Raja, the Xmas story

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" Raja; The Xmas story "
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
There is a new volunteer at ward 7.
His name is Raja.
He's someone special as the kids really connect with him.
Would he be save here or is it just a matter of
when and how he would be exposed again?

Thought it was time for a decent Xmas Story so
with no further ado, let me show you what
Xmas is all about.

"Ward 7"

Carol pushed in the secret code into a number box on the wall.
The door whizzed open only to firmly close behind her with
a thud. At first, it startled her but now she understood why as
she walked on. It was more quiet than before
maybe it didn't hide many 'lost' children now since it was
almost Xmas eve.

The ward was situated at "The little Angels Institution".
It was exactly a Hospital ward but it was more like
protective ward cause it gave 'lost' children a NEW home
for the time being.

You could also call it the 'adopt' ward where kids where
'prepped' to start a NEW life with NEW parents though that
was the 'reason' why they were 'kept' here,
the story they told the kids were,
"You're at Ward 7 and you're save here"
No need to further 'scare' those already fragile kids now, right?

Anyway, Carol was heading to a specific room to meet
Jacob again. Well, to make a long story short,
she married Casper Gale and then 'discovered'
she couldn't give him any kids.
As married couple with a steady blooming business in
art supplies they could afford an adoption and
most important of all they were 'eligible'.

As you know, they won't send any kid to any household
without the proper procedure.

"Hey Missus Gale"
"Oh, hello nurse..." She checked out her name badge and
then called out her name 'Carmen'.

She peeked at his door.
"How is Jacob doing today? "
"He's doing fine" she replied as she walked towards his room.
Carol followed her and indeed Jacob laid there so
peacefully asleep.

"Wow, how did you manage that? "
slipped out of her mouth and then she lowered
her head in shame.

Jacob was quite a handful though or was he just scared?
He had lost his dad and bro and his mum just abandonned him.
Maybe, that is WHY Carol 'chose' him cause she really didn't
get it HOW a mum could just leave him to die.

"Well, I don't like to brag but it seems we have a new volunteer that
does the 'graveyard' shift and I really don't know HOW
he does it but the ward has never been so quiet in ages."
Carol only smiled at her comment as she checked out
of the room again, no need to wake up this
'sleeping dragon' right?
Though, she had one request though.

"You know his name? "
"Of who? "
"The NEW volunteer? "
"Oh, his name is Raja. All I know" she shrugged.
"Okay, see you laters"


She came home only to find him getting ready for work.
I know the store was only OPEN a few hours in the afternoon.
They could have closed it for the Xmas holidays and that
would be really 'legit' but holidays really don't apply to
'creative' souls they need to have their 'creative flow' flowing!

"Hey Hun, how's Jacob today? "
She only smiled at first.
"What? " He wondered as he checked out the gear
he was wearing.
"Do I need to change again? They do drool on it."
"Let me check"
He presented his tummy towards her but all she did was
check his nameplate.

"Go work your Magic now, Raja"
"Yeash, Ma'am" he silly saluted her.
"Was the ward busy? " He only asked
"No, quieter than ever."

He checked the clock.
"I think I need to go now"
He tried to wriggle out of her grip and she only
released him after she kissed him.
"Thank you"
"You're welcome" he only replied as he put on his coat
above his white T-shirt with his nametag on and
he only wore black sweatpants.

"Wait! " She called out to him.
He turned around looking a little flustered.
"I'll drive yé... Oh, Hush...
I'll drop you off on the parkinglot, Raja. "

"You like the name? "
"Well, must have a special meaning like
Casper or Christopher or Michael! "
He squirmily looked around in case anyone overheard them
but they were 'savely' in the car, PHEW!
" You must think I'm silly but I just don't want to lose you but
I need this job for you know? "
"Yeah, I do sweet. You can't just take
the MICHAEL out of you, hey or you'll go MAD, right? "

"Raja means... Nah... silly! "
He fretted fumbling his hands together.
"You my dear. You never say anything silly and besides,
it's wise to choose a 'random' or 'different' name so they
will never find us. That is what this is so important to keep
a low profile."
It made him sigh though. Vulnerable, he glanced at her.
"You think, I could get in trouble with this again? "
She briefly looked at him and then back at the road again.
"WHY? " Was her only query again.
"I'm acting like a fool again.
The one that used to be named Michael"
"NO... NO... " she repeated as she gripped the steering wheel.
"I told you YOU should do whatever your heart tells you to do.
That is why we have the ART store and that is why you're
Raja in couple of minutes."
"Okay, you gotta stop me when I go too far, right? "
"Sure, Babe. A promise is a promise! "

