Indian Red

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Indian Red

"Indian Red"
Written by Daz Inspired by SarahJ
Exclusive for MJJCommunity
Dated May 1984, I read an article in a popular Magazine
about MJ's ancestors and the 'fact' popped up that
"Jackson" isn't their 'real' ancestory name.
Discover here all about it.

Well, at first I thought it wasn't a 'credible' source but then
curiously I researched it on an 'valid' ancestory database and
yes, the story I'm about to tell you is in fact 'true' and
somehow 'unknown' in the MJ Community.
So, keep locked for this 'exclusive' story only on

The story is told by Verna Brown Michael's 'great great aunt'
She begins the story by revealing that they are the descendants
of the Choctaw Indians so that is what Michael meant in
an interview he gave in the early 80's.
"Bill, who were my people? "
"Indian Red" he answered.

In the beginning of the 19th Century,
July Gale was hired as a guide by the US Army.
His duty was to give them a safe passage through
uncharted territory.

He was a real loner till the day he met a 'girl'
named Gina. She was the prettiest girl he ever laid eyes on so
he fell 'head over heels' in love with her.
Soon, they got together and she gave him a son, Nero.

The people Gina worked for called her husband, July
"Jack" so Nero was "Jack's son".
Nero didn't have an easy life but when Lincoln put a stop
to the 'slavery trade' Nero vowed he would become rich.
He learnt a lot of Indian 'remedies' from his father and soon
he became well known as the 'Medicine man' in the community.

When Nero died in 1934 he left all his possessions to
his 21 children where Michael's grandfather Samuel is one off.
(Samuel Jackson is seen in the picture above)

Cause of the 'great depression' in the 30's they had
to sell their 300 acres land to oil companies.
Samuel did have a 'bright' future as he was sent to University
at the tender age of 15. His dream was to be a teacher.
When he got a joboffer in Arkansas, he didn't have enough fare
so he had to walk about 62 miles to reach his destination.
He luckily got the job and met the 'love of his life' there.

One of his students, the 16 year old Chrystalee King was
'a match made in heaven' as they say.
Just 7 months into their marriage, she gave him a son
they named "Joseph". Later on, they had two more children.
Luther and Verna. Sadly, they lost Verna when she was only 11.

When Joe was 21, he moved to Gary -Indiana- where he
of course fell in love with the Beautiful Katherine Scruse.
They had 10 children and I'm sorry
to burst everyone's bubble here but Michael was exactly
the 8th child if you don't 'ignore' Marlon's twinbrother
"Brandon", I know he only lived 24 hours but
he's "Jackson" or should it be a "Gale" afterall.

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