My friend Ben

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" My Friend Ben "

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity


I'd like to highlight one of the pinacles of MJ's career.

Do you know what single got released on

July 12th in 1972?

Find out here!

Since we are hitting July 12th soon, I would love to dwell into

the HIStory of MJ and just pick one 'higlight' out that is unique

therefor worth remembering.

What strikes me is that a 'silly song' about the 'friendship' of

young boy and his rat 'Ben' written for a Film could have

such an impact in the Music Industry or

is it the simple fact that MJ at the tender age of 14

melted everyone's heart with his beautiful rendition of

the song called "Ben".

Well, on July 12th in 1972 Michael Jackson released a new single,

"Ben"on Motown Records in the USA.

It reaches the No.1# position on the Billboard US Top 40 Singles chart.

In Australia and the U.K. it reaches the No.2# spot,

selling over 2 million copies.

It becomes Michael Jackson's first ever solo No.1# hit single and

he becomes the third youngest artist to have a No.1# hit

at just fourteen years old.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the HIStory of MJ.

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