She hurled the car onto the parkinglot.
"We have reached your destination! " She called out like any
GPS system would do but he didn't get the 'punchline' as
he checked the clock on the dashboard.
"Ah darn. Now, I'm late."
"Have fun, dear and give my love to Jacob."
He only nodded as he waved.
"I'll pick you up"
She hollered but it was too late he was already 'swallowed'
by the hospital as it looked like.
Off to be a 'guardian angel' or just 'Raja'.

"Graveyard shift"

"Sowwy, I'm late." He busted into the place.
"The Missus insisted on driving me" He rolled his eyes.
"The Missus? You're married? "
One nurse commented as she had that sad glare in her eyes.
He showed his silver weddingring and glared at it for a moment.
Of course, he loved her but 'low profile' remember?

"How are things here? " he switched on his 'PRO' feature.
She got out the charts and presented him with a sheet
with the current 'lost souls' in their care.
He scanned them and noticed ONE was missing.
She picked up his 'vibe' and told him the GOOD news.

"Ben had his Xmas gift today. "
"Oh yeah, he was really excited. I wish him all the best. Okay,
let's do the rounds."
"I'll leave you to it. You know where you can find me, right? "
"Yeash, Ma'am"
Of course, he didn't have the ward to himself.
There were always 2 'night' nurses on duty but his work
was 'valuable' and 'appreciated' by everyone really.

He entered a room and a boy came rushing towards him.
"RAJA RAJA RAJA" He hollered chrashing him to him.
"Yeash, Sir" he saluted him.
"Will you rock me to sleep, Raja?"
"Well, that is why I'm here for, right? " He only stated.
"Go ahead and grab your blanket."
He plunged into the rocking chair and the boy who looked like
an 'overgrown' baby now cause he was already 11,
cuddled himself against him wrapping himself in his blanket.
Silently, Raja rocked him to sleep and then
carefully put him in bed.

He was still tucking him in when the nurse
doomed up next to him.
"I guess you're needed in room 5" she whispered at him.
One last look at Robert and off he was to room 5 with
the night nurse on his tail.

He found the distraught boy in the corner of the room
hidden under the table.
"Hey" he peeked under the table.
"What you doing there? "
The boy only shivered pointing at the other nightnurse.
She stood there like a 'first grade' teacher with
her hands in her hips and all he did was shake his head.
"I'll take it from here now."
He tried to whisk her away but she won't have it.
I guess she was testing her 'boundaries' as NEW nurse.
So, the other night nurse had to 'lure' her away.


"Can I join you there? "
The boy didn't confirm his request but still Raja insisted on
making a fort for tonite. He grabbed his blanket from the bed
and drapped it over the table. The boy was only watching
his actions to evaluate if they were harmless or not.

"She scared you, didn't she? "
The boy only nodded but kept his distance for now as
they heard some quarrel in the other room.
So risky to hire NEW people!

"Cool fort, ain't it? " He continued his plea to
ease the boy's mind.
"You can take a nap now, I'll stand guard to protect you
from the heifer. You know, that is a cow?
She sure acted like one, hey! "
It made the boy smile somehow though he kept his position.
Raja knew you had to be very patient with boys like Jacob.
Respect their space and certainly not push them
to act like 'nothing' had happened to them.

Minutes passed and the boy dozed off as
he felt he could trust that man.
Raja just took another blanket and tucked him in.
No need for the standard
'you need to sleep in your bed' stuff as
calming him down was the main goal.

He quietly exited the room and bumped into
the matron or Boss of the ward.
"Oh, excuse me" he gently spoke.
"Raja, everything alright? "
"Yeash sure, Ma'am" he only replied as he went off
to another room as there were other kids who needed
his TLC for the night.


He entered Margot's room and was puzzled for a moment as
he didn't locate her but he knew by now that they often
sought refuge under tables and beds like it would somehow
protect them from the world.
He peeked under her bed.
"Ah, there you are my sweet."
She did manage to smile at him though and
he patiently waited till she popped out again
whirling her little body in her flowered nightdress.

"You ready for a story? "
"Yeash, Raja"
She quickly nestled herself in her bed and he began to read
her fave story that was "Peter Pan".
Trouble ahead? Nah, its just a bedtime story, right?


