smiled at her first.

“Are you okay?” He asked caring.

She knew that voice.

Nah, it couldn’t be… It had to be a Lookalike… MY, a GOOD one though… He had the same twinkle in his eye… The black curls… The same beautiful smile…

“Michael? “ She wondered.

“Yeah, babe”

For a moment, she thought she was gonna faint… She frowned her eyebrows…

Trying to resist touching him… Was she dreaming this?

Her friends were already at the counter ordering their dinner. She was awestruck. She did reach for him and he stretched out his hand to her…

She took it and it felt warm and soft… She gawked at his long fingers and the lifelines in the palm of his hand. She was mesmerized. He squeezed her hand.

“You sure you’re okay, Hun? “

“You’re… real… “She stuttered.

“Yeah” he sighed.

“I didn’t scare you, I hope.”

She looked at his friend only smiling at her.

What was he doing in her dream?

“YOU… “She almost passed out.

“I’m sorry if I scared you” he only revealed and squeezed her hand again.

She glanced at her hand and felt his pressure in her hand but she was speechless…

What about June 25? “Her mind wondered.

“You do look pale Honey… Take a seat and I’ll explain… Can I? “He addressed himself to Charles. Charles only nodded…

Okay, NO FAME but this fan was awestruck and needed to be ‘healed’…

Like in a trance, she followed him to a seat nearby…

God does listen after all” her heart spoke…


“Healing pure and simple”

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

“Shall I get you something to drink? “ He asked caring as she would not let go of his hand.

She only nodded… A thousand questions and mixed feelings of happiness and anger swirled in her…

“Michael” she only cried.

He let go of her hand only to embrace her…

She hugged him so tight she almost squeezed the air out of him… Charles wanted to intervene but he nodded NO…

“It’s okay now… See” he caressed her hair and stroke her back…

It just couldn’t be…” freaked her mind.

This was candid camera or some stupid show… He’s NOT real…

He felt so real. An ultimate dream comes true! He let go of her…

“You okay now? It’s Amy, right?  I’ll get you that drink” he suggested.

“Oh, Michael” she only whimpered and the first ‘healing’ tears started to escape the inferno building up inside her body.

Where was Amy? Her friends looked in awe at her…

To whom was she talking to? He looked familiar though…

He noticed her ‘crumbling’ in front of him as she tried to be brave, just getting a little frustrated as she was wiping away her tears. Stupid tears that were the last thing she wanted to do if she ever had the change to meet him face to face but then the stupid body doesn’t always listen does it?

“I’m… sorry… Michael” she cried wiping the sea of tears away on her sleeves.

“Ah, Hun… Don’t cry” he replied caring and took her in his warm embrace again.

“I’m here now, okay.”

She busted into tears…

One friend thought that man was hurting her and she trotted to him…

“Hey…” she yelled and jerked them apart…

OMJ, she felt like she was hit by the Ice age, the way she stood there gawking at him… She opened her mouth but no sound escaped and it felt like Jack the Ripper had sliced through her throat but he splattered no bloodstains around…

“I’m sorry” Michael only said.

He pulled his hood back on. He was freaking out too.

Did he expect these kinds of reactions? Had he forgotten how LOYAL and DEVOTED his fans are?

“Don’t leave, please… Michael? “Amy grabbed his arm and he only glanced at her fingernails squeezing into his flesh…

“Please Michael? “ She begged and let him go.

“We’re NOT gonna hurt you… We’re just so baffled it’s YOU… Is it really YOU or are you the WORLDS BEST IMPERSONATOR or something? “

“It’s me… The one and only Michael Jackson” he sighed and let his head fall to his chin.

“I know it’s NOT easy” he giggled embarrassed.

“There is NO easy way to tell you WHY I’m here so PLEASE understand…”

“Of course, Hun” Amy had finally found her voice and she tried to peak into his hood.

Carol, her friend, was still awestruck and her mind was racing too…

Was this a dream? A nightmare? HELLLOOOOO…

“I’m an Angel” he muttered under his voice strangling his hands together like a kid who had eaten the forbidden cookie.

“Hey” she peeked into his hood.

