The reason why

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"The reason why"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Last week, waves of "Deja vu's" washed over me.
Especially if that someone is a Pop Icon cause
you almost drown in a sea of people that stand ashore
screaming there is no water around you.
Then, I bumped into this cool quote explaining the reason WHY.

Last week, we lost another Pop Icon named 'Prince'.
Waves of grief washed over me as I was like catapulted back to 2009
when we lost Michael Jackson.
Though I realized that my grief over MJ is somehow 'healed' ,
I did feel the pain and despair Prince fans are going through as
they have to say 'goodbye' to him too like we had to do.

I know the frustration that they may 'bump' into to WHY
we grief people we never really met or spoken too.
Try to explain they are such a HUGE part of your life as
their 'presence' here and
their 'music' helped you through life's darkest moments.

Then, I bumped into this 'awesome' quote' posted on Twitter:
"Thinking about how we mourn artists we've never met.
We don't cry because we knew them,
we cry because they helped us know ourselves."
~ Juliette ~

That just wraps up the whole reason WHY we mourn our Pop Icons as
they are our 'role models' and our 'light in the darkness'.
It is through them that we indeed 'blossom' open and
'discover' ourselves.
We stand up for them when they are slandered.
We support them in rally's to make sure they are treated with Respect.
Pop Icons just shatter all the boundaries and bring people together.
They are 'invaluable' to our society yet they leave us too soon.

So next time, someone screams there is no water for you to drown in,
you got something 'witty' to say now.
We mourn and cry as through them we discover ourselves and
the world around us.
We bond with 'mind like' people.
We discover that life has more to offer if we can be as
brazenly as our Pop icons.
We dare to dream of a better tomorrow.
We dream the impossible dream.
We become the BEST part of ourself and all
through the 'connection' we have with our Pop icons.

So let us grief and preserve their legacy as
they have given their lives so we could live a 'better' one.

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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