Half of me

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Half of me

"Half of me"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #SongAppreciation.
The winner today is #Threatened. Is it your favorite?
Yes, why you love it? Would you have loved the #shortfilm?
Don't feel threatened though,
join us in #discussing this awesome song.

"Half of me you’ll never be, so you should feel threatened by me"
Is just one 'haunting' line from this awesome song on Invincible.
I think it's again a perfect 'album closer' that makes you reel for more.
I love the whole 'eerie' feel of it and I would have loved to
see a shortfilm with that 'horror' kinda theme again.
According to a chat interview dated in October 2001
MJ was really eager to shoot that shortfilm.
"Michael: I can't wait to do Threatened. It's a kind of scary one with
Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone. I can't wait to get
my hands on that one."

The beauty of MJ's songs is that they always have a story hidden
in them. Nicely lurking between the Bass and the Melody.
Not just any story, MJ has a quirky way of 'inserting' either
Classic Music or Classic movie scenes into his songs so
in that way, you even get more out of the song than
just a 'regular' pop song.
It's like a 'lesson' hidden in a 'game' you know.
It just hit me right now lol thinking about it.
What if the "Thriller" version of "This is it" is really
what MJ 'envisioned' for "Threatened" as when
we see in the rehearsals the performance does end with
the "Threatened" tune or is that just a grasp too far here.

So, don't feel threatened by these thoughts and
join us to #Discuss this awesome song.


It's just the beginning!

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