“It’s okay, sweetie…”

“It is? “ He looked up and his puppy doe eyes revealed so much regret.

“Why don’t we buy you a drink? “ She suggested.

“Looks like you need one too. It’s been a hell of ride for you too, hey.”

He only nodded still strangling his hands together.

“Is a soda okay, Michael? “

“Yeah, thanks Ames” he answered in his soft voice.

She bumped into Carol…

“Come on, you’re gonna help me” she ordered her friend and dragged her with her. She opened her mouth and pointed at him but someone had stolen her voice… ARGH, give it back this instant…

“I know” Amy said.

“Act cool… he’s shaken up too… so be nice to him…”

“Here you are, Michael” she offered him the soda.

“Thank, honey” he answered polite and sipped from it.

He wished he still had money on him so he could pay for their dinners but he spend it all.

“How are you, Michael? “

He saw the worried look on her face and it made him smile.

“I’m fine… “

She smiled and hesitated to touch him again. She only glared at his hand resting on the table.

“Are you? “ He asked as this silence was ear deafening.

“Yeah, Michael… “ she only said eyeing his hand.

He stretched it out…

“You can hold my hand, if you want to? “ He offered.

She gently laid her hand in his big palm… It send shivers down her spine…

This was the ultimate dream and she had just fallen asleep in HIStory class, right?

He sipped from his soda and then squeezed her hand. This moment was way too special for silly talk… Carol just sat there opposite from Michael just gawking… She looked as white as a sheet, just like she had seen a ghost.

Michael just smiled at her and it freaked her out even more.

“We have to go now” Charles whispered in his ear as sunset was settling in.

Michael seemed disappointed but he understood the rules as he noticed the sunset too.

“I’m so sorry but we have to go but… are you here tomorrow? “

“Yeah, Michael” she nodded violently with her head and it made him giggle of how eager she was to say ‘yes’.

“Okay, same hour same place then.” He got up.

“Thanks for the soda… Tomorrow, drinks are on me…”

He quickly hugged Amy and only waved at Carol sitting there in a trance.

“Please take care of your friend” he pointed at her while addressing his worry to Amy. She looked her way.

“Sure, Michael. Have a safe trip home.”

“You too, Hun.”


“Healing L.O.V.E”

Back to the KFC…

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Okay, same hour… same place?

OMG… It was swarming with chatting and giggling people of all ages…

Was business booming in the KFC? Did they have a ‘special offer’ today?

Oh yeah, Number one was back or simple The King of POP…

Charles held him back.

“This is insane, Michael… You didn’t invite them all, right? “

“No, I just wanted to talk to Amy and see how Carol is but it feels good that I’m NOT forgotten though…” His aura brightened up.

“You remember the clause? “

“Clause? “ He frowned his eyebrows.

“This is NO FAME! This is just people who wanting to see me… I cannot turn my back and disappoint them.”

He walked in wearing his trademark clothes. Black loafers, black pants, red shirt, black long coat. He looked so handsome…

The chatting abruptly ended and everyone gawked, smiled and the air in the KFC filled with peace and serenity… He braced himself for the hurt, the pulling, the screaming, the trampling…

WHY were they all smiling at him? Why were they not rushing towards him? Did he smell different now? It puzzled him though…

A wave of peace ribbled through the restaurant…

What should he do now? Just sit somewhere and let them come to him?

A peaceful feeling took hold of him and he spread open his arms like ‘The chosen one’… Without a word spoken… Kids, teenagers, young peeps started to flock around him and some even hugged him or just gently touched him…

In that moment of now, he felt blessed… he felt loved… he felt healed…

There was no crying, no screaming, no fainting… Just pure healing L.O.V.E

In the distance, he saw little shining lights… He saw them that ‘faithful’ morning too.  Back then, he  ‘protested’ to join them but right now…

He felt so loved that he just ‘let go’ and it looked like just ‘evaporated’ in thin air as he became a bright star again ascending to heaven…

The hurt was gone… Only L.O.V.E remained…


The end or not?

Stay tuned for the sequel “Angel of light”

coming to a screen near you, LOL.

~ Copyright 2012 ~



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