The best days of my life

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" The best days of my life "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
The #TopicOfToday award goes to #SeeingMJLive.
Have you ever seen MJ Live?
I was Blessed to see MJ Live on many occassions.
This is my story however you can share yours too
here on #MJJCommunity.

I've been Blessed to see MJ about 13 times that would be
9 concerts, 3 parties and one Demo but going into detail here
would make this Blog into a novel so I'll just stick to #SeeingMJLive.

The first time I ‘felt’ Michael was during one of his BAD concerts.
I was so damn nervous. I could hardly eat and I lost so much weight.
Yep, I was the usual teenager with a crush on someone.
That someone was Michael Jackson though!
The concert was MAGICAL!
My friend saw how the LOVE strolled out of my eyes and
I was on cloud 9 for sure during the concert.

8 more concerts followed the 'line up'.
Prague, Amsterdam, London, Ostend, Germany (MJ & Friends)
and New York (MSG).
Still I regret I missed the Dangerous tour.
Ah, sometimes life gets in the way hey.
I made up for it though, I was able to see 6 History concerts!

An MJ Concert is truly SPECIAL and
‘tough’ to explain if you haven’t ‘felt’ it.
I feel at HOME in Michael’s presence.
That’s the only right word for it.
The 3 Wembley concerts were absolutely FABULOUS!
I did meet my friends and new fans and we had one day
burning sun and the other pouring rain. We had NO shelter,
minimum on food and drink but who needs that
if you’re close to Michael!
Ah, the things you do for Michael hey!

I even went to ‘MJ & friends’ in Germany, Munich in 1999.
We went with a whole group and my friend and I even
got a green bracelet as we’re talking about the 13 hours on that bus.
The security guy overhearing our convo smiled at us and
he invited us to the VIP section of the field.
We were so proud and it was ‘Bliss’ for a moment but
then I did get the shock of my life though as
during “Earth song” Michael had the ‘accident ‘with the bridge.
Always a daredevil, hey!
You could see he was in such pain through the rest of his show but
Michael is a PRO and he didn’t want to cause ‘hysteria’ so
he continued ’till the last note.
We exactly had to jump away for the speeding ambulance so
we dreaded to go back home.
It was really kind of Michael to ‘invite’ fans to his room the next day
he was out of hospital as he knew we were worried how he was.

Last but not least, there was MSG!
Michael’s 30th Anniversary concert.
That was really cool and I still can’t believe I was there LIVE!
I saw Michael only on the 7th cause I just booked 4 days NY.
The ticket was quite expensive so I could only afford one that
'gobbled' up all my savings lol.

I also did see MJ on MJDay10 in London in 2001 and
the Killer Thriller Party in 2002.
In July 2002, I saw Michael for the 'very last' time during
the Sony demo and then at the Fan award party in NY.
Being in MJ's presence was all worth it though and
I cherish every moment I spend in his 'glow'.

If you have seen MJ Live and want to share your story?
Pop in here



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