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Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#OnThisDay we always #CelebrateJustice4MJ
June 13th will always be a Glorious day to remember
even after 11 years the day's events are still
'crystal clear' in our minds.
Today we reminisce.

Well, this is still #TopicOfToday as we are June 13th today.
I will always remember this day as a glorious one with
renewed hope and faith for the future.
Blasting his music loud at work being proud that
Justice was served and MJ fully "exonerated" from
any wrong doing whatsoever.

As years crawled by, the 'after shock' of this whole ordeal
was somehow still 'festering' inside him like a forest on fire and
I just went OMG at the thought that it took only 4 years of
"Innocence" before the Lord took him Home.
Michael did try very hard to shine again and
I really admire his courage for never giving up when
all seemed lost as he knew that he had so much support and
love to keep him afloat during those darkest hours.
So, I'm overcome with a bittersweet feeling of Victory and Diminish.
That day however Michael knew he had 'raised' us well.
His 'soldiers of L.O.V.E' stood tall and unwavering by his side.
He could conquer any storm now!

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