I guess the 'mayhem' erupted when he sang her to sleep as
it was just part of the story.
"Clouds in the sky soaring up so high..."

I know, 'mayhem' is stretching it a bit but still as he came out
of the room, he was busted by...
You guessed it? The blopody NEW nurse indeed...
Clinging to him and squealing out his name.
"What 'you doing here? I missed you"
She hugged him so tight and he was like 'frozen in time'.

Though, Raja simply peeled her off and entered another room
finding that boy asleep yet.
Well, not every 'lost soul' was as troubled as
the ones he first put asleep though.
She blocked his way as he tried to exit the room.
Stern, he glanced at her and even that 'turned' her on.
Of course, the Boss was alarmed by now.
She both called them in her office to sort this out.

'Michael' aka Raja sat there blushing and even now
he wanted to hide under that table too.
The Boss was ranting to the nurse and as he
glanced at the nurse he saw she just wanted
to flee the scene too.

"Apologize to Raja! "
She seemed lost for words now as she made a fool
of herself there and maybe even jeopardized her job.
"I'mmmm sooorrrr" she stuttered.
"Raaajjjaa" she hardly uttered.

As humble as he always is, he excused himself too.
He promised to keep a low profile and didn't mean
to make a specactle of himself.

The Boss was strict however.
"You're not the one that should apologize.
You're the guardian angel here now.
Hell, you saved my ward here. You don't wanna know
how many nurses I had to sack before you came.
I know its a tough ward but still dignity and respect is
a key factor here and... "
she glared at the new night nurse.
"... You surely didn't show it there... Why is it that people
can never get over that damned fame thingy.
Raja is a valued volunteer here. No matter who he was
in a previous job. You are dismissed, Carmen. "
With only a little nod she left the office.

"Mr. Gale"

"I'm sorry Mr. Gale"
He only nodded 'yeash'.
"You're welcome! I do mean that you are valued here.
I must confess that I wish you could do more hours.
4 is the max for volunteers here but I respect that
you have another business too. How is it going? "

He frowned his forehead for a moment and
then snapped out of it.
"Oh, the art store? It's fine" he answered a little distracted.
She smiled at him.
"Well, I hope she hasn't scared yé. We don't want to miss you.
Your 'secret' is save with us."
He only sighed and seemed defeated somehow.
Some heifer always had to screw it up, hey?
Or was he the loser that always seemed to mess it up?

"I'll protect yé" she tried to ease his mind as
she saw the turmoil in his eyes or was it the fact
he was biting his nails. He always did that when he was upset.

Worried and defeated, he glared into her eyes.
He suddenly felt exhausted.
"Can I go home now, please? "
"Of course, is the Missus picking you up? "
He only shrugged as he felt like 'lost in translation' now.
All these emotions were brewing in him.
Sadness, anger, disappointment.
Could he bottle them up much longer now?

"I'll take you home myself" she finally stated.
"I can't bear it to see you hurt like this.
I do hope you consider to stay on though.
This is a 'protected' ward so you're save here too."
In disbelieve, he glanced at her.
"I know, I'm sorry. She's new. She had good credentials so..."
She sighed as she left the office together with Raja.

He was glad the ward was quiet now as it would have
been tougher to leave if anyone still needed him.
The Boss assured him again that actions would be taken
and she didn't wanted to lose him cause
he carried the 'spirit of Xmas' in him after all.

"Don't let your talent be diminished by those who can
only gloat and glare at ye.
You're more than just "MJ the product".
You're a gift to a mankind.
One that few people will ever understand.
So please stay! If only for the kids.
I'll be your 'Raja', alright? "

That made him smile though and all
he could say was thank you.

"Let me take you home, okay?
Get a good night rest and I'll see you tomorrow again."
Raja only nodded as he took a seat in her car.
See, there are always "Raja's" to save your bacon, lol.

"Casper? "

Of course, the Missus was worried when the Boss from
the ward brought him home hours before his shift ended.
She explained what happened and assured him that it
would be okay if he only 'trusted' her.
Now, that was a challenge to take head on, right?

Then again, after his Missus had persuaded him too that
this was the RIGHT job for him, he humbly presented himself
at Ward 7 again.
Just to fullfill his 'prophecy' or 'Mission' we all have here.

~ Copyright 2015 for MJJCommunity ~

This is a FICTIONAL story only


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