The Legacy lives on

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"The Legacy lives on"
This 'review' is written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Have you seen the fitting Tribute to MJ on
this year's Grammy's with
Miguel performing "She's out of my life" ?
Read on to discover WHY it really

On this years Grammy's,
The R&B star Miguel performed "She's Out of My Life" to
commemorate the upcoming reissue of 'Off the Wall'
as well as Spike Lee's NEW documentary about
the 1979 classic album.
Greg Phillinganes, the original keyboardist on the song,
will back Miguel during the performance.
To watch the video of Miguel 'fitting tribute' ...
Pop into the Official FB page of #MJJCommunity

So yesterday, this video popped up and
I admit 'blushingly' I've always been quite sceptical concerning
'MJ Tributes' as they always just gave me a 'sting' in my heart
to realize we have lost MJ just 'too soon' but
this 'Tribute' somehow 'BEDAZZLED' me
as it simply was done in the TRUE MJ spirit.

The 'orginal' video of MJ shown in the background
blended so perfectly with the smooth voice of Miguel.
That I thought:
"This is what MJ's Legacy is all about...
You take an 'unknown' and 'rising' R&B star with
a lot of passion and BAM ...
You got a wonderful fitting Tribute to MJ that shows that
Michael Jackson's Legacy will live on into
the NEXT generation of 'soulful' artists as MJ 'paved'
the pathway to success all walk on now. "

Yes indeed, I used to 'fret' that no one could do
a decent MJ Tribute but that was just the 'grief' talking, I'm sure.
What I realize is more 'important' now is that
Michael Jackson is still an Inspiration to shine,
to dare to cultivate that hidden talent in you.

Okay, life will never be the same again without MJ
but at least others can reach the light through MJ's
inspiration and that is what really
"BEDAZZLED" me as...

"You can kill the dreamer but you can't kill the dream as
it lives on in our hearts. The only thing we have to dare
is express our talent and in that way MJ's Legacy will thrive."

This is what I 'felt' when I watched this 'Tribute'.
Thank you, Miguel!

To 'Respectfully' discuss the 'tribute' you can do so
by hitting this thread on #MJJCForum

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