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"Heal the world"

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity

#OnThisDay in #MJHIStory, August 25th in 1992. The first "Heal The World" European Children's Congres is held in London, England. Despite a case of Laryngitis, Michael Jackson attends The Regent's College. He stays for a good 4 hours while 84 children between the ages of 8 and 16 express their views on Today's problems.

That particular day in HIStory marks an 'important' day for our children though its still revelant today even without the 'dreamer' and 'founder' of "Heal The world" we can still pull off this dream if only we believe in it ourselves.“Children are the world’s foremost idealists and optimists. It is for that reason that HEAL THE WORLD is organizing the World’s Children’s Congress next year, made up exclusively of delegates aged 8-16. The world desperately needs their innocent perspective on the world’s problems.”This is MJ's 'orginal' message dated back to 1991. 

The children of yesterday have become 'adults' now but still the 'dream' of a better world lingers in them like a closed box ready to be opened and adorned as Michael Jackson has 'planted' a seed of love in all of us and the only thing we have to do is water it and it will bloom. Instead of just jotting down the #HIStoryFact, I will give it more booty and more air to breathe here as I think more Blogs should be written on MJ's "Humanitarian efforts" to show the Big Bad world that Michael Jackson's 'ultimate' goal was to save the children and bring a better world for their children. How better can I spread this message than in MJ's own words here:

“HEAL THE WORLD organization is formulated to heal, really, be it the children, the ecology, people in general, and it’s a non-profit organization and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s what inspired the song, HEAL THE WORLD. Our goal is to change the world and change world consciousness about children, the ecology and the planet, to make it a better place for everybody starting with the children. That’s the future we live and I will stick with it forever until it’s done. It’s forever. It’s not a publicity stunt, it’s not something trying to use a vehicle to launch a single or an album. It’s something that’s directly from my heart. I’m doing it as I sincerely care and love them and want to help out. I really feel bad for these kids.

I guess you feel the pain just hearing about the things we see on television or hear about on the radio, you know, the statistics about kids, I mean, I’ve heard this year 2.6 million children die from preventable diseases and millions of children die from child abuse, just violence that doesn’t have to be and, I just feel so bad about things like that.
You know, sometimes I feel so guilty when I have dinner or breakfast because I realize how so many people don’t have those simple things that we so much take for granted and people, they sit at the table and they pray and all that, which is beautiful but to do something is the thing, you know, YOU have to ACT.

It’s important to help out as much as you can. If One Person Just Helped One Child, Just Helped One Child, They’Ve Done So Much. You can do that. It would be beautiful, just to help one person would be a lot. It’s a big step forward because there’s a lot to be done. Children all over the world are in such need. I feel so pure when I can do this. I feel God applauding, I really do. I feel that I’ve done what I’m supposed to do, and, I’m compelled to do these things. I feel it. Kids are the best. They are wonderful.”

Last but not least, I'd like to share the 3 main goals of the "HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION" as 'originally' intented.
To make the safety, health and development of children the world’s highest priority. To be the voice of the voiceless by focusing world-wide attention on the needs and rights of all children and by providing children with a forum to express their unique vision for the healing of the world.
To help create a world where children will live without violence where children will be free of disease and have healthy lives, where each generation will have the opportunity to grow into fully participating members of the world community.
These words might be 24 years old today but they remain 'revelant' for future generations to come that are 'inspired' by MJ's 'dream' to Heal The World as it starts by 'healing' the one in the mirror.

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