The Dream

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The dream

"The Dream"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
As the NEW year begins and we make resolutions
to start off the new year 'crisp and clean'
MJJCBlog offers you these
'inspiring' MJ quotes to start off the new year
with new hopes and dreams.

"I really believe that each person has a destiny
from the day he is born and certain people have a thing that
they're meant to do. "

"There is a reason God made the sunset red or purple or green.
It's beautiful to look at - it's a minute of joy -
There is a reason why we see rainbows after rain or
a forest where the deer come out.
That is wonder, that is escapism - it touches your heart -
there is no danger in that.
Escapism and wonder is influence."

"What a person says means so much. It can change
a person's whole opinion of another person. "

"There really aren't any words to descrive how I feel about
reading. I just wish I could spend more time reading
because I love it so much.
I can get so lost in a book that I forget who I am,
what is around me and where I am.
Philosophy is my favourite subject.
What's so great about reading is that there might
be something that you feel or want to say and
you'll come across it as a line in a book.
You can sometimes read in one line something you've
spent a lifetime trying to work out "

"There is a whole psychological reason for those cartoons
about good against evil.
We have Superman and all those other Heroes so that
we can go out into life and try to be something"

"When I approach a project,
I put my whole heart and soul into it
because I really care about what I do,
I put everything I can into it"

"I happen to be colour blind. I don't hire colour.
I hire competence. The individual can be of any race, creed
as long as I get the BEST. "

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