The girl is mine

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"The girl is mine"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Today we pop back to the very beginning
to where the Magic erupted simply by
listening to an MJ song on the radio.
Topic of today is #FirstSongofMJ
Let us know what song changed your life!

They say that Music can heal you in so many ways through
melodies, a soothing or uplifting voice, the message hidden in one
or even the person who sings the song can
alter your life for the better.

No, it's not some 'lame' commercial that 'promises' you
an 'Illusion' as I 'lived' it as long as I can remember.
Well one day, October 1982, to be precise changed my life forever.
I was about 10 and casually listening to the radio when suddenly
I heard this ‘intriguing’ voice during a song.
My world stopped spinning for a moment and when
the next song hit the radio waves, I checked out which song it was.
“The girl is mine” it read by
“Michael Jackson and Paul Mc Cartney”
It felt like I knew this name and it instantly put a smile on my face like
when you 'reconnect' with someone.

What was your first MJ song you heard that made
a 'click' inside your head and how old were you then?
Tell us all about it when you pop into this thread :

We'd loved to hear all your stories of how it all began.

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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