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Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #ConnectionWithMJ or
simply #WhatIsitAboutMJ
The connection we have with MJ is something unique.
Why do we feel so connected?
Why do we miss him so much?

Okay back on the 'tough' topic of June lol.
No seriously, I was in my fave store browsing and there
was a shelf with Pop star mugs and somehow I was
searching for MJ knowing all too well he won't be among them and
I already own one.
Still my heart wanted to smile at seeing his image which
brings us to the #TopicOfToday.
It's a question that most friends, parents and relatives
'press on' about.
What is it about MJ that makes him so special that
makes you love him and no one else?
I hate to say I'm always 'reluctant' to answer it as
they can' t simply 'grasp' what we feel for MJ.
Anyway, the connection we all feel with Michael is simply
said in ONE word that wraps up the whole convo.
So, you see how you get those 'oh' looks but never mind them.
My heart feels an 'instant' SOUL connection whenever
I hear Michael's name or just see his image and
my soul just smiles.
It is true, I grieved a long time over Michael and
some days it feels like I'm back at square one again but
I'm stronger these days since it's been 7 years now.
OMG, what does time whoosh by hey!
Michael will always be that special person my soul fell in love
with when I was only a kid.
Michael has that radiant aura that transcends even through
his name, his image or his visual on a TV screen.
He can really make you 'zone out' and 'stop your world' for a minute.

If you'd like to share and read other stories of
our #ConnectionWithMJ then pop in here

Michael, Always loved and Forever missed
~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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