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"Not Forgotten"
Review by Daz for MJJCommunity
So anyone watched the Superbowl 50
with the beautiful Tribute to MJ?
Let me just jump on the bandwagon lol
and write my review on the Superbowl 50
Here it goes!

Honestly, I have to start the review by confessing it's been ages
since I watched the damn show as to what
could 'top' MJ's performance dated from 1993, right?

Then, I saw all these pictures and 'comments' pop up on
'social media' and I decided to just 'have my say' too, lol.

Well, curious I watched the show on YT and
I honestly have to say I felt a lot of love and unity.
'Coldplay' was not so 'cold' lol as the frontman reminded me of
Michael connecting with the fans and just celebrating life.

Beyoncé was dressed to impress and had that 'MJ feel' to it.
Bruno Mars was sleek and smart with his Hooligans lol
and when they 'interacted' with each other,
I couldn't help to think about the MJ Influence of
"The way you make me feel".
You know 'Boy chase Girl'' stuff or was it the other way around.

This Superbowl performance showed off
the 'grandeur' of what a Superbowl is...
Simply a celebration
complete with synchronized dancers and
fireworks and a wonderful display of L.O.V.E

I'm really chuffed that they haven't 'forgotten'
MJ's "Influence" that is still huge in the Music Industry and
an 'inspiration' to these days 'Stars' that rock the place now
and just continue the legacy.

It felt like a real party where every artist was honored as
they shown 'flashbacks' of previous Superbowls.

So all there is left to say is
Happy 50th Anniversary SuperBowl.

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