MJ facts gone really really BAD

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"MJFacts gone really really Bad"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity.
Are you ready for a
'Did you know? '
MJ Facts on BAD.
The BEST selling Album of 1987 and 1988.
Then strap up and take the ride with me.

~ Did you know? ~

On November 19th in 1986, the students at Masters School in
Dobbs Ferry, a tiny hamlet in upstate NY, have a free day as
a Record company requested to film a shortfilm there.
Upon arrival of the star, they realize it's Michael Jackson that
granted them this free extra day as the school stars in the
latest shortfilm "BAD".
A 16 minute piece directed by Martin Scorsese of
a Black youth named Daryl who returns home from
a prep private school to discover that he no
longer quite fits in with his peers in his
The shortfilm is based on a true story!

The release of the first single from the new upcoming album
BAD is presponded cause MJ is not totally satisfied with.
Later in March of 1987, its announced for April.
Two tracks are already announced "Bad" and "Pyramid girl"
later confirmed as "Liberian girl".

In May 1987, Prince and Michael Jackson have a meeting in
Los Angeles set up by Quincy Jones.
BAD was meant to be a Duet but the meeting only
lasts 30 minutes as Prince declines the 'duet' and
claims that the song will be a HIT with or without his help.

MTV debuts "The Way you make me feel" video
with Tatiana Thumbtzen.
When filming the final scene in which MJ closely hugs
Tatiana, he requested the set to be cleared of anyone
who was not needed for filming.
The video, where La Toya makes her second
cameo appearance,
is directed by Joe Pytka and choreographed
by Vincent Patterson.

"Bad" is voted Best Album/ Video and Best Male Vocalist
by Smash Hits
In January 1988, MJ wins ONE American Music Award (AMA)
for Best Soul/ R&B Single
In February, MJ wins the Brit Award for
Best International Solo Artist.
On March 10th, MJ wins two Soul Train Awards for
Best Single (BAD) and Best Album Male (BAD)

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