The Ultimate Collection

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"The Ultimate collection"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Section: Album reviews.

There is a special 'chemistry' with demo's or early versions.
You can feel the pureness and Magic of the song.
So, to me it is a forgotten pearl and definitely worth to
live in your collection.

Today, I would like to review a forgotten pearl that
proudly 'lives' in my bedroom.
It's called "Michael Jackson, The Ultimate Collection".
It was published in 2004 by MJJ Productions Inc.
It's a 4 CD JAM-packed bundle with
'selective' HITS ranging from 1969 till 2004.
It contains 19 'unreleased' tracks/ demo's and also
has "The Bucharest Dangerous concert" on DVD.

It comes in an A4 casing with 'engraved' silhouette
The CD's are printed with the songs and a gold like silhouette of MJ
in different poses.
It also includes a wonderful 60 page booklet with
rare photos and memorabilia from MJ's personal Archives.
Furthermore, you can read all the credits,
a BIO by Nelson George and
a 'timeline' of when each album was released up till 2004 of course.

It saddens me to this day that a lot of fans just don't know about it.
I know, it was not really 'promoted' as it should be.
It was even odd that it wasn't even on display.
You had to be 'in the known' through
a fan club or a Collector site before you could 'order' it in the store.
I know, it was pricey at € 49.99 but then you have all
these rare tracks to enjoy.

Following, I will give a 'impression' of the 'rare tracks' in the box.
Like "Scared of the moon",
the first time I heard it, tears were rolling down my cheeks as
I was so moved by the story, the lyrics and Michael's 'haunting' voice.

is an 'upbeat' - don't mess with me- kinda song that
reminds me of the Vindication in 2005 cause they played that
song on the radio when they announced the BIG News that
'wonderful' day.
I love the lyrics like 'I broke my radiator' LOL

I absolutely love "Dangerous (early version) " cause
there is a special 'chemistry' with demo's or early versions.
You can feel the pureness and Magic of the song.
I agree, it sounds 'jumbled up' and the melody doesn't really
'blend' into Michael's voice but
you can already 'feel' the power of the song.
I also loves how he counts at the end of the song and
I am always awaiting the 'sigh' too. I love this 'ad-libs' and
sometimes I think that some songs should be 'left' that way instead
of being 'polished' till they lose their shine.

"Monkey Business"
is one of those songs that never 'grew' on me.
Maybe because of the 'theme' of the song or
the way Michael 'curses' there. I know, it's a 'lash out' song like
"Money" but I'm not quite fond of Michael's 'sneer' voice.
I don't like to hear him 'angry' and 'hurt'.

"On the line"
is more like in the line of "Keep the faith".
It helped me heal the loss of a family member.
It's like more a 'mantra' song.

"Fall again"
The first time I heard it, it really 'touched' my heart cause
it really says HOW I feel about Michael.
If I would have to do my life over again, I would 'Fall again' for
Michael that for sure. I would love him even more though cause
indeed 'every moment that we spend apart is killing me inside'.

"In the back"
Is like a 'short' snippet and also a 'lash out' again.
Has a COOL Bass though.

"Beautiful Girl"
ONE of my Favourites too like "Fall Again".
It reminds of me of the 2nd chance I had in life in 2010 and
is just a beautiful ballad and lullaby.
Michael's voice is GOLDEN there.

"The way you love me"
is another nice Ballad that I would have loved that Michael
would have sung LIVE one fine day.
Simply cause it doesn't matter how you talk, I'll still love you.

"We've had enough"
Is like an 'anthem' like 'Man in the mirror'.
It depicts the 'silliness' of war really.
Michael's voice really cuts through you with a plead that
'we've just had enough really'.
WHY do the soldiers come here for?
If they are for peace, why is there war?
I love how Michael can put such 'NEED to know' messages
in his songs that makes them 'anthems' really.

That is the Power of Music that you can change people's minds and
give them solace and a voice.
So, to me it is a forgotten pearl and definitely worth to
live in your collection.

~ Copyright 2015 ~


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