Miss Scream

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Miss Scream

"Miss Scream"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #MJScreamsWithJJ
I know, it is a 'hypotechnical' question but
do you ever wish that MJ and JJ performed Scream together?
Yes or Hell No!
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I'm going straight for the kill and reveal my bold answer
in the first paragraph.
It screams "YEASH"
No seriously when I bumped into this query, a 'forgotten' thought
popped into my mind. I used to be disappointed that MJ performed
"Scream" all alone on the HIStory tour and see I never told anyone.
It would have been great to see Janet strutting her BAD self
on stage and see the beautiful chemistry between
two souls connected through
Blood and passion for dance and entertainment.
It would have been a nice path to introduce her to the MJ fam and
just create Magic on stage like they did in the video.
We can only wonder to WHY it never happened.
I did love the 'hypotechnical' thought of them
opening the VMA's in 1995 that would have been quite
a BLAST I'm sure.

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