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Written by Daz, Inspired by E. Gates.
Section: Reflections
I recently bumped into a cool article. One written by E.Gates about his story of being an MJ fan. It inspired me to share my own thoughts on the matter.

For me, it was 1982 when suddenly my world seemed brighter as
I've 'discovered' the artist Michael Jackson through the local radio.
There was something about his voice that made me look him up in
the list. I know, it may sound odd but even reading his name,
felt like I already had a 'connection' somehow and so
I suddenly spotted him everywhere.
On TV, on the cover of magazines, his image printed on memorabilia.

Aside from the fact, I started collecting stuff and
became 'intrigued' into the life of this artist,
I experienced 'adversity' too. It seemed like all of a sudden
I got myself a ticket to be 'outcasted' somehow cause
I wasn't joining in the flock of 'dehumanising' and
'slandering' one particular 'human being' cause
he stood out in brilliance.
Michael still believed in the 'dream'.
He believed he could change the world and he did as
he was a pioneer in the music industry that 'revolutionised'
today's Music culture but what a huge toll did he pay for it!

It was only when it was too late and Michael was 'ripped' out
of our lives that the flock startled awake.
What have we done now?

Well, I will never understand why people slander, criticise or
even expose one's weakness.
Is it pure jealousy or greed? Could be the fact that they just
envy his boldness to stand up for what he believes while
others 'suffer' in silence just to 'belong' somewhere.

So through all the hardship, I did find a 'silver lining'.
While the flock adapts with every new trend while
they ultimate lose themselves in becoming ONE with
the group that will shomehow 'outcast' you if speak up.
I found a friend, a mentor, a steady rock in the vast sea of
change called life.

No matter what people claimed he was and no matter how
they tried to 'lure' me to their dark side, I stayed put and
in the end all they can do is 'respect' you.

I like to believe that Michael's 'ordeal' here on earth
hasn't been in vain cause with his passion and his perseverance,
he gathered an Army of LOVE that to this very day defend
an INNOCENT man that only wanted to make that change.

So, the term "if you can't beat them, join them"
never really worked in my case as my motto has always been
"Whatever you believe, you become"
Indeed, no matter how big the adversity is in your life,
never surrender or settle for second best.
Demand the full thang so you can get the BEST outta life cause
after all, it's YOUR life right?

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