The enigma of Michael Jackson

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Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Section: Reflections

Today, I would like to talk about the enigma of MJ.

What is so special about that man?

How does he changes your life for the better?

Have you been touched by his message of L.O.V.E? 

Michael Jackson, for the law… just another name

Michael Jackson, for the world… just another superstar

Michael Jackson, for the press… just another victim of Hollywood!


Yet, as you look close and in depth into WHO the ‘person’

Michael Jackson really was?

You can’t hide the fact that there was something

different about him!

Something so pure… Something so attractive.

Even something healing…

It still baffles me to this day what an explosive affect

Michael Jackson STILL has on people.


If you had the pleasure to be with Michael Jackson

in the ‘bubble’ of his radiant Aura,

then everything outside of it is random.

Michael Jackson, with no effort of his own,

could just light up a dark room.


The minute,

 he walked into a joint the atmosphere would change and

people stopped fretting and would do anything just to ‘impress’ this soul.

I know, a lot of essays and comments are penned down

by fellow artists that met this gentle soul,

simply named Michael Jackson!


The people who don’t FEEL the ‘enigma’ of Michael Jackson

are either so ‘wrapped’ up in their ‘destructive’ ego or

have a different ‘vibration’ of ‘energy!

Michael Jackson, was a BOLT of energy, just by being himself.

Michael Jackson, he could bring the BEST out in you!

Well, pardon me, he STILL does.


That’s WHY it’s all in your name, Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson, known as a SUPERSTAR

But his real GEM was his message of L.O.V.E and peace!


Thank you,

Michael Jackson for being that shining and

healing STAR the world need so much.

Michael Jackson, you live in all of us.


~ Copyright 2012 ~


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