A Star is born

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"A Star is born" 

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ. 

Section: HIStory

On August 29 in 1958, a Star was born as the 7th child in a family called Jackson that lived in Gary, Indiana. It happened on a late Summers day.

Mrs. Jackson soon to be expecting another miracle was out with her neighbour Mildred scouting the construction site of the soon to be build "Garnett Elementary School" when her water broke.

Did you exactly know that we could have easily have chanted
"RONALD" or "ROY" instead of "MICHAEL" but Mrs. Jackson wanted nothing to do with her Mum's suggestion at first when she glanced at her Newborn with his funny shaped head.

Minutes of wonderment must have passed when grandma was thinking about a 'fitting' name for her grandson when she suddenly babbled out "I've got it-- Michael! ".

While glancing into his BIG brown eyes and caressing his long fingers, she agreed that was it. Welcome Michael Jackson!

Let me take you on a trip to discover who Michael really was before
he was crowned "The King of POP". Buckle up those belts and take a deep breath!

Michael was an amazing child that stood out from his other siblings as the boisterous one always in for a prank to get himself into trouble.

When he was only 18 months, he already 'grooved' to the rhythm of the washing machine with such precociousness that he was destined to become a dancer later in life.

For now, his spunky and mischievous nature was developed beyond
his years really. What might seem fun to some was met with some
harsh resistance from his dad trying to raise his kids the 'right way'.

The first 'spunky' deed was 'registered' at the tender age of two when one day he took aim with his baby bottle and dad could just avoid the flying bottle.

Well, writing this down, I was hit by a thought that it was just 'normal' Toddler behaviour as they 'test' out the edge of their parents 'patience' and why should Michael exactly act different hey! I will just leave it in
so you can 'witness' that even 'Hollywood stars' were once just kids trying to find their space here on earth.

Maybe even the 'incident' with the hurling shoe is familiar and yeah, the time frame of 'raising' kids back in the 60's that was seen as 'BAD' behaviour that needed to be 'slapped' out of them, how harsh it sounds nowadays and believe me even Michael revealed how tough he got it.

I just think it was a different mindset that parents had then. Of course,
I will never agree on any beating or spanking cause I personally think that is NOT the right way to raise a kid but anyway I'm glad that 'customs' in parenthood changed over the years.

On a lighter note, Michael was really generous to the point that his
mum had to 'stop' him one day to ask where her bracelet went and
little Michael without a care in the world just revealed he had given it
to a teacher. Though, his mum didn't punish him for it as she saw it
was nice 'treat' in his personality to give.

Michael was very curious too to the point where he was just plain nosy sniffling in cabinets and drawers just to see what people had.

Of course, Michael wasn't only mischievous, he was kind too. He'd buy little presents for the neighbour kids and his 'first goal' in life was to
be a 'storekeeper'. He would spend all his allowance on candy and gum and then he would sell it all at the same price he got them. See, also destined to be screwed Business man.

Like any 'kid on the block' he loved to race his brothers and neighbourhood kids down the block, run into sprinklers during
Summer and play stickball just like kids do.

However, Michael's singing and dancing were never just kids' stuff though but that is for Part two where I'll talk more about how it all began that the mischievous boy from Gary was on the road to fame
and fortune.

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