The shattered dream

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" The shattered dream "

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity

#OnThisDay, July 8th Michael should have been

"the light of the world" hitting off with his final tour.

Sadly, some dreams shatter right in front of you!

So #TopicOfToday, I'd like to dedicate to #ThisIsIt


Today here, I 'd like to take the time to remember

this 'shattered dream' to honor MJ with Respect.

Today, it would have been 7 years since the start of his

final curtain call. Yeash, do you still cringe about it?

Or have you moved on already and this

'shattered dream' is somwhere save locked in a box in your head?

Today, the box just pops up and 'bittersweet' feelings

seep out of it staining the corners of my brain.

It used to be my 'lifeline' when it first came to the cinemas.

I saw it 7 times there. It was like 'we are going to see MJ' instead

of 'going to the movies'. I watched it a lot on DVD and even have

the BluRay which is 'creepy real' cause it 'feels' like

you can 'reach out' for him. I did love it and was hooked on it for years and suddenly

it got too much somehow and my brain started to 'revolt' seeing it.

Now, I can't even look at "This is it" piccies or hear the song or

my blood starts to boil lol. Funny how it can 'affect' you so much hey!

Anyway, when I was able to watch it in the 'early years' of

MJ's 'departure' I thought it was the BEST thing.

I would have loved to see just ONE concert cause

it felt like he was back though he never left the scene but

it would have been a MAJOR HIT for sure and

go down in HIStory as a Legend concert. Though now, all I feel is sadness and anger.

To end on a positive note... I love the NEW versions of "Thriller".

I would have loved to see that HUGE spider on stage and

then phew its only MJ 'hiding' in it lol.

The special effects were cool too and funny then

I realized Michael loved it soo much too.

I never realized he loved it but when I saw how 'excited'

he was just watching it WOW. "Smooth Criminal" was awesome too.

There is something so 'gentleman' as seeing MJ as

a "Smooth Criminal".

Right then and there my heart was stolen again lol.

I loved how MJ can use 'old' movies and let you 'discover' them

through his 'medium'. "Earth song" is really special too.

Always have been but the girl with butterflies really stopped

you to think and go WOW. So, aside from the 'raging' emotions it brings,

This is it was 'awesome' in my book! A treasure really to behold.

If you would like to share your thoughts on "This is it",

then please pop in here:


"This is it, I can say,

I'm the light of the world, run away.

We can feel, this is real.

Every time I'm in love, that I feel. "

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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