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"Simply Bliss"
Complied by Daz, Inspired by MJJC
They say a picture can speak a thousand words.
Well last year, this COOL idea dropped into my lap and
a thread on MJJC was born.
Today, I'd like to share one of those 'storypiccies' that
made quite an impression.


When I look at this picture...

I see a man who just performed, given his all.
The pure love on his face, shows me that he is satisfied with the
result. He's proud on his team and thankful to God, his family and
his forever dedicated fans, without them he never would have come
this far. He's tired though, exhausted actually.
He's waiting for the person he loves to take him home.

When I look at this here picture...
I see someone who loved doing what he was doing. Someone who
was loved by many, and loved many. I see a dancer. A father.
A son. A lover. A friend. A companion.
Someone who puts their blood, sweat, and tears into what they do.
Last but not least....
I see the Man in The Mirror.

It was a part of the act. No, not all of it. The dancing and the singing,
that obviously came from within. That was real, of course.
He knew it was real not because he'd been doing it all his life or
because of the lyrics he wrote or anything like that. But because
he didn't have to think about it. He didn't think about any of it.
It just comes. Like a cosmic exchange of energy, something divine,
just waiting to work its magic through him. Waiting patiently to
escape in a one-of-a-kind shared experience of the soul.
Of many souls. Thats how he felt when he performed.
Action and Reaction. Cause and Effect. The Physical and the Spiritual.
That was what was truly real - looking out and seeing thousands of
people singing the same song. Enjoying the same bliss he was
enjoying. He could feel their energy. He knew they could feel his.
Just like those great performers he used to look up to back in the day.
Those great showmen. They would have the audience in the palm of
their hands. They would be able to change people. They would touch
the truth in people. He remembered watching, seeing it happen,
feeling it happen. That energy was always power, especially when
you're aware of it and boy, was Michael aware of it.

Now he commanded the stage himself, just like the greats before him.
He felt himself embody his idols. Embody his predecessors.
Embody his own soul. Embody the audience. Embody the dance.
Embody every note and every emotion. And when he came down
from the adrenaline, he got right back up and did it all over again.
Energy like this often came in a blur. Moments. Fragments.
Blink and its gone and you have to remind yourself that it happened.
One day you're singing at the Apollo, the next day you're selling out
stadiums. The next day, you leave it all behind to go on to the next
thing. You keep moving so that you never stop. You keep moving so
that you never lose what is real.

But tonight. Tonight was different. Tonight he decided to take
a risk and stop. It was a part of the act of course. Go backstage.
They hand you a bottle of water. You drink it. You take off that jacket.
Put on this jacket. The lighting guys do their thing. You grab
the suitcase and you go back out. It was the song everyone
wanted to hear. But of course you gotta let it simmer!
Its all about the anticipation. He wanted them on the edge of
their seat. It was a game and he wanted to play. Everyone was
in on it. Even the audience.

But as he walked, a single spotlight on him as usual, he looked out
at the sea of people who decided to join him and conversate with
him that night. Michael put his suitcase on the ground, sat down,
and stopped. And to his surprise, he didn't truly stop,
though his body did. The energy kept going. It had a life of its own.
He saw the signs, he spotted a few faces, individuals, in the massive
swarm of people. Crying and screaming. So much love, so much
emotion. So much joy. He had only one thought.
God, you're beautiful. The love was pure and innocent, and he could
feel it. And through the sweat beneath his shirt, the excitement and
exhaustion in his feet and his lungs, just itching to return that love
ten fold.

He sat in the bliss of knowing that he already did. This energy was
pulsating through all of them. Through Michael, through the band,
through the dancers, through the audience. They were one.
And it would never die. And this was real. And this was home.

"It's not about the suitcase and what's in it," he thought.
"It's about sharing, and connection, and the power of love. I will take
this moment and enjoy, in stillness, our ecstatic union through
music and dance...(He smiled)
...such a lovely, quiet moment of mutual understanding and respect
and admiration, because I know deeply that the meaning of life is
to find your gift... and the purpose of life is to give it away."

These are my thoughts of Bliss...
"... It was yet another night on stage as I felt the soft breeze carress
my cheeks and the night wind play with my hair but afraid was I not
cause my soul felt happy and a serene feeling of "this is where I
belong" took master of me.
Okay, I am Michael Jackson, the one with the Hollywood star and
millions of fans that adore me but I am just chilling here on stage
just living in the moment. I wish more people would do that.
Just be still for a moment and smile with your soul and let it radiate
to all the corners of the world. I have to admit this is one of
my fave moments on stage cause you feel the energy of everyone
radiating through yƩ and although I am up here on stage feeling
secure on my spot, I see their shadows and their glows of love and
fill every fibre of my soul with love and courage that everything
will be okay in the end cause I would always have them on my side.
My fans are the best..."

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