Too cheeky

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"Too Cheeky"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Hello MJJCFam
Topic of today is #yourFaveMJInterview"
We all have one or two where MJ is sweet or even cheeky.
Setting the record straight or just revealing an exciting project.
I'll reveal mine and you can share yours too.

So here it goes!
I will brazenly go for the "Diane Sawyer Interview with LMP".
Yeash, I'm aware of the 'eyerolls' that there are other
'nicer' interviews with MJ but the reason why
this is my fave one is simply cause
I've hardly seen MJ being so 'cheeky' and 'vibrant' in an interview.
I mean, we know the 'reserved and shy' MJ that gives him a good
impression but never mind the 'annoying' interviewer nor
the sore face of LMP being 'teased'.

I don't want to start a 'war' here on LMP.
So please keep your comments nice and decent towards her.

The simply fact that MJ is so 'boisterous' during that
whole interview gives it a new 'dimension' to who MJ really is.
The 'prankster' and yeash, the man 'in love' too.
It was a 'side' of MJ that made me love him even more.

So when this topic popped up on #MJJCForum
that particular interview was the first thing that came to mind
simply cause it made a 'profound' effect on me.
MJ as 'brazen' as he gets.

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