Dangerous Facts

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"Dangerous Facts"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity.
Time to turn to the Dangerous side of it all, lol.
MJJCBlog presents you
7 Dangerous MJ facts.
Read on if you wanna take
that walk on the wildside.

~ Did you know? ~

Dangerous is the first studio album produced by Sony.
The recordings hit off in One way/Record One studio 2
in Los Angeles on June 25th (sigh) in 1990.

Over 70 songs are recorded for the album and
only 14 were chosen.
Monkey Business, She got it, Work that body and
Serious effect never make the final cut.

In october 1991, Michael pays a whopping
£ 9.732 for 2 seats on the concorde for 2 bodyguards
R.Thomas and C.Jones to bring over the master tapes of
Black & White in fear for bootleggers.
The guards are to hold on to it till they meet
the security staff in London.

Black & white which is the first single of Dangerous
feat. Slash is developed from a track which was intented for
BAD. Therefor, MJ asks Bill Bottrell to dig it out of the vault.

For the first time in 20 years, an album is released on
Thursday instead of a traditional Monday.
Threats of parallel Imports of US rackrobbers and wholesalers
would recieve the album 5 days prior to its Official release.

The Dangerous album generated 9 singles:
B&W; Remember the time; In the closet; Jam;
Who is it; Heal the world; Give into me;
Will you be there and Gone too soon.

On February 2nd, FOX - BET and MTV
simultaneously airs the 9 minute short film
"Remember the time"
the 2nd single from Dangerous.
The video feat. : Model Iman; Comedian Eddie Murphy
and Basketball Star Magic Johnson
It shows MJ's first 'on screen' kiss.
The video is directed by John Singleton.

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