The romantic fling

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the romantic fling

" The romantic fling "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #SpendTimewithMJ
How would you like to spend the day with MJ?
What would you have liked to see MJ still acomplish?
All here revealed in this #MJJCBlog
with the link to share your thoughts too.

Today marks like a sad day but instead of sitting there
all wrapped up in gloom. I prefer to dream as it is
the only thing left to do when you're faced with
the harsh reality of missing someone dear like Michael.

#TopicOfToday is #SpendTimeWithMJ
I would not do anything 'fancy' though. I would just invite him in
for some coffee and cake and just let him talk about every subject
he wants to chat about. I'm sure it would be even more
entertaining then just the request 'sing and dance for me'.
Of course, I'd slip in the 'request' to have a hug but
who can resist, hey!
I would really love to know what inspired him and
what makes him get up in the morning and stuff like that.

As you can share your thoughts below in the thread,
you can spot there is a second thought hidden in it.
It goes as following #MJGoals is simply
what would you have liked that MJ still acomplished IF
of course that #awfulDay didn't happen almost 7 years ago.

When I have the courage to watch the last rehearsals,
thoughts of MJ being a film director crosses my mind.
It would have been awesome to see the credits rolling by
with his name in the 'Directed by' line.
I know, we have seen this in the credits of the shortfilms but
you know what I mean. A FULL movie like The Wiz or Moonwalker.
Oh, any subject MJ likes.
Just imagine, a movie in the Horror genre or
even some Romantic fling lol.
I'm sure MJ would have made Blockbuster movies and
just 'reinvent' himself to a STAR Director.

So if you would love to share and discuss your thoughts and
aspirations about these topics,
Please pop into this thread.

Keep on dreaming!

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