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"I love the whole world of dance,
because dancing is really the emotions
through bodily movement.
However you feel, you just bring out that
inner feeling through your mood.


A lot of people don't think of the importance of it
but there's a whole psychological thing to just
letting everything loose.
Dancing is important, like laughing,
to back off tension. Escapism... It's great!

I really believe that each person has a destiny from
the day he's born and certain people have a thing that
they're meant to do. There is a reason why
the Japanese are better at technology and
a reason why the Negro race are more into Music.
You go back to Africa and the tribes and
the beating of the drums...

I love Studio 54 in New York, it's so theatrical and dramatic.
People come there as characters and it's like going to a play.
You make yourself up to be this thing and just
go crazy with the lights and the Music.
You're in another world. It's very escapist...

Escapism and wonder is influence.
It makes you feel good and that allows you to do things.
You just keep on moving ahead and you say:
'God, is this wonderful. Do I appreciate it. "

~ A view on "Escapism" by Michael Jackson ~
= Anno March 1980 =

*Featured photo*
Michael Jackson posing during
a break at his concert in Nassau Coliseum, NY, 1980.

~ MJJCommunity 2015 ~


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