Voice of an Angel

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Angel voice

"Voice of an Angel"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #VocalistMJ
About time we focus on the rare talents MJ had
that could mesmerize everyone.
Today we highlight his voice.
The voice of an Angel.

Today, I bumped into a thread on #MJJCommunity that
deserved its own 'space' here on #MJJCBlog as
it discusses something all dear to us.

MJ's voice!
The tone and flavour branded in your brain so
you can easily recognize it where ever you hear him.
I'm not talking about the 'well known' "heehee" and "aouws" though
but really just ONE word and your brain goes
"Oh, Michael Jackson" lol.

The emotions he evokes when singing a ballad like
"Speechless" or "Scared of the moon".
I shall only name those two as they just pop into my mind as
being the most -at least for me- emo songs ever.
How can a voice truly drive you to tears like these ones.

Just like MJ has a song for every mood.
Relaxing, dancing or just 'scream it all out' kind of songs
so does his voice bends and weaves in all the emotions
available to the vocal chords that were giving to him by birth.
It is amazing how MJ can make words come alive and
create certain patterns in your brain so that you exactly
remember how MJ pronounces it.

I know I could go on and on how wonderful and
enchanting MJ's voice really is as it's impossible to name
every song and how he only makes it 'special'.
Okay, just one example then lol.
"Come together"
Have a listen to both songs.
The orginal one and the cover by MJ and then let his voice
sink in for a moment. What a passion!
What a vibrant voice!
It's also quite unique cause everyone can learn how
to dance but NO ONE has the 'soul' flavour' or
the 'angry sneer' that ONLY MJ possess.

Wanna have your say in this awesome thread?
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* Speechless, that's how you make me feel